Thursday, 9 May 2013

Rhinestones In The Rain * simplydresses sponsored post*

Hey lovelies!

Today I wanted to share some photos of a lovely dress I received from formal and prom dress shopping site Simply Dresses

Simply Dresses is an online store that deals specifically with selling a *huge* variety of affordable, and on trend formal wear for women - from prom, to beauty pageants, to weddings, Simply Dresses will have a dress to suit ^^

When you buy a dress from Simply Dresses, the gown is actually made to order - that means all the little details are done by hand (even the intricate beading embellishments!), and that the gown's measurements can be exactly tailored for your body shape to ensure a perfect fit.  

You can also choose to change the colour of the dress too, perfect for if you like the design but not the colour~

Front View

This is the dress I received - a lovely one shoulder gown in champagne. The shoulder sleeve and hip are embellished with yellow and clear beads, sequins, and rhinestones. 

Back view

The gown is chiffon, which is such a pretty fabric, and I love how it drapes to the floor~ 

These tiny embellishments were sewn by hand!

The detailing at the hip pretty much modernised what would've been a fairly simple dress, and adds an unique point of interest, don't you think? 

It was raining and cloudy the whole day I wanted to take these photos - and I had just about given up hope until this little bit of sunshine appeared around 4.30pm~ So I was able to quickly put on some eye-liner and false lashes and jump into this dress for an impromptu photo shoot  - but it kept intermittently raining throughout T_T 

I've never contemplated buying a special occasion gown off the internet before - but I guess it could be a great option if you do your research and buy from reputable sites, use accurate body measurements, and allow enough time for shipping. 

You could end up saving some money, and have a gown that no one else at the occasion is likely to have ^^

This dress makes me want to have a do-over from my highschool ball! I wore a gold dress with black lace details, but if I could have a re-do I think I'd go for something red and sexy slinky, lol.

Let's finish off with a pic of the shoes I wore ^_^

Thanks so much for reading! What do you think about buying formal dresses online? 

*the product/s featured in this review have been provided for review purposes - but opinions expressed are honest, and still 100% my own. For further information, please see my disclaimer & disclosure policy


  1. Helloooo princess! Gorgeous
    dress *o* I love the rhinestones
    and thats its a maxi-dress c:


  2. You look lovely! The dress is very flattering as well! ^^ I actually like the rain/wet brick backdrop, I think it adds to it xD

  3. It's a pretty dress! i like the shoulders and the way it drapes :)

  4. it looks romantic and dreamy!

  5. Absolutely stunning dress I love it so much

  6. oh wow the dress looks fabulous! it suits you dear! ^_^

  7. Gorgeous! You look like a princess - chiffon is so soft and flowy :)

  8. The dress is gorgeous! It's very goddess-like hahaha. There are rarely any events that would require formal wear though.

  9. I wish I knew about this website earlier...My prom is in a few weeks and it will be too late to order now! >_< This dress looks lovely on you!

  10. It is ^^
    I love drape-y dresses!

  11. Thanks Pam ^^
    I love the shape and fabric a lot~

  12. I like the simplicity of the dress ^^ Thanks!

  13. My first troll comment, thanks babe!

  14. It's definitely a prom dress, and mine was years ago, lol
    It's a pretty dress to own though ^^

  15. Oooh, make sure you post pics of you in your dress! I really want to see ^^
    Thanks Amy <3

  16. This dress is so pretty <3 I love the embellishments on the hip and how it's draped.


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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