Saturday, 6 July 2013

A mini tour of my makeup collection~

Hi lovelies! Today I'm going to give you a peek into my make-up collection, as well as how I store everything. This has been requested a few times, and I thought it'd be fun to do, so here it is!

Some people like to neatly put away their make-up, but I've found myself to be the opposite - I like to display my make-up instead! It is starting to get a little out of control lately though - back when I had a smaller collection, everything was neat and had a place, but as I find myself succumbing to more and more pretty things, things are starting to get a bit overcrowded!

I am thinking it's about time to upgrade my storage area, but we shall see~

In the mean time, here is what my dressing table looks like. I store everything here (except for some skincare and most of my nail polishes, which is stored elsewhere).

I like to use a mish-mash of organisers and random containers I've picked up here and there. It's not a very sophisticated storage system, but everything sort of does have its own space. 

Starting from the far left side corner is my skincare and 'randoms' section. I like to keep my toner, moisturisers, and other creams in my room rather than the bathroom, as I don't usually do my night-time skincare routine until just before I go to bed, and I'm generally too lazy to go all the way to the bathroom late at night~

The pink and purple shelf is where anything that I buy that doesn't have a place gets put, so it's full of random things. The bottom tier is the designated place for all my skincare and make-up samples. 

Moving along, and this where/how I store all my lip products! When my lipstick collection started booming a few months ago, I bought one of these 24 slot lipstick organisers off ebay. I thought it was all sorted but holy moly all 24 slots got filled up really quickly! My lip glosses and lip crayons are currently being housed in an empty cotton bud container, and the rest of my lipsticks are being housed in this super cute coin box given to me by a friend. And even that's jam-packed already, so there's a bit of 'spillage' where some of my lippies have nowhere to go, lol. I'm probably going to hold off on buying any new lippies for awhile...

The Etude nail polishes, I just like to keep on my dressing table because they are so cute!

This is probably the most familiar part of my make-up collection to you - it's where I like to take my pics for my beauty reviews ^_^

In the back is where I store all my face/base products such as bb creams, foundies, primers, and bases. You'll see that I don't always throw out the packaging - one reason is that I dislike throwing away pretty packaging, and secondly I just feel like it's neater *shrugs*

Up front is my Etude House Cupcake cream blushers, that I felt were too cute and colourful to hide away, as well as my panda shaped hand-cream. I also find they make a cute background for my make-up review pics~

Here I have a small two drawer organiser where I store my liquid and gel eyeliners, as well as a few concealers in the top drawer, and then a few random items in the bottom drawer. I put stickers on it to make it less plain, but now it looks childish, lol. 

When there's limited space, I tend to go vertical! Over in the corner is what I like to call my leaning tower of eyeshadows - those are my Chi Chi Quads, and on top of that is a blush - since they're all the same size I just stack them up to save some space~

And then I've got these two stationery holders that are super handy for holding items such as lip pencils, slender mascaras, eyeliners, and even make-up brushes. 

Let's zoom out a bit, and you can see what the far right corner of my dressing table looks like.

I bought that pink 4 drawer organiser from The Reject Shop, for about $15 I think. It's great for storing palettes and compacts. 

More random things - you can see yet again I couldn't bring myself to throw some useless packaging away lol. I try to turn them into something useful - the panda box is storing some lip tints and other lip products. 

Now onto the drawer itself! In the first drawer I've put all my eyeshadows, and most of my palettes~

Second drawer - my cheek products - blushers, highlighters/illuminators, and a few compact powders.

The last two drawers are full of false eyelashes - yes, I am a false lash nut. I wish they didn't take up so much space though! I might have to put them in a box elsewhere though - I rarely wear falsies nowadays *lazy*

Top lashes
Lower lashes

Well, I guess that's it! This is what my dressing table looks like (well, actually it's usually messier than this, I cleaned up specially for you guys, lol). I hope this was interesting for you ^_^

I do plan on doing similar posts if you like - such as a post just dedicated to certain parts of my collection, such as a lipsticks post, or a post dedicated to just my blush collection, or something like that...

Well, let me know if you would like to see a post like that ^_^

See you for now! 

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PS: A shout out to the following lovely girls who've nominated me for various blog awards recently (or in the last few months or so!) Sandy (of Y-oonyee), Mindy (of mymychen), Xiupau, and last but not least, Katie (of Milkeipure). I always say I'll do the tags, but I never get around to it T_T  

But thank you to everyone who's nominated me, it means a lot!


  1. waahhh that's a actually quite envious -3-

  2. The Girl Can Rock6 July 2013 at 23:30

    I saw the Nature Republic steam cream there so can I ask u abt that product?
    I have oily skin and live in humid place (Ho Chi Minh city of Viet Nam), so can I use that product?

  3. Wow you have so much cosmetics *jealous* at least, I know that I am not the only one who keep the packaging (my mum told me that she's never saw someone keep the "rubbish" as me) it's look really neat and cute! I would be probably lost in so much lippies ._.

  4. Raimar ღ Guevara ღ7 July 2013 at 00:08

    Oh really lovely makeup collection sweetie!
    Many thanks for share with us!
    You have many lovely and cute products!

