Thursday, 2 May 2013

Can't Resist The Kawaii - April's Beauty and Fashion Haulin'

Hi girls! Welcome to my monthly haul post~

Umm, so last month I said I wanted to go on a 30 day no online shopping ban - but well, I lasted a grand total of 7 days before I crumbled 0.0

But if it counts, I only bought 1 makeup item online last month (which I'll be putting in a giveaway)! And the other 2 times I made an online purchase was for some clothes, and a watch <-- me trying to make myself feel better, lol.

First up the kawaii stuff! These were all purchased before my 'shopping ban', and there are a few 'splurges' that I allowed myself to get - namely the Shu Uemura curler (which I've been lemming after forever!), the Innisfree melting foundation, and the Lioele bb cream, which I've been eyeing for quite some time but was too afraid to get for fear of them not working on me.

The bb cream and the curler have already been featured in my April's Favourites post, so yay for not having frivolously wasted money ^^

And these are the purchases made from 'brick and mortar' shops ^_^

Most of these were cheap buys, or heavily discounted buys - the highlights for me would be the Bourjois lip glosses which I managed to buy at more than half price, and which I am really loving <3

The Revlon nail polishes on the right side were ones my mom bought for me for only $1!

Two of the items above featured as my April Un-favourites, click here if you'd like to see which ones~

More makeup - Priceline recently had a HUGE 40% off sale, and like a bee to honey off I went. I made a list beforehand, because I knew I'd probably go crazy if I didn't and end up emptying my bank account lol. The entire purchase came to $45 (originally it would've been about $75!). 

And here are some of my fashion related buys. A pretty silver and pearl collar necklace, and a pair of collar tips from Equip, and a gorgeous rose gold watch from Forever New. This watch was the undoing of my shopping ban T_T

And now for my clothing purchases - I didn't buy any clothes in March, so I made up for that during April~

Sorry that the pics are not that good quality, as the lighting was just never right.

Hi lo skirt from Supre
Not quite my style, but I have an outfit in mind using this so I got it
It was $5!

Okay, so Supre was having a mad sale with heaps of $5 clearance items, and then a BOGO offer so I managed to pick up 4 items for only $10!

Salmon-pinky strapless hi lo dress from Supre
$2.50 only!
Sheer pink dress/top from Supre
$2.50 :)
Basic pink top from Supre
Favourite buy of the lot
Floral print top from Supre

And last but not least, this amazing studded jacket that I just *had* to have, from Valleygirl. It was half price, yay!

Now I just have to try extra hard to minimise this month's spendings, because I have amassed a *lot* of makeup these past few months! 

What pretty and cute things did you buy this month? 


  1. If you really want to be on shoppingban,
    you should hand over ALL your cards to
    your mum or someone you can trust :P
    but yeah, seeing all these amazing

    pieces for just 2,50bucks its hard to

    resist :c


  2. wow I saw a lot of stuffs there!
    I am looking forward for the reviews! :D and the studded jacket looks so amazing!

  3. I love the watch you got ! I need to by one that looks like yours, because it's so pretty.

  4. Your hauls are always sooo amazing. My bank account would be in the negatives if I were you! :'D

  5. Lots of great stuff and some good bargains!! I really like that pearl silver collar necklace ^^
    Hope to read some reviews of your new buys soon :)

  6. Awesome buys! Those Supre clothes were such a bargain!! I hardly ever shop at Supre but I think I will check it out just to see if they have sales on. $2.50 is crazy!
    Btw, do you know where your mum got the $1 Revlon polishes? They were so cheap tooo *-*

  7. i also want to try the shu uemura curler.. >.<
    it's so hard to ban myself from shopping ;_;

  8. you always have awesome buys <33333
    the cute makeup is like... AHHHH -goes to hide wallet-

  9. Kay Baninibeauty2 May 2013 at 19:24

    Wow that's such a great haul! I have the same Tony Moly perfume spray and it's so nice, the cute packaging makes it even better. I'd be the same as you if I ever tried to do a spending ban which is why I've avoided them so far haha.
    Great post :)

  10. Hi!

    I’m follovin’ your blog on GFC and Bloglovin :)

    Would you like to follow each other?

    I’ll wait for you on my blog.



  11. I see liquid eyeliner by essence.. Absolutely hate this one >_<

    Pearl necklace is so pretty *A*

  12. All of your buys are so great :D
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award!

  13. Hehe, I should, shouldn't I! But I thought I was strong enough on my own T_T

  14. Yes, too muchhhh! But surprisingly this last week I've been good with no shopping :)

  15. Thanks! I had to have it when I saw it - no impulse control, lol.

  16. Haha, I *need* to slow down, my bank account is definitely shrinking!

  17. Yep, I can never resist a good bargain 0.0
    Definitely working on some reviews now :)

  18. Thanks! I haven't stepped into Supre for years until I heard about the sale on the radio~
    Someone was selling the nail polishes at the sunday markets, I don't think it's an official store or anything.

  19. It's awesome, you need to get it ^_^
    It's hard isn't it?!

  20. Ailyn Muhlfeld10 May 2013 at 09:45

    Love the cute etude brand

  21. Alvanny Ramirez14 May 2013 at 00:33

    OMG all those things are so cute! I'm starting to make my own kawaii-items collection

    I wish i culd find more Etude House stuff here :'c


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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