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Return of the big haul - July's beauty and fashion buys!

Hi beauties! Can you believe it's the end of another month already? And as per tradition, here is my collective beauty and clothing haul for the month of July. Oh my gosh, it's kind of a big one >_< 

Firstly, this mouse-like thing is a face cleansing puff from The Face Shop. It's super soft and squishy, and it really makes my cleansers foam up a lot when I use it. It supposedly lightly exfoliates the skin, but after using this a few weeks I really can't say whether it does anything or not!

Back row: :La Roche-Posay Sensi White Foaming Cream, Sanctuary Spa Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser, Olay Cleansing System plus extra brush heads, Model's Prefer Milky Way Cleanser, Dove Foaming Make up Remover
Front row: Mizon Snail Recovery Gel, Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream, Hydraluron Moisture Booster

Tah-dah! My skincare collection ballooned a lot this month! But everything (aside from the two Mizon moisturisers) was from yesterday's 40% off sale at Priceline - so I saved a lot on buying cleansers and brands I haven't been able to afford before. 

The Olay cleansing brush was also included in the 40% off sale, which I thought made it a total steal. Hopefully this $20 investment will be a good one, since I'm not willing to fork out the $200 for a Clarisonic (even though the reviews are so good).

You're probably waiting for me to say something about the snail cream huh? In a minute, first I want to talk about the hydraluron moisture booster - I'm always on the lookout for anything to hydrate my dryish skin so I was excited about trying this serum, since there's a bit of hype about it. At first glance this $35 product kind of reminds me of the YET ampoule I reviewed a while back - which costs only $7! But I'll get back to you on that, once I've thoroughly tried it out~

Now for the snail cream - are some of you weirded out? I kind of was too, but it turns out that snail slime secretion has heaps of restorative and healing powers, so ok I'll give it a go - anything for vanity right? Anyway, google these two moisturisers and all you'll find are rave reviews, of course I had to try this for myself!

Top row: Australis Paparazzi Perfect eyeshadows, Essence mono eyeshadows, Etude House Bright Fit compact, Models Prefer cream and compact blush
Bottom row: Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar and Nova, Mirenesse lip gloss, Kiss Me Heroine brown mascara, Etude House Princess Entoinette lipsticks, Australis Plumptastic lip gloss, Models Prefer lipgloss pencil in Summer Fling

Here's my make-up haul! I snagged some good deals - the Australis eyeshadows and lipgloss were about $2 each on clearance at Target, and the Essence shadows were 83 cents and $1 each! The MP blush set was $4, the Mirenesse lip gloss was a freebie from a $3 magazine (I had to go to 3 different stores to find this, and I still need to hunt down the other makeup items!), and the Rimmel Apocalips I got from a 50% off offer a while back. 

The Etude House compact and the Entoinette lippies (which I've been lusting after since December!) are currently around 30% off at RoseRoseShop. I think the only thing I paid full price for was the KMH mascara! 

Almost forgot I also bought this scrumptious Nivea lip butter this month too~

Now onto the fashion-y stuff! I kind of had a animal theme going on this month, and you'll soon see that while last month I was into cat items, this month it was all about cute rabbits! 

ZOMG those bunny shoes! Love! They were on sale at ASOS <3

And here are the two phone cases I bought this month - the Rilakkuma one is my everyday one, but I couldn't resist this ultra pink, ultra girlie, ultra cute case, which is just overloaded with everything girlie and fun ^_^

These mouse shoes (with whiskers!) I bought for my sister (because I feel bad when I just buy cute things for myself), and were on sale from Boohoo. I'm actually kind of jelly, because the little face and the studs are super cute~

Also from Boohoo, this black lace bunny eared headband! Not for wearing 'seriously', but I wanted them anyway! 

And last but not least, this shirt from Romwe which I fell in love with at first sight. There's just something about the print and the colours that I'm really enamoured with - Romwe's kind of becoming one of my fave stores for clothing. I stalk the sales section every now and then, and I usually see something good!

That's it for now, did you snag anything good this month? 

Thanks for visiting ^_^

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  1. That headband! <333
    Heheh I buy lots of stuff not to wear seriously too

  2. I was attracted to the snail cream because of the packaging, I didn't think it was real snail secretion! I would totally try it though!

    Love your shoes! They remind of the MJ ones that I've been toying with the idea of getting for the past few years >_<

  3. If there is 50% offer I would totally buy Rimmel Apocalips too!
    And I like your phone cases a lot! When I will get a new phone I will buy something cute like these too haha~

  4. Fräulein Schnee1 August 2013 at 01:16

    I love your buys and omgthe shoes (both) are so adorable ♥

  5. My target was selling the palettes for $8! I was not impressed!

    The shoes are super cute :)


  6. Why can't I find the Apocalips in my country ? T^T
    The two phone cases are adorable !

  7. Omg so many good buys *_* I'd love to read about the Olay cleansing device! Can't believe you were able to buy it for so cheap. The Nivea lip butter has been my life saver this season and it smells so yummy :3

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  8. you always have great haul!
    love the blouse very so much and the shoes are so cute =)
    I'm excited to see the make up reviews ^^

  9. Ahh what a great haul! The snail cream freaks me out a bit but that's because I really really don't like snails, they make me nauseous. Do let me know how you get on with it though :)
    The bunny shoes are so cute! I've always wanted one of those but I don't think it's work appropriate :(

  10. Why do you always have *amazing* purchases??? I totally want both those flats. I'm also pretty curious about snail creams. They seem to be all the rage nowadays. I saw a picture of a woman having snails crawling all over her face at a salon before...hahahahaha

  11. Such an amazing haul. Your shoes are so cute!!!
    i tried the snail cream, it makes a great light moisturizer and my face felt smooth after using it for some time. hope it works great on you.
    And ain't the Etude House Etoinette line's packaging just so gorgeous~ >.<

  12. We should shop together someday :P
    Love your haul as usual! Do you use
    up beauty products very fast? You
    seems to keep buying things each
    month :P Xx

  13. wahh, i love most, okay I meant ALL your hauls here!! skincare product are definitely my obsession, okay I mean my desire, can't wait for your reviews on the mizon recovery gel, LRP, cleanser, plumptastic lipgloss, olay cleansing system, okay, basically the rest..lolz~ I want the nivea lip butter too but I'm afraid I might end up eating them instead of applying it >_<" That bunny headband is so cute, I want one too...also not for wearing but simply wanting to own one..lolz, girls"=just crazy, lolz =)

  14. Hehe, looks like I need to get started reviewing then! The Nivea lip butter smells *so* good, and it's really moisturising too! You should get it ^_^

  15. That would be fun! I use up skin care pretty quick, but I have to say for makeup I just love buying new things every month >_<
    It's an addiction for sure, lol.

  16. I'm really liking the snail moisturiser too - it's very light but feels hydrating at the same time!
    EH products are always so cute, but the Entoinette line is particularly pretty!

  17. Because I'm a terrible shopaholic with no willpower! I saw an article about the snail treatment too! So freaky, haha I'll just stick with creams rather than live snail facials lol

  18. Glad to know I'm not the only one ^_^

  19. I've heard so many good things about it, I can't not try it, especially if I can get nicer skin in the end, lol.

    Ooh, you should get them - especially if you're still thinking about them after a few years!

  20. omg amazing haul!! everything here is so cute, especially the bunny printed shirt! Looking forward to your upcoming posts ♡

    (Join my blog International Giveaway ♡! 21 items- lots of Japanese makeup and beauty products like Dollywink, Diamond Beauty, etc! )


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