Thursday, 30 May 2013

Zaza Cosmetics - Micro Bubble Lipstick, and RetexturCreme Face Primer Review *sponsored product post*

Hi babes! Today I want to introduce you to Zaza Cosmetics, a new Australian online retailer that sells high end, private label make-up, at more affordable prices. If you like brands such as MAC, Kit, or Napoleon Perdis, Zaza claims to have the same make-up, but at lower prices.

What exactly is 'private label' make-up? It's make-up that manufacturers produce, that's non-exclusive to a specific company or brand. And then any company can then purchase that make-up, before advertising and selling it under their own name. 

Basically, you're getting decent make-up at a lower price because it's not under any 'famous' brand, just directly from the manufacturer.  

I have here a lipstick and a face primer to review for you today~

Monday, 27 May 2013

Holika Holika - Hello Holika Review *sponsored product post*

Hey gorgeous girls! Today I'm excited to bring you a new review about a super cute cheek highlight/blusher from Holika Holika. It's been kindly sent to me by W2Beauty, a new on-line seller of Korean cosmetics. 

I'm really excited about them because their range of cosmetics is not only massive, but they also stock many brands I've heard about but never been able to access before. Brands like Banila Co, Amore Pacific, The Saem, and Nature Republic are just some of the hard to find  brands that W2Beauty sell. And they offer free shipping too - yay! Definitely check them out - there's seriously so much pretty make-up to look at!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar Review (#3 Dodo Rose)


Y'all know by now that I can't resist kawaii things, so today I'm going to review this cute perfume bar from Tony Moly. 

Yes, I said perfume bar - this is a fragrance that instead of coming in the form of a conventional spritz, comes in the form of a solid bar instead - sort of like deodorant. 

And best of all? It comes in the shape of a bunny rabbit!

Monday, 20 May 2013

The 'Detox' Cleanser Review - Jeunesse Global's Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser *sponsored product post*

Have you ever used a cleanser that could detox your skin? I've recently been trialling a cleanser from Luminesce that claims to do exactly that - it's called the Youth Restoring Cleanser. 

It is part of an anti-ageing skincare line, but while I'm not quite worried about wrinkles and such yet I am quite interested in the other claims of this cleanser regarding it's detoxing abilities, and it's ability to remove all the impurities from our skin (from dirt and pollution), leaving it brighter and radiant. 

'Your first line of defence against the signs of anti-ageing, no matter your age, is clean skin'

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Etude House Summer 2013 Color Pop Collection/Minime Perfume Mists/Dear My Nails/Gradient Nails Releases

Hey beauties!

Just a few weeks I ago I blogged about some of Etude House's latest releases, and now I've just found out that there's been a new avalanche of even more new goodies, including a whole new collection for the Summer 2013 season! Those of us who love bright and playful colours are in for a treat.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Etude House CC Cream 'Glow' Review (AKA white lie make-up!)

Etude House CC Cream Glow Review

Hi loves!

Today I'm reviewing one of Korea's hottest beauty items of 2013. It's the next generation of BB Creams - the CC Cream! 

Like bb creams, cc creams has a few names, but it's mainly being called colour control creams, or correct and care creams. They don't have the coverage of bb creams, but they do still have the skincare benefits, focusing on correcting skin concerns through special technology using multi-functioning capsules found in the cream. 

I've heard it being cheekily referred to as a 'white lie' item, because not only is the cc cream white in appearance, but also because after application the skin looks absolutely natural and void of any make-up, yet it looks brighter and more even. It's like having a naked face, but more perfected :P

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Rhinestones In The Rain * simplydresses sponsored post*

Hey lovelies!

Today I wanted to share some photos of a lovely dress I received from formal and prom dress shopping site Simply Dresses

Simply Dresses is an online store that deals specifically with selling a *huge* variety of affordable, and on trend formal wear for women - from prom, to beauty pageants, to weddings, Simply Dresses will have a dress to suit ^^

Monday, 6 May 2013

Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream Review AKA My New Fave BB Cream!

Hi lovelies~

Today I'm going to review the bb cream that ended my 2 year love affair with my beloved Etude Precious Minerals bb cream!

While I loved the texture and coverage of the Etude bb cream, the shade/s were never quite right - either too ashy or too brown. So I kept trying different bb creams, and now I think I've found the perfect bb cream for me ^^

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Can't Resist The Kawaii - April's Beauty and Fashion Haulin'

Hi girls! Welcome to my monthly haul post~

Umm, so last month I said I wanted to go on a 30 day no online shopping ban - but well, I lasted a grand total of 7 days before I crumbled 0.0

But if it counts, I only bought 1 makeup item online last month (which I'll be putting in a giveaway)! And the other 2 times I made an online purchase was for some clothes, and a watch <-- me trying to make myself feel better, lol.

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