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Rosehip Oil Skin Boost Roll On Review *sponsored product post*

Hi lovelies! Although it's currently Winter down under, the chilly weather is no excuse to slack off on skincare routine. My skincare routine is relatively simple (thankfully), and due to my dry normal skin type, one item that I absolutely never skip is a few drops of an essential oil. 

My current favourite is Rosehip Oil, which usually comes in bottle with a drip dispenser, but today I'm going to show you something new and different - a rosehip oil roll on!

The roll on design, with it's massaging roller ball is hygienic, great for targeting specific areas (such as fine lines or dry patches), and its compact size means it's perfect for taking on the go.

I've seen these designs for under eye gels, but never one with essential oils before - quite nifty! This roll on is produced by an Australian, family run company, Rosehip Plus, and the rosehip oil is 100% pure and natural. 

Don't know what Rosehip oil does? Well...

  • it helps reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks
  • maintains skin hydration and softness
  • improves appearance of dry and sensitive skin
  • minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • promotes skin elasticity and texture. 

I've been using Rosehip oil for about 2-3 months now, and while I can't say that it's had a significant impact on my acne scarring (which is several years old anyway), I do love it for eliminating my dry patches, and improving my skin hydration, softness, and smoothness. 

Now that I've extolled the wonders of using Rosehip oil, lets go to the roll on itself! 

The roll on contains 15ml of rosehip oil, and is about the size of a mascara tube. The tube is plastic, but the roller ball is metal which feels nice and cooling on the skin - and especially on tired or puffy under eyes!

Of course you apply this prior to putting on makeup - this pic is just for 'show' lol

Before each usage I found it easier to give it a good shake or two before rolling the massager over my skin, as sometimes nothing will come out if I don't shake it first. The small compact size means that I can target specific areas if I want, such as under the eyes, and around the nose, which I can sometimes miss when applying by hand. 

Rosehip Oil is generally a yellowish colour, but if you pat/massage it in there won't be any stain

Normally there is a thin film of oil left on the skin, and I prefer to pat it into my skin rather than allow it to absorb slowly by itself. After it absorbs, I follow up with moisturiser, since my dry skin needs all the help it can get. But some people find just rosehip oil is hydrating enough.

This rosehip oil had a slightly nutty scent that isn't overwhelming or very noticeable after application. It absorbs nicely, and doesn't feel sticky on my face, leaving it soft and hydrated after application. 

The only con I can think of is that sometimes the massager doesn't release an even layer the first swipe, but a second swipe ends up being too much, so then I need to pat it in, or smooth it elsewhere so that it doesn't get oily. 

Overall I found this roll on applicator to be less fiddly to use compared to my regular bottle of rosehip oil (and it's spill-proof too, which I like *I've clumsy fingers*), and I like that it allowed me to target specific areas on my face as well.

If you'd prefer a less fussy, and more targeted way of applying your rosehip oil, this Rosehip Oil Skin Boost Roll On is available from all leading Australian health food stores and pharmacies, at $14.95. 

And of course, you can check out the Rosehip Plus website for further info too~

Do you have any Winter skincare staples you can't be without? 

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  1. great review! this looks quite interesting! thanks for the review (:

  2. I didn't even know such a thing existed (is super ignorant when it comes to makeup and skincare products). The colour looks a little off-putting's orange?

  3. I've heard that rosehip is super moisturizing! o: The color seems a bit odd to me though. >u<
    I'll keep an eye out for these~ Thanks for the review!

  4. The roll on sounds so handy!


  5. This looks interesting! I still need to try some rosehip oil but we're in summer just now so I'll save it for when winter rolls round :)

  6. Oh this looks really interesting and easy to use too! Must be great in winter time. The colour does look kind of weird, but I'm guessing it dries clear. :D

  7. Seems so handy having the rosehip oil in a roller ball tube. I am currently using Sukin's rosehip oil and liking the way it makes my skin feel soft :)

  8. Ohhh interesting product, I never really
    heard about this rosehip oil before. Glad
    it works somewhat out for you c: Bummer
    about the roller applicator! Xx

  9. interesting :D thanks for sharing!!

  10. I only discovered the benefits or essential oils recently! The colour is yellowish, which surprised me at first, but now that I've used rosehip oil for 3 months now it doesn't bother me anymore - and it absorbs colourlessly too :)

  11. I personally really love mixing a few drops into my moisturiser ^^ Yes, the yellow colour of rosehip oil weirded me out at first too! At least it absorbs colourlessly~

  12. Definitely handy and compact :)

  13. I definitely recommend rosehip oil for hydration ^^

  14. Yep, it's easy to use and it massages at the same time, lol. It's yellow in colour but definitely absorbs clear!

  15. It's an interesting product! I really like what rosehip oil's doing for my skin too :)

  16. I only discovered rosehip oilthrough beauty blogs ^^ It's a must have for me now!

  17. I'm not that familiar with the brand but I have heard lots of good stuff on rosehip oil ^_~

  18. oh!!! this is so nice and very interesting product. I think this is good for my dry skin.


    obagi nu derm starter kit

  19. I haven't heard of them before now either - but I can recommend a good rosehip oil for hydration and skin softening :)

  20. I actually got a sample of Rosehip oil a while ago and can't wait to use it since It's Winter in Sydney and it's so extremely cold!

    I can't live without my 100% Aloe moisturising cream in the Winter. It saves my skin!

    I'm just dropping by to tell you that I nominated you for the Versatile
    Blogger award because I have been loving your informative posts ^^

    Please check my blog for more details, and have a lovely day~

    Y-OONYEE [click here]

  21. I never heard of this before, thanks for the review!

  22. ROsehip oil will be great for this harsh Winter! I'll have to check out the aloe gel - it sounds really soothing ^^

    Thanks so much! I'll check it out now!


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