Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Jumping June's Kawaii Hauls (Part 2 of 2)

Hey cutie-pies, welcome to part 2 of my June haul posts~!

I kinda blab a lot in my haul posts (cos I find writing so therapeutic), and I know some of you prefer shorter posts, so I decided to split my June haul into a beauty post and a clothing post. 

I did manage to pick up a few new things for my (overstuffed) wardrobe, so here they are!

I've been wearing this star print sweater as much as I can (to the extent that I worry that people think I never wash it, lol) because it's baggy, cosy, and covered in stars. Some people like Winter because they get to play with layers in their outfits - not me though, give me something thick and cosy and in one layer, and I'm happy as a clam. 

Continuing the cosy sweater theme, my mum bought me this super sweet and cute fuzzy jumper. It kinda makes me look like an innocent high-schooler - which I must confess to secretly liking :P 

This is from that Asian clothing shop on the top level at Harbourtown (Perth city). When it first opened the clothes were really tacky, but in recent months their new stock is *super* cute - if you like cute fashion you need to check it out! 

Now for one of my most anticipated parcels of the month. I made my first purchase off Romwe, when they were having a sale, and the one thing that caught my eye? 

This cat dress! It's a dress - shaped like a cat - a cat!

The material looks weird here, but it's pretty cute in person. I think it has to be one of my quirkiest buys yet?

And here's the newest addition to my dress collection <3

The shape is super flattering on my body - there's tulle underneath the skirt to make it flare out, which seems to flatter my waist, and hide my hips and thighs. And there's a bow on the back...you know me - put a bow on anything and it immediately makes me want it 90% more.

Speaking of bows...

$2 per pair...I kid you not. Cotton On's currently having their clearance sales so you might wanna check out your closest store if you can. I've said before that Cotton On/Rubi Shoes are cheap and flimsy, but I still keep buying them because when they drop from $20 to $2, of course I'm going to!

I've only tried the red pair so far but I can say they weren't painful to break in, and the sole is reasonably thick so they aren't flimsy like some of their Rubi branded shoes are. The leopard pair seems to have the thinnest sole, but I haven't tried them yet, so not too sure on the quality of that one. 

And to finish off this month's clothing haul, here's a little random something I picked up at the Dotti outlet shop at Harbourtown. It was $5. And you know I have a thing for leopard prints, and animal ear hats/headbands, so this was a must buy~

That's all for now, thanks for reading!

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  1. wow! You got so many things at lovely price! Thanks for sharing! I love hauls!

  2. $2 is so cheap @__@! Sadly, we don't have Cotton On in Canada :<.

    I really like the star print sweater, and the floral dress is so pretty!

  3. You got so many awesome stuffs!!


  4. What a great haul! I hope you will wear your cat dress sometimes, because it's so awesome! It's warm though? :Q I want to buy the "summer" version of this one, but I am afraid that's too short for me.

  5. Love the haul! :'D
    I've been wanting to buy the cat dress too! *A* Looks like I missed the sale though? o:

  6. $2 shoes??? Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! So cheap!!! *_*;;
    Everything you have so so cute!

  7. you always have cute hauls!
    loving the fluffy sweater, it must be comfy in winter!!
    and the $2 shoes, for real?? they look pretty!

  8. i actually love reading long posts :D especially hauls! i love the clover jumper <3

  9. I love that cat dress, it's super cute!
    AUD2 for a pair of flats! That's so amazing =O
    I am going down to aussie in end of July, hopefully there's still sale in Cotton On then~

  10. oooww so many cute stuff~~~~ I super like the dresses!! :D I wanna see them on youu~ <3

  11. Yep, I can't resist a good bargain! Thanks for reading ^^

  12. It's crazy cheap, I think they were pretty desperate to move some stock! Thanks!

  13. Thanks! I can't wait to wear the cat dress - hopefully soon! It's winter right now, so the dress isn't warm enough to wear without a jacket :( This dress is just above knee length on me and I'm 160cm, so I don't think it's too short~

  14. Thanks Junjun ^^
    You *need* to get it next time it's on sale! It's cute and exactly as pictured. Yep, I just checked the site and it back up to $60 - last time it was reduced to $25!

  15. I know! It's less than a cup of coffee 0.0
    They tend to want to move a lot of stock quickly I think!
    Thanks Amy ^^

  16. I can't resist the cute I guess 0.o
    I know! I also had to get a pair for my sis too, and I even got her two shirts also for $2 each!

  17. Thanks Lisa! That's good to know - maybe I'll try alternating short and long posts :)
    Hehe, it's a super cute jumper!

  18. It's definitely a unique dress!
    It's crazy isn't it?! Hopefully there'll be lots of midy-year sales for you to check out :) Cotton On always has sales anyway!

  19. Thanks xiupau - I'll think about doing an outfit post then ^_^

  20. I love kawaii hauls!! The fuzzy jumper is adorable and I quite like the schoolgirl look even though I'm too old for that haha!
    The cat dress is adorable too!

  21. Dress with kitty is my favourite! I will be really happy, extremly happy if you will join my first contest on my blog, there you can win clothes from online shop, http://dreams-amaze-me.blogspot.com/2013/06/giveaway-with-persunmall-clothes-to-win.html I will be verry happy if you will join it. Have a beatifull day! :)


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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