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Holika Holika Magic Pole Waterproof Mascara Review

Hi! Hope you had a fab weekend! Today's review is on the Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara - weird name, huh? 

Holika Holika claims that this "magical mascara vows to look beautiful and glamorous for a long time without a smudge or smear."

Firstly I lurve the packaging! The mascara came packaged in a 'magic' themed triangular box, and the tube itself is shiny and silver. And the cap has this very cute and fancy finishing detail that I really like. 


This mascara is advertised as waterproof, sweat/humidity resistant, ultra black, and has 'magic curling' powers (which I think refers to lash curling abilities). It's also meant to easily wash off with warm water. More on all this later. 

Back to the packaging, and you can see that the mascara comb is quite distinctive. It has a spiky ball tip, that is supposed to be useful for coating those teeny lashes in the corners, or for lower lashes. 

I was super excited to try this, because my lower lashes are pathetic, and it's hard to evenly coat (or even grab) my lower lashes with regular mascara brushes. 

So I tried this, and I can honestly say it's only marginally better and faster than regular mascaras, but it's nothing mind blowing! 

Here are the before and after pics.

Bare lashes, uncurled
After 2-3 coats - you can see the right eye has clumped up a bit -

The mascara is not too runny, nor too thick, and the brush never comes out gluggy, which I like. I found that the formula gave some length and volume, but I did find my lashes started to clump if I tried to load up my lashes - the comb isn't very dense, so it tends to help the lashes clump, rather then separate. 

I would like this mascara a lot more if not for one thing - it kills my lash curl! Having super straight and stubborn lashes, the curl is the most important to me, so having my lashes droop after application is disappointing. Waterproof mascaras are usually good for holding the curl, but for some reason this one doesn't hold it very well. 

What I super love about this Holika mascara is that it really doesn't smudge! A lot of mascaras do smudge around my lower lash line, but this one has never smudged or flaked on me. Now that's magic right there. (OMG, that was lame, lol)

Removal is really good too, if a little messy, it comes off quite easily with warm water, which amazes me as I thought Asian mascaras are notorious for being very difficult to remove. 

Overall, an okay mascara, but ultimately it didn't meet my needs of being able to hold a curl, so I won't repurchase this. My search for a good mascara continues! 

I purchased mine off ebay, for about AUD$12. 

What do you personally like in a mascara? Curl, volume, or length?


Okay, I've changed my mind about this mascara - I would happily repurchase! Ultimately I didn't like this mascara as it couldn't hold my curl, but since then I've found my solution. A waterproofing mascara base/primer works wonders. Check out how the Holika Magic Pole Mascara works over the Kate Mascara Base~

More pics here

Omo, I have lashes! And they curl upright too - it's almost a miracle, lol. It's not just the mascara base that lengthens too - I've tried the base with the highly raved Benefit They're Real mascara, and I still prefer the Holika Holika mascara over that. Hope this helps for those who want to try the mascara but are afraid it won't hold a curl~

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  1. The tube kinda remeinds me of the MJ mascaras!
    It's a shame it kills curls. That's probably my biggest make up pet peeves!
    I think it's pretty obvious from my comment that I prefer mascaras that hold curls lol. As soon as a mascara doesn't hold my curls, that's it! I don't see the point anymore because I hate recurling my lashes >.<"

  2. I really like this mascara - I might just try it after I finish my KMHM (hg) one! xD I always look for a mascara that can lengthen, hehe. c:

  3. Raimar ღ Guevara ღ15 July 2013 at 01:26

    I thinks the mos important for me is the volume because I have long eyelashes but without volume. Looks like a great mascara I really want try this product of Holika Holika.


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  4. Although it didn't have hold the curl, it looks pretty good! You should try Lancôme's Hypnose mascara, it gives my asian lashes more volume and length!

  5. The packaging is very cute, esp the box!! the tube reminds me of majolica majorca mascaras though..

    The wand looks very interesting, and the result is not bad either! but too bad it doesn't hold the curl..

  6. It looked really nice, too bad it don't work so well for you... I have damn short lashes myself that I gave up on fixing it at all lol

  7. To me with all the mascaras fall off my eyelashes, never last curves, my eyelashes is very rare and disordered. This mascara I am struck by the comb.

  8. That brush is so interesting! The volume is good too! Unfortunately I don't go for waterproof makeup T^T haha

  9. Too bad about the curl and the clump issues...The packaging is fun though! It looks like a wand almost.

  10. Tulip, you always have product that I really want to try, like this mascara and the merry holika blush >.<
    it's quite disappointing that it droops lashes, i always look for mascara that can hold curl.. so maybe i won't try this :(

  11. Fräulein Schnee15 July 2013 at 16:43

    The clump issue is too bad. :/ I prefer mascara which give a lot of volume. But then you have always the risk of clumping. Thanks for the review!

  12. Ohhh they make your lashes look like those popular Darkness brand ones :D
    Ahh pity they don't hold a curl, I have that problem too :(

  13. Oh no, if it doesn't hold a curl it doesn't matter how lengthening or volumising it is!
    Having said that I need a mascara that curls, lengthens and volumises - no compromises hehe!
    Still yet to find my holy grail...

  14. The packaging is really cute! Too bad it makes your lashes droop :(

  15. Yep, especially the lid detail!
    It's definitely annoying the moment lashes start to droop from a mascara - especially after the effort of getting a nice curl going on in the first place :)

  16. The KMHM is next on my hitlist! I'm eyeing off the one in the brown colour though, I feel like trying something different next ^_^

  17. I wish I had longer lashes >_<
    Volume is important for lush lashes too ^_^

  18. It's still a nice mascara that I use everyday :)
    Ooh, thanks for the rec, I'll have to check it out!

  19. Yes the packaging is very fun and cute for a mascara ^^
    I like how it applies, but wish the formula would hold up the curl! Then I would really like it more~

  20. Haha, I know the feeling! I still think there's a mascara for me out there somewhere :)

  21. Finding the perfect mascara is difficult!
    Yep, the comb is very interesting ^^

  22. I like waterproof makeup, but it can be a pain to remove at the end of the day >-<

  23. I'm most disappointed about the curl issues! The packaging is great though ^^

  24. We have similar taste then! Yes, although I like the lengthening of this, the droop is disappointing >.<

  25. I like lots of volume too, but first I need to concentrate on curl >_<
    Thanks for reading ^^

  26. Only when closed, lol. They aren't as noticeable with my eyes open!
    Dealing with super straight lashes is such a pain >_<

  27. Definitely right! And I'm also in the no compromises camp - my lashes needs all the help they can get ^_^

  28. My lashes are also stubbornly straight so this mascara will probably not work for me either :(
    Such a shame since it has such pretty packaging and its smudge proof! =0

  29. I've never used this type of wand before but would love to try it as I think it would really help swipe all areas of the lashes~

  30. I can't decide whether to buy this mascara, I've seen a few reviews where people have lost their eyelash curl, and mine are almost straight anyway >.<
    I like the wand though, really unique!
    Thanks for the review :)


  31. my hg mascara is fairy drops <3 stock up on it whenever i go to hk cause it's cheaper there. i've got typical asian type stubborn short lashes and it holds a curl all day without flaking <3 <3


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