Saturday, 20 July 2013

My Makeup Collection Mini Series: Eyes

Happy weekend beauties! Since my Makeup Collection post was quite a success, I've decided to do a mini series of further posts exploring more in depth into my collection. Today I'm going to start with my eye makeup! 

Let's start with the little pots and mini palettes in my collection. These are all drugstore brands, except for bellapierre. Bellapierre is a mineral makeup company...but sooo overpriced! The Bourjois mini palette helped me realise that I should wear more colours other then browns on my eyelids :)

Some more loose eyeshadows - Chi Chi's mineral shadow quads, which I think are discontinued now? Anyway, I think they're quite lovely, especially when applied wet~

And these are the mascaras I currently own. I only use waterproof mascaras as the formula tends to work better to hold up my super straight Asian lashes. Still yet to find the perfect mascara for me yet *sigh*

The Holika Holika mascara is my current everyday mascara as it's easier to remove, but the Maybelline mascara holds my curl better. The MUA mascara is kind of meh too. Why is finding a decent mascara so hard?!

Apologies for this unattractive picture, as I forgot to photograph these two palettes - these are my most used palettes! I've hit pan on the MUA brow kit (I use them on brows, and to do a slightly smoky brown eye look sometimes), and the Revlon quad in Decadent is the most used palette I've ever owned. It's my everyday palette~

Umm, yes I do own three palettes all with the same/similar colour scheme - brown! It's like I have some fear of running out of brown eyeshadows, lol.

The MUA palettes I picked up during the 35% and 50% off sales from a while back, and the Australis palette is a limited edition palette that I scored for $5. 

Although I prefer to wear neautral colours I really admire more colourful eye makeup on others, and feeling like I may one day be more inspired to try a more colourful look, I have two colourful palettes ready at hand. 

These were both inexpensive, as I'm not sure I will get much use out of them, since I'm pretty stuck with my simple neutral eye makeup. But they'll be here if I feel like experimenting :)

And here is the last lot of my eye makeup collection. I actually have a few more pencil eyeliners and miscellaneous other products, but I decided not to feature them since I hardly use them. 

Eyeliner must be an essential item for me! I find it works so well to help enlarge my eyes~

I have liquid, pencil, and gel liners and I like all of them for varying reasons. For convenience, I tend to stick with pencil eyeliners for daily use.

Gel eyeliner and liquid eyeliner is for a more defined and fancy look, but it's more time consuming due to my differently shaped eyes and mismatching eyelids. With pencil I can just draw it thicker and smudge a bit to match up my eyes, lol. 

Ooh, and also, I've been wearing only brown eyeliners recently since it's more flattering on me than stark black. 

And that concludes my eye makeup collection! You can see that I tend to buy more inexpensive eye products, and that's so that I can prioritise more on skincare, bb creams, etc, which I consider more important.  

Are you a neutrals eye makeup girl like me, or are you the type to experiment with bold looks and bright colours? 

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  1. hello tulip! i also love the natural eye makeup, i don't want it to be bold that will look exaggerated! colors like peach pink, gray, hazel brown and the like. the pastel stuffs that could be plain but pretty and simple! =)

    yes i agree with you i focus a lot of cc creams, i don't usually adore bb creams because i don't have to hide a lot, i just want something to even my skincolor with a dollish finish. and also skincare products because im afraid of saggy, uneven tone and wrinkly surface! =(

  2. That pretty your eyes products. I liked the eyeshadows quartet revlon

  3. just like you, i'm a neutral eye makeup girl ^^
    don't know why but always happy to see others makeup collection and now I can see yours ^^
    i'm surprised you own 3 MUA palettes which have identical brown colour XD
    but i don't really like to use brown eyeliner, it looks weird on my eyes -.-

  4. I love your collection! I prefer to use natural colors for eyeshadows too :D
    I totally agree with not being able to find the perfect mascara~ I'm still experimenting which mascara works the best for me xD

  5. Waaaaahhhh this is such a beautiful collection!!! *o*~ Haha.
    I definitely feel like I'm more of a neutral girl now, but I like to try color once in awhile. When I first started buying makeup though, I bought tons of a colorful palettes that are sadly being overlooked now. ~

  6. how's the quality of the revlon quad? the colors look gorgeous c: and i'm jealous of your eye shadow collection!

  7. no one can get enough of neutral eyeshadow haha!!

  8. woah such a large collection! *_* Love the diverse range of colours you have on your eyeshadow palette!

  9. What a lovely collection :) As I'm getting older I've noticed the number of browns/neutral eyeshadows have increased greatly! I think I need to get back into adding some colours to my eyes.
    I worship eyeliner - I have uneven eyes too and it really helps make them more symmetrical haha.

  10. I quite like bold looks on other people but on me it looks overdone!

    I used to just use the simplest skincare I could find as I think makeup is more exciting, but nowadays as I get older I'm starting to focus more on skincare so I can have more even and smoother skin :)

  11. Thank you :) That Revlon one is my fave too!

  12. Hehe, I really like seeing other people's collections too!
    Haha, one is mostly a back up, but even I am wondering how I manage to keep buying the same colours >_<
    Black eyeliner is a little too harsh on me, so I'm using brown now as it's better for daytime on me.

  13. Thanks Aya!
    At the rate I'm going, it may take years before I find a good mascara that works for me >_<

  14. I've seen bigger and better collections, lol. I really like colour, but for some reason I'm hesitant to try it on myself as I like to play with lipsticks more :)

  15. I love, love this quad! I apply it with fingers or brush and the result is nice - it's not very pigmented, but I only prefer a soft wash of colour on my lids anyway. I got it as part of a gift with purchase, but I definitely plan on buying it when it runs out! Not sure I'd pay the full retail price, but I'd snap it up on sale for sure :)

  16. Haha, yeah this collection grew a lot these past few months!
    Thanks ^^

  17. I feel like since we're young we should be more bold with colourful eyes, but somehow I always turn to my neutrals instead!
    Hehe, whoever invented eyeliner has all my admiration :)

  18. Raimar ღ Guevara ღ25 July 2013 at 00:26

    Oh really big and cute colection very lovely paletes and nice products. I love it the neutrals color for everyday but I love it the colorful and cute eyeshadows too.

  19. Oh I really like the Chi Chi loose eyeshadow quads!! Why did they discontinued it! WHYYY!! -.-

    As for mascaras, I'd highly recommend you go for asian mascaras. They work better with holding a curl for Asian lashes. Drugstore mascaras have always disappointed me.



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