Tuesday, 2 April 2013

March's Beauty and Fashion Haul~

I can hardly believe it's April already~ I feel like we were just ringing in the New Year not too long ago! 

Well, anyway here's my customary monthly recap of all my beauty and fashion purchases for March. I'm kind of shocked myself to see how much I accumulated! Oh, the life of a makeup junkie/kawaii enthusiast >_< 

First up...

Etude House Sweet Recipe

Some of these items will look familiar to you, because they have already been reviewed in the last few weeks (I was just that excited).

All but 1 item here is from Etude House

From left to right, Front Row

Dear My Blooming Lips lipstick in PK003, 3 of the Cupcake All Over Colours (reviewed here), Baby Choux Base in Peach (will be reviewed soon!)

Middle Row

Y.E.T Fix Me Ampoule, 2 of the Ice Cream nail polishes (reviewed here and here), Dear My Jelly Lips lipsticks (reviewed here)

Back Row

Dear Darling Neon Tint (Orange), Juicy Cocktails Gradation Nails Set in Love Violet, Missing U Panda Peach Hand Cream

At this point I think Etude can just have all my money - I've given up trying to resist, lol.

And here are my Western branded makeup goodies. I'd just finished up my Nivea Pure and Natural skincare products, and because my local Priceline was not yet stocking this new range I decided to switch to Models Prefer as they were 50% off at the time. I wanted to try this range because everything was made in Italy, and are supposed to be dupes to more high end labels (if this article is to be believed). 

The Essence Circus Circus collection recently hit Australian shores, and I just couldn't resist. I think I picked up about half of the collection - the highlighting powder, the taupe and gold cream eyeshadows, and the gold liquid eyeliner.  

Target had a 30% off Revlon makeup sale recently, so I picked up the much raved about ColourStay foundation. It didn't disappoint, but I still reach for my bb creams most days. 

And the matte orange lipstick from cheapie brand Ulta3 was bought for about $3, because orange is my new obsession. 

Rosehip oil has been something I've wanted to try for awhile now, and when I saw it on sale for under $20, and with a free cleanser I decided to give it a go. I've been applying it at night, and mixing it into my moisturiser or bb cream in the mornings. My skin is less dry, and looks lovely and dewy recently, though I haven't been using it long enough to tell whether it's helped reduce the redness on my face. 

I've been seeing rave reviews on this Loreal hair oil, so I had to pick it up when it was on sale, as my hair is becoming increasingly dry. It has a floral scent and smells really lovely!

Priceline recently had a BOGO offer on Revlon lip products so I decided to get onto the Lip Butter Bandwagon (extremely late). I now know why everyone raves about these, and am planning on getting at least 2-3 more of these when the next offer comes around~

The other Revlon products (lipstick, mascara, nail polish, and lip liner) are actually from a David Jones GWP offer. I took my sister to get colour matched for the Colourstay foundation as her Year 12 ball was coming up. I also got her the Kissable lip stain in Sweetheart. She didn't want the freebies so I kept them instead :)

And the nail sticker sets I just picked up at the Sunday markets. 

Now onto the fashion and miscellaneous buys!

I indulged my collar necklace fixation with two new pieces - one from Ebay, and one from Equip. They both have different feels - one is dainty and girlie, while the other is modern and trendy. 

And my most impulsive purchase of the month is this Alice-inspired felt cosmetics pouch from Korean stationary brand Jetoy. It is just beautifully illustrated, and I have a huge love of anything Alice related, so I had to have it! 

Okay, you're probably thinking 'Oh Tulip, another pair of shoes?!'

Well, I've been on an unofficial shoe shopping ban since late February, and I didn't buy these shoes. My mum did! Haha, that doesn't count, right? I love these, they're perfect everyday type of heels, and they're pretty comfy too. 

And my newest handbag is this small heart shaped shoulder bag <3 I bought it from Equip for only $14~

Final, final buy...

My new DSLR camera! My last few posts have been done using this camera, as some of you may have noticed. I can't take any self portraits with this yet, but all the swatches and product pictures have been taken using this~ I'm still learning how to use all the functions and such, but hopefully the quality of my reviews will step up a notch. 

Okay, and now I think it's time for a shopping ban >_< 

I think I'm a little too trigger happy with online shopping, so I've set myself the challenge of no on-line shopping for the next 31 days! 

You're probably wondering why not a complete blanket ban on shopping all together, but truthfully I'd probably die without any shopping at all, so I'm just concentrating on the online aspect for now. Wish me luck!


