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Etude House Summer 2013 Color Pop Collection/Minime Perfume Mists/Dear My Nails/Gradient Nails Releases

Hey beauties!

Just a few weeks I ago I blogged about some of Etude House's latest releases, and now I've just found out that there's been a new avalanche of even more new goodies, including a whole new collection for the Summer 2013 season! Those of us who love bright and playful colours are in for a treat.

Should we start off with the new collection? It's called Color Pop, and as it suggests, it's all about bright and playful colours for the Summer Season. Oranges, greens, and blues are  the star colours here~

Source: f2plus1

When I think about Summer I think about the outdoors, the heat, and beaches! And the perfect make-up look to suit these conditions are a long lasting lip tint. Lip tints won't melt off in the heat, and it's effortless to use. And look at all these gorgeous and vibrant colours :)

Source: f2plus1

If you're more of an air-conditioned and indoors type of person, than maybe these matte lipsticks will be more interesting to you. It seems like orange lips will be a *huge* trend for Summer 2013. 

Source: f2plus1

These colours are definitely vivid, and not for the faint of heart! I love, love orange lipstick so some of these colours are calling out to me for sure!

Source: f2plus1

Continuing with the playful and colourful Summer theme, Etude's also released a bunch of crayon eyeliners in the most lovely shades. Some of the colours are very wearable, while others are definitely more for a statement look. My personal favourite is GR701 - what a pretty green colour!

These pencils are supposed to be creamy (made with coconut and Vitamin E), long wearing, and waterproof.

Source: f2plus1

Moving on to nails! You can't have a proper Etude House collection without some new nail polishes. The Color Pop colours are bright and a bit out there - the shades are really playful and tropical~

Source: f2plus1

These are definitely Summery, in your face, colours! I like the two teal-greenish colours the most. 

This is the last of the Color Pop Collection as far as I know. I'll update if I find any more new additions :)

But that's the not the last of the new releases! Etude's also updated old collections with new colours and sets. Let's take a look~

If you weren't loving those green and blue Color Pop nail colours above, then check out these new gorgeous additions to the Dear My Nails collection. 

Source: f2plus1

These colours are seriously popping off my screen, they're that bright, and the packaging is just so cute! I think that these colours are a lot more wearable (excluding the neon yellow one, lol).

Source: f2plus1

And for fans of glitter polishes, here are another 4 new glitter polishes to add to the Dear My Nails collection. I want *all* of these, but I'm really eyeing off Coral Party and Cotton Candy Kiss for sure >_< 

Source: f2plus1

For matte nail polish lovers, there's 4 new polishes in the collection. I'm not much a fan of this kind of texture, but matte nails does seem to be a trend that's sticking around at the moment.

Source: f2plus1

Etude House has also updated their Juicy Cocktail Gradient Nails collection with 3 new sets. I love how all the sets are named after cocktail drinks, it definitely gives off a Summery vibe ^_^

I have 2 of the older sets, and if you like sheer and soft looking polishes, then these are the sets for you. 

And last but not least, here are 5 new perfume mists released by Etude House and endorsed by the cute boys of SHINee~

These Minime Be My Princess perfumes comes packaged in the shape and likeness of a cute girl, each with their own unique style, appearance, and scent!

And, and, do you see each accessory sticking on each girl's head? Those can be removed and used as a mobile phone ear cap! That's pretty cute and fun.

That's it for now - all the new Etude products released for the upcoming Summer season (or Winter here down under, lol)~

Is it just me, or is Etude really steaming ahead with all these new products? I'm feeling kind of many pretty things, not enough money 0.o

Are you interested in any of these new goodies? 


  1. I really love Etude house, thank you for this post!

  2. The Color Pop lip items remind of Kool-Aid or some reason.

    Omg, I totally love the Summer Sand collection!

    "so many pretty things, not enough money" Haha, story of my life T_____________T

  3. Stop tempting me with all these lovely Etude goodies I can't get my hands on :'(
    I really like the eyeliners though! Such colourful looks though I don't know if it would look good in real life :s

  4. ahh i love the peachy/orange lip tints and lip sticks! i really want one alsdkjflasdjfla XD

  5. etude house: heres our new products
    me: shut up and take my money!!!

    I swear they have to stop making new things I'm going broke.
    Oh and you should definitely try their new BB cream highly recommend the Cotton fit BB is you haven't ordered it yet lol <3!!

    hope you stop by!

  6. oh wow *_* I want those nail polishesss!! thanks for sharing their new products!! <3

    And btw, I nominated you for Liebster award hihi! ^_^

  7. Everything looks awesome! I want to try gradient lips but am sooo afraid it'll come out badly that I need to do it on a day I'll be home all day hahaha It seems that I need to get my hands on an orange lipstick pronto since summer will be here before you know it ><

  8. Haha, must be the vibrancy of the colours ^^

    It's so frustrating being so tempted but not having the funds to have everything!

  9. Hehe, I can't be the only one tempted! The coloured liners are very cool, but they're definitely more a weekend or party look only~

  10. The lip tints look really cute and Summery ^^

  11. Haha, that's me too!

    Ooh, thanks for the rec, I'll look into it - though I am loving my Lioele bb cream atm :)

  12. Yes, they're so colourful and cute!
    Aww, thank you for nominating me!

  13. I know the feeling! I've tried it, but since I have quite small lips it didn't come out right - only the bottom lip looked coloured, lol!
    Yes, orange lipstick seems like the trend for Summer - I love the look of it ^^

  14. I am so excited for Etude House's summer release!!! I am totally eyeing the Color Pop Shiny Tiny and the glitter polishes. I like the colours of the Dear My Blooming Lips Talk lipsticks but don't favour matte formulas though.



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