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Etude House - Missing U Panda Hand Cream Review

etude house missing u panda peach handcream

Hey gals! 

Today's review is a short one as it's mainly just an excuse to post some cute photos of my