  1. I know what you mean with the online shopping thing, it's just so easy to order adorable things. @_@ I recently bought a Jetoy cosmetics bag too!! Good taste ~ the new bag is also super cute, and the camera looks really neat! good luck with your no online shopping challenge! (:

  2. So many awesome products and things>-< I wish I could have those Etude products too!
    I have to wait about 2 weeks, then I will recieve my very first Etude products♥
    Love your blog~^-^


  3. i bet you'll love your camera and the etude items look cute

  4. oh what a great haul!!! the essence circus collection was launched here like last year..it's interesting how long did it take to reach australia.. but hope you have fun with your purchase!!

  5. WAAAH! Yay for the new DLSR camera c:
    the 600D is what I want as well...
    Nice haul!


  6. Woahh~ So many goodies!
    And congrats on the new camera! >u< You must have saved up for a long time~

  7. etude house is so cute *__* where did you get the metal lace collar?! i've seen it on romwe but idk if it's worth it >.< it might be cheaper on ebay

  8. So much awesome looking stuff!!I'm so jealous your Revlon colorstay has a pump. I've been wanting to try out rosehip oil for awhile now since I heard it reduces acne scars. May pick it up but oils sort of freak me out since i'm pretty sure the argan oil i bought broke me out. Good luck with the shopping ban!

  9. Wow so many purchases! And how are you finding the 50mm 1.8 lens? I'm actually thinking of purchasing that lens but I've been quite hesitant since I'm so broke.

    dreamdustx | Urban Decay Giveaway

  10. I have the Missing U Panda, it was just too cute not to buy :)

  11. Whoa whoa whoa! This is a crazy cute haul. Congrats on getting a DSLR!!! When I bought mine, it completely changed my life. LOL I take pictures all the time now. ^_^

  12. I've been trying to get my hands on that panda cream FOREVER!!! So jealous that you have it D:


  13. I see SO many of my favourite western products here :) Revlon Colorstay, Akin Cleanser & Rosehip oil, Essence Circus Circus long lasting eyeshadows, oh I could go on for years!

  14. Yes, online shopping is so much of a temptation!
    Oh, nice! Jetoy has the cutest stuff, I almost died from cuteness overload, lol.
    Thank you! So far, so good :)

  15. Thank you - March was about overindulging for me :)
    Hope you enjoy your Etude goodies! The wait will be worth it!

  16. I think I will - but since I'm a tech-noob I'm still figuring how to best use it, lol.

  17. Thanks Pam! Yes, I read that somewhere too - I can't believe it took that long to reach here, lol.
    I will!

  18. Yes, it was my most exciting purchase! But now I feel so poor, lol.
    Thank you~

  19. Yes, I had no self restraint last month!
    Since December! And now I feel very poor, lol.

  20. Etude's cemented itself as my fave cosmetics brand :)

    It was less than $4! Here's where I got it from (ebay seller keyzone)


  21. Yes, the new packaging hit the shops just a few weeks ago! I think only Australia and New Zealand are getting it right now. I was a bit iffy about the rosehip oil as well as my skin just doesn't seem to like anything oil based. It's working out ok so far! But it breaks me out when I use more than the recommended 3-4 drops >_<

  22. Yes, March was the month of indulgence :)
    I like it just fine, especially for taking pics for my makeup reviews. As for taking pictures of people, I find I have to back up quite a fair distance if I want to take a full body shot! Other than that I can't complain~

  23. Yes! That's exactly the reason I got it :)

  24. Thanks Amy. My self restraint just crumbled last month ^^
    Haha, I'm still getting used to using it, but I'm loving it so far!

  25. You need to get it - it's adorable :)

  26. After hearing a lot of rave reviews on these, of course I had to get my hands on them :)

  27. Everything you got looks so cute, especially the packaging for the nail polish. I really like those detachable collars too. ^^

  28. Wow! What a fantastic haul! I'm so jealous!! I

    I'm so glad Etude isn't available here where I live or I'd be bankrupt but I'd be surrounded by cute cosmetics haha!

    The A'Kin oil looks really good I might have to look into it :)



  30. oooo awesome haul!!! so much stuff! and that DSLR -- congrats! it looks amazing! i needa buy one soon~~ gotta start saving!
    LOVE the shoes~~~ a girl can never have too many~ hehehe

    alex @ carouselstreet.com

  31. Thanks - I just can't resist anything 'cute' ^^

  32. I must have an obsession for collecting cute cosmetics :)

    I've seen so many rave reviews on rosehip oil that I just had to try it - so far so good!

  33. Thanks Alex :)
    I'm loving the camera so far! It's one of my most long awaited purchases~
    Totally agreed, lol.

  34. This haul is really georgeus sweetie!

    Many stuff of makeup

    And a georgeus DSRL.



  35. Thank you ^^
    Definitely my favourite haul post so far!


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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