  5. Yippee fun post :D thanks for showing us
    your makeup tour! You have so many stuff!
    I think its pretty well 'chaotic' organised c:

  6. I love watching makeup collections!!! *u* I also want to have a great collection, but all of a bit :)

  7. this is awesome :) i like that you actually have a dedicated area for makeup i'm thinking a vanity would be nice :) I'd love to see your collection posts~

  8. That is not out of control girl!! If I had your collection it would be scattered all over the table ><"
    I've been on the road to a tidier life to stop living in "organized mess" lol. It's hard but I'm getting there :'3

  9. Tanya Tonéva Iliéva7 July 2013 at 04:07

    Your makeup collection is really adorable!

  10. you have impressive collection!! I love how you keep them tidy^^ Mine doesn't look very tidy. lol
    your dressing table looks cute as well , maybe because you have a lot of asian brands make up there ;)

  11. damn what a huge collection XD im quite envious! everything looks so tidy too! im definitely more of a toss everything in a drawer person but this looks really nice too :)

  12. I love posts like this! Please do show us more of your products. I need ideas on how to organize mine tiny collection. xD
    I don't like to throw out boxes either, I like to keep them for reference x).
    I really like the little plastic drawers, but I don't have a nice table to display any of them. Right now my makeup are all in a couple of boxes =.= Hopefully I'll get a nice table like yours soon. xD

  13. so many collection <3 awesomeness :D

  14. That's a lovely makeup collection!

  15. Love how you keep your stuff so organized :)) Posts like these always inspire me to clean up my room lol


  16. So much nice stuffs!!

  17. Oh my gosh, I'm lusting after your make-up collection! ;u; <3
    This inspires me to somehow store my growing collection neatly too. xD

    YOUR LIP PRODUCTS. I spot so many wants there (I hoard lip products, so...)! Would it be possible if you can post a few of your "favorites" from each different type of product? o: I'd love to see yours! >u<

    Thanks for sharing, Tulip!

  18. i can say it's neat, tulip.. mine is here and there XD
    drooling over your lippies..
    but lately i also can't stop buying lips prodcut >.<
    and that coin box is so cute, like your ideas to put the lipstick there ^^

  19. i'd love a lipstick post because you have so many great lippies! could you also do a post on your favorite lippies, blushes, eyeshadows, etc? your collection is so cute :3

  20. You have a lot of cute makeup so that's ok to display it !

  21. I have no self control, lol! Thanks for reading ^_^

  22. I probably wouldn't recommend it for oily skin, especially in a humid climate! I have dry skin, and when I use it it even makes my skin look a bit oily! I only use it a night time now~
    Hope this helps!

  23. Hehe, it's because I'm a raging shopaholic ^_^
    Yay, glad to know I'm not the only one that keeps the packaging (rubbish)! Thanks for reading!

  24. It was a fun post to do ^^
    Glad it looks sort of organised, lol.
    Thanks for reading!

  25. I like looking at other people's collections too ^_^
    Thanks for reading!

  26. Thanks, glad you enjoyed this post ^^
    I can't imagine not having an area for my makeup!

  27. Really? I feel like it is a little bit >_<
    Haha, sometimes it gets very messy, I just neatened everything up so I could take the photos :P
    Good luck with the organisation!

  28. Thanks Pam! Haha, it's usually messier than this!

  29. Haha, it just keeps growing! I prefer to have things in the open so I can revel in all the colours, lol. Thanks for reading ^^

  30. Glad you enjoyed ^^
    I'll be doing more posts on my collection then!

    I actually want to get a better vanity table since this one is so old, and not enough space, but they're pretty expensive >_<

  31. Thanks, glad you liked this post ^_^

  32. Thanks Angel ^_^
    I always get that too when I look at other people's posts!

  33. Glad you enjoyed this post! I get a bit of dust too, so I had to move the dressing table to the other side of my room >_<

    Hehe, I'm a bit of a lash fanatic but I've been pretty lazy with wearing them recently - but a false lashes post sounds really fun so I'll add that to my to do list ^_^

  34. I have way too many lip products, but at least now I'm using them rather then just 'collecting' them, lol. I love that idea for a post - I shall put it on my to do list! Thanks for the suggestion Junjun ^_^

  35. Thanks Rini ^^
    I don't know why, but all of a sudden I can really appreciate a nice lipstick! Thanks for reading!

  36. Haha~ I know what you mean. *A* But lippies are just so tempting. ;u;
    And no problem~ I can't wait to read it! :'D

  37. That's a lot!!! I wish I could have such a corner for myself and my beauty stuffs!! ^^

  38. Wow, you have a great make-up collection! So many cute things as well, like the Etude House nailpolishes. I definitely need to upgrade my storage system, because my collection has grown a lot over the past few months and it's getting kinda messy ^^'

  39. omg your makeup collection is so cute and girly!! I definitely envy you * u * <3

    I'm giving away circle lenses, $25 worth of Korean cosmetics, and jewelry! Please check it out:

  40. Great collection! Seems like you have a lot of Etude House products too ^_____^ I followed you on GFC and Bloglovin' ♥ Please follow me as well :>


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