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Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream Review AKA My New Fave BB Cream!

Hi lovelies~

Today I'm going to review the bb cream that ended my 2 year love affair with my beloved Etude Precious Minerals bb cream!

While I loved the texture and coverage of the Etude bb cream, the shade/s were never quite right - either too ashy or too brown. So I kept trying different bb creams, and now I think I've found the perfect bb cream for me ^^


The Lioele Triple the Solution bb cream comes with a host of claims. It is described as a 'mulit-functional applicator that supplies moisture and nutrients to the daily make-up routine.'

The multi-functional claims include high coverage, anti-shine (oil control), anti-wrinkle, whitening and brightening, SPF protection (SPF30+), and supplying moisture to the skin. 

Directions and Ingredients List - Click to enlarge

Some of the 'nutrient' ingredients include ylang ylange flower, licorice, fermented yogurt, strawberry, and arbutin. There's also hyaluronic acid to aid skin hydration. 


The bb cream comes attractively designed in a slim plastic tube, with a white and pink checkered design, and a pump nozzle. 

The nozzle never pumps out too much bb cream per time, though that may be more due to the thicker texture of the formula. I find that the tiny nozzle needs to be wiped clean each use, otherwise the cap will become messy. Other than that, I quite like the packaging. 


The downside with most bb creams is the shade selection, and this Lioele one is no exception as it only comes in the one shade (natural beige). 

On my skin tone, the formula does adapt very well - the colour of the bb cream is more yellow than many others out there. 

It's neither ashy, gray, or pink toned, which is everything that doesn't work on my yellow skin tone, so I'm extremely satisfied with this formula. It's a bit light when first applied to my skin, but it adapts to my skin tone very quickly. 

Swatch - from the tube, and lightly blended out

The texture of the Triple the Solution bb cream is a bit thicker than other bb creams I've tried. It's a little bit like cream cheese in texture, but it becomes very light and soft when you spread it out. 

It glides onto skin very smoothly, and the thick texture doesn't translate to a feeling of heaviness at all. My skin also looks much smoother, and brighter than before. 


Scent-wise I've never noticed any particular scent - it's supposed to have a fruity and floral scent, but if I take a deep sniff I would only describe the scent as floral-like. I can't smell it all when I apply it.

The coverage of this Lioele bb cream is probably my favourite aspect. As I have quite a number of skin issues - redness, acne scars, some pigmentation and sun spots, I am always after a reasonably high coverage bb cream. 

I'd rate the coverage as medium to full, depending on the amount of bb cream used. Most of my blemishes and redness disappears with one thinly applied layer, which makes me pretty happy.      

It doesn't completely cover the worst blemishes, but it provides decent coverage which looks natural and non-mask-like (which I really love), and if I wanted perfect coverage I'd use concealer instead. It feels hydrating on the skin, and it's fairly long lasting too. 

Comparison Photo
Sorry it's a bit dark, I had the camera on the wrong setting!
And my cheek looks shiny due to the Rosehip Oil I've mixed into my moisturiser~

The only drawback is that this bb cream only works well with one layer on the skin. If you try to apply more layers, it's going to start looking cakey. 

If you squint you can see some of the blemishes on my cheek, but elsewhere my skin looks even and bright


My new favourite bb cream! I'd recommend this if you're after a non-greyish toned bb cream with a decent amount of coverage. I like the brightening effect it gives, without making me look white, and I like that while it gives coverage, it doesn't look like I've got a heap of product on my face. 

You can get it online for about $20-$30, or you can buy samples to try first~

Definitely a keeper for me ^^

Curse that stray hair!

As always, thanks for reading! What BB cream are you using now? Any of you moved onto CC creams yet?!


  1. I've heard such such great things about this one. I got to give it a try soon!!! Your dewy skin looks amazing as usual in the last photo. :)

  2. The coverage looks great! My favourite BB cream is the Etude House precious mineral BB cream currently. I agree, a lot of BB creams can make the skin look dull and grey. I want to try this now. Thanks for the review :)

  3. Looks good on your skin! ^.^
    I'm using skin79 hot pink bb cream like forever! xD

  4. I've heard a lot of good things about this bb cream! c: I prefer lighter bb creams though, so I think I'll stick with my Face Shop one, but this one definitely looks good for if I want coverage! o:
    Thanks for the awesome review!

