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Face of Australia BB Cream Review (Light/Medium)

Hi beauties, hope you enjoyed your weekend! 

Today's post is a bb cream review - but instead of my beloved Korean bb creams, I decided to check out a Western bb cream for once. Face of Australia is one of my favourite local brands for makeup (love their eye liners, lippies, and illuminators!), so I was really curious about their bb cream when it was first released a few months ago. 

...I hate to say it, but I didn't end up liking this very much T_T I'm sorry FOA - I still love you though, and I remain your loyal customer! 

I swatched this in-store and I thought the consistency (which was thick but spreadable) was just like some of the Korean bb creams I have, so I snapped it up to try. It retails for only $9!

Description and Ingredients - click to enlarge

The FOA BB Cream 6 in 1 contains ingredients such as Vitamin C, Green Tea, and Chamomile, and it promises an easy to blend formula that will create a flawless skin finish. It's available in two shades - Light/Medium and Medium/Dark.

Swatch of Light/Medium

CONSISTENCY/TEXTURE: Squeezed out of the bottle, the texture looks pretty similar to some Korean bb creams - thick, but easily spreadable.

When applied to the face, the cream thins out a lot - it's very blendable and smooths onto the skin very nicely. The colour is not a perfect match - it's a little too dark on my complexion, however it's not terribly noticeable. 

1 layer on the face, plus a little more patted onto imperfections/problem areas

It has a natural and semi-dewy finish on me.

COVERAGE: This was one of the major let-downs for me. Coverage is probably my main concern when looking at bb creams, and the coverage this bb cream gives me I would liken to a tinted moisturiser - which is barely any coverage. 

It didn't cover or minimise my acne scars/blemishes, it didn't even out the pigmentation on my face, and it didn't cover the redness around my nose. 

On the upside it did even out my general skin tone and make my complexion look 'healthier' overall, and I thought it did dull the redness on my cheeks a bit so it seemed more like a natural flush.

The following photo was taken several weeks ago, when I was getting some random breakouts around my mouth and chin T_T 

Notice it looks quite natural on the skin, however it does little to conceal blemishes

I definitely wouldn't recommend this to us beauties who have a bit more imperfections/pigmentation/redness to cover. 

SCENT: The second problem for me. I'm usually quite easygoing when it comes to fragranced makeup, but I really, really found this scent hard to take. 

The scent is kind of hard for me to identify - it's a somewhat strange mix between botanical and those sugary cola flavoured gummies! The scent lingers, even after application, and truthfully I did end up getting a headache after wearing this a few hours. 


Unfortunately this bb cream is a miss for me. I personally would not recommend it. But do take some time to have a smell of it, and swatch it if you happen to see a FOA stand, your experience might differ to mine after all~

You can find this bb cream retailing for $9 at FOA stands at Priceline, Big W, and Kmart. 

As for me, I'm sticking firmly to my Korean bb creams *clutches her bb cream collection possessively*

Have you been able to compare Western and Korean bb creams? Your thoughts? 

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  1. ooh too bad it is not a hit.. the finish looks very natural on you, but you're right.. it doesn't really cover blemishes..
    I used to like BB Creams a lot (mostly asian but also some western ) but now I prefer foundation as they are usually better in terms of coverage and finish. Even though with foundation, I have to apply separate sun screen, moisturizer etc but I don't mind..
    my all time holy grail BB Cream which is Missha perfect cover, seems to be a bit too grey and oily for my preference now.. >.<

  2. Aww man it's a shame you didn't like this product from one of your favourite brands ><"
    It kinda seems like most Western BB creams end up being more like tinted moisturizers huh :\

  3. /clutches my korean bb creams too/

  4. I tried the one from maybelline and it's horrible too! It was really orangey and the scent was really disgusting xd It's such a shame that western bb creams are the worst thing ever :/ Korean BB creams are like 23473947 times better haha Let's just all stick with them instead :D Anyways, Thanks for sharing this product :D

  5. because i tend to prefer a feeling that my skin is able to works a tad more like a tinted moisturizer, but i'm a big fan of the palmers' bb creams if u'd like to give them a go....
    to get ur exact shade u might be better off getting both shades and mixing them up though...

  6. same with me, tulip! my main concern when comes to face makeup is also the coverage, too bad that the coverage is so minimum >.<
    and love your lips colour as usual ^^

  7. aww so sorry to hear that this bb doesn't lived up to your expectation but it does look nice on the photos as well as how it sits on your skin. I am not a fan of heavy scented products as I have quite a sensitive smell to begin with, too bad they made this with a queer scented >_<~

  8. The finish is quite good, but it didn't look much like a bb cream after application >_<
    Nowadays I find that I can't wear foundation too often as it tends to show up patchy if my skin is dry, so I need to stick with bb creams instead!

  9. Yes it was a bit of a disappointment! I haven't tried any other Western bb creams but it seems they don't have much of the coverage aspect though they do seem to have the other skincare benefits~

  10. Haha, they're definitely a staple for me now!

  11. I guess Western companies still have a bit more research to do for their bb creams! Thanks for reading!

  12. I feel like my Korean bb creams are comfy, but I guess I'm used to wearing makeup often~
    Thanks for the Palmer's rec, I'll have to take a look instore next time it's on sale :)

  13. Hehe, I'm jealous of people who don't need makeup for coverage! Thanks Rini :)

  14. I guess after being impressed by Korean bb creams, it'd be hard for Western bb creams to live up to my expectations! Thanks for reading Janet ^_^

  15. I don't think Western BB Creams can match the Asian ones! I've tried several samples of Western ones and have not yet been wowed.
    I have the same issue with strongly fragranced products - I get a sore head too sometimes! More so from perfumes...

  16. Wow. It looked really dark in the swatch! It's such a shame these western brands can't get it together and actually make a decent BB cream. I too am a victim of the Korean creams, it seems like such a step backwards when I use western ones.
    Beauty Challenged


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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