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Holika Holika - Hello Holika Review *sponsored product post*

Hey gorgeous girls! Today I'm excited to bring you a new review about a super cute cheek highlight/blusher from Holika Holika. It's been kindly sent to me by W2Beauty, a new on-line seller of Korean cosmetics. 

I'm really excited about them because their range of cosmetics is not only massive, but they also stock many brands I've heard about but never been able to access before. Brands like Banila Co, Amore Pacific, The Saem, and Nature Republic are just some of the hard to find  brands that W2Beauty sell. And they offer free shipping too - yay! Definitely check them out - there's seriously so much pretty make-up to look at!

Quite possibly, this Hello Holika blusher is the cutest blusher in my collection. Holika Holika models its brand on a magical, witchy kind of concept, and this black compact embellished with a black cat (the embodiment of every witch's familiar?) matches the concept to a tee.

This is not just a blusher, but it's also a face highlighter as well - the compact has several colours and you can just mix and match to create your own colours. The pact is embossed with an arching kitty cat in coral and peachy-orange shade, which are the perfect colours for Summer. The 'background' colours range from a sheer pearlescent white, to sheer pinks, to a slightly peachy-gold. These colours are perfect as face highlights.

The arching cat has the most pigmented colour, followed by that peachy gold shade on the left of the cat. These colours are more easily picked up by a brush, and don't require much building up for great pigmentation. The compact does have shimmer in it, but I think that it's a very fine shimmer, which give the cheeks a rosy glow, and doesn't look tacky.

The rest of the colours are less pigmented, but since they are highlighters they don't need to be pigmented as they should look more subtle on the face instead. 

Notice the shimmer? I promise that it's very subtle on the cheeks! No large glitters at all!
It looks okay under flash photography too, but I always prefer to use a matte blush for evening photos~
Swatches - #6 got mixed up with one of the pink highlights though, it should be more pearly white
1 and 2 can *definitely* be more pigmented, but I used a crappy brush for these swatches :(

Scent wise, this compact has a lovely floral powder scent, I think it smells pretty expensive? It's a nice scent, and I don't find it overpowering. The powder is creamy to the touch, but depending if I use a brush there will be a bit of fallout. I recommend using a tapping motion rather than a swirling motion to pick up the powder, if you don't want to have powder getting all over the compact. 

This blusher gives cheeks a natural glow - the shimmers are quite subtle
I decided to go with a sheerer cheek since I was wearing a bolder lip~
Here, I'm wearing all the colours swirled together, but I did concentrate mostly on the cat (#'s 1 & 2)
Hehe, I also wore my cat ear headband since it seemed to fit the Holika theme ^_^
Also applied the pearly highlighter on the bridge of my nose, above my cupid's bow, and on my brow bone~

I like that this compact is a highlight and blusher in one, and I like how you can create different colours by using different parts of the compact. It is a bit impractical if you just want to use one of the colours though, because depending on the size of your make-up brush you'll probably end up mixing some of the other colours in too!

Other than that I think this blusher is so adorable! You can have really coral cheeks or you can opt for a slightly rosey cheek because the colours can be applied sheer and natural, or really vibrant~

If you like the look of this Hello Holika blush and highlighter, you can find it here, for around $22 (which is really decent! I normally see this compact selling from $25-35 on-line).

W2Beauty also has a points program where with every purchase you can collect points that can  later be redeemed to use on future purchases. Plus, if you'd like to receive $5 credit to use on a purchase at W2Beauty you can use my affiliate link above to do so too (I do believe it applies to purchases above $30). 

This is the end of the review - I hope you enjoyed reading it! 

Lately, I think I've been more into coral, peachy, or orange toned cheeks rather than my favoured pinks. I just love how fresh and cute it can look! How about you, what type of blush colours do you like to wear? 

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  1. hihi :3 you look so pretty there, and the blush looks really nice on you ^.^ envy ... hihi , but thanks for the review (:

  2. The blush looks very natural and nice! You look so cute here with the cat ears ^__^
    Thanks for the review!

  3. I've been loving corals too :D Your cat headband is so cute ^^

  4. Such natural shimmering shades! Almost invisable
    really! Love coral colors c; You look cute, especially
    with those cat ears! Xx

  5. Super cute! I love the packaging of the product, it looks super lovely on you too :D

  6. The blush looks really nice and natural on you! I was actually contemplating about whether to purchase this blush or not a while back since it's such a convenient compact. Love your cat ears headband haha, so adorable!


  7. what a cute blush/highlighter!
    I am not a fan of shimmery face products but this one looks very cute ^^
    I like your hair btw! :)

  8. Oh I really love it this blush the design is so cute!

    Thanks for the review sweetie!


    Sweetie I want invite you to my first giveaway!

    Win a Pair of CircleLens in Sakuranko "Giveaway"

  9. I have ALWAYS wanted this because it's so cute! x

  10. that's soooo adorable!!! D: <3 ohhhmygoodnesss

  11. Such a nice review. that blush is so beautiful with the cat on it :D love it!

  12. i have been wanting to have this blush from so long >.< but since it's a bit pricey, i haven't got it for myself until now.
    Reading your review makes me want to have it so badly, the cat pattern and the colour is just too lovely <3

  13. A blush with a cat ? I absolutely have to get it !

    This website seems amazing ! I think I'm going to order something from it. [the only thing I need is money...] So I'm going to wait for my birthday !

  14. Love the packaging! I have a serious weakness for it, I always buy shit I don't need/use (like makeup) because of the packaging >_<

  15. the packaging is so cute plus the shades are pretty too, the headband is so cute, lovely look ;)

  16. Thank you ^^
    I love how the blush can be sheer or very bright~

  17. Corals are a nice change from the usual pinks ^^
    Thanks for reading!

  18. Yep, I usually prefer sheer coloured cheeks, but this blush can definitely be more pigmented if I want! Thanks!

  19. Thanks Louise ^^
    It's not just convenient, but adorable too, lol~
    I love the headband too!

  20. It's definitely cute ^^ I wasn't sure about the shimmer at first, but it's quite natural after all so I like it a lot~

  21. It's certainly one of the cutest blushers I've seen!

  22. It's absolutely the cutest blusher I own ^^
    I thought it'd be more pinky, but I actually love the coral shades! Haha, yeah corals do have a more summery vibe~ Thanks for reading!

  23. It's absolutely cute - thanks for reading ^^

  24. Thanks for reading ^^
    It's definitely the cutest blush I've seen!

  25. You are so pretty! :) I love the packaging!!

  26. I wish Holika things were about the same pricing as Etude House! Glad you liked the review - this is definitely a cute blusher to own ^^

  27. Yes, anything cat themed is a must have I think :)
    It'll be nice to spoil yourself with some cute make-up for your birthday!

  28. I'm exactly the same! It's like an obsession - or an illness, lol!

  29. Yep, the packaging is definitely a highlight ^^
    Thanks Janet!

  30. Very cute packaging! I love the cat theme, very cute! Looks good on you too :)


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