  5. Looks gorgeous on your skin! It looks so healthy!
    I'm still using Skin 79's BB Cream - these things seem to last ages and the bottle isn't clear so it's hard to tell how much is left :( I'm not really interested in these CC Creams as BB ones are doing fine for me :)

  6. I tried Lioele's products before but it didn't worked nice on my skin :( I'm glad it looks nice on you though! :D so pretty! :)

  7. You really can't get any better than Asian BB creams!

  8. wahh, I've been wanting to try CC cream but most of them are sold out =(

  9. I'm glad you've found a bb cream you like. I'm not using a bb or cc cream because there aren't any I've found in a good shade for my skin tone.

  10. I've been lemming after this BB cream for forever lol. But I must finish my other ones. It's so tempting though! I'm currently loving the Tony Moly Luminous Aura CC cream... I think I actually do prefer CC creams to BB creams.

  11. Your skin looks so beautiful here, the colour is a great match with your tone. Thanks to your reviews, I have decided to give Etude House products a try :)

  12. The packaging is princess-like. I love it! And it looks so dewey, it really gives you that nice glow! Great review♥

  13. Yep, I heard so many good things I resisted getting it because I thought it was just hype lol. I'm converted now :P
    Thank you ^^

  14. It's actually really good coverage compared to others I've tried~
    Hehe Etude's still a favourite, just not #1 anymore for me ^^
    Thank you for reading!

  15. Thank you ^^
    That bb cream made my face so grey! But I liked how light it felt on the skin~

  16. You've got great, clear skin so I don't think you need this at all *so jelly* ^_^
    Thanks for reading!

  17. Thank you ^^
    The skin79 bb cream is nice, but their shades just don't seem to match well with me T.T
    I think CC creams are a bit hyped too - but I gave in and ordered the Etude one just to try~

  18. Hehe, thank you! Yes, I'm so relieved that the colour's not too light!

  19. Oh, that's too bad! Finding the perfect bb cream is so difficult! Thanks for reading ^^

  20. The hype is pretty huge! I think CC creams won't have the coverage I want, but I still am tempted by them, lol.

  21. I didn't know which one to buy between this one and the hot pink by SKIN79, but I finally got the hot pink one.

  22. Thank you ^^
    I wish bb cream companies would start catering for more skin types, there's a huge market out there just waiting to try them!

  23. I know how you feel - I have a lot of bb creams accumulated that I need to finish up 0.0
    I'm looking forward to trying cc creams to see how they compare to bb creams!

  24. Thank you! Hope you begin to like Etude House as much as I do ^^

  25. Yes, very pink and girlie ^^
    Thank you, glad you liked the review~!

  26. Your skin is glowing! This sounds like a great the packagin.

    PS: I'm hosting a Suigo hair pack giveaway; hope you enter:

  27. Are you wearing blush in these pictures? And if so, what one is it? I love the color. :)

  28. Yes I am ^^
    I'm fairly certain that it's the Etude House Cupcake all over colour in Peach Sugar Cake~

  29. disqus_beYNSwpw0926 May 2013 at 13:16

    i love my Cre8skin BB cream right now, it could covered wrinkles,it can be safely used on sensitive skin, and i feel it covered everything, i love it much. will try out Lioele BB cream soon.. :P

    kindly visit my blog for Lioele products, more products coming soon. :)

  30. Would you recommend this BB cream over their dollish veil vita bb cream? I'm trying to figure which one would be better for me, my main concern is that the dollish would be too light for me and I'm feeling kind of conflicted.

  31. 100% I prefer this over their dollish veil bb cream! This one has a less noticeable scent, better coverage, and the colour match is also better. Although the dollish is colour adjusting, I find it a teeny bit light on me - it really needs more work to apply it so that the colour adjusts to the skin, whereas I can just put on this triple solution one any old way, lol.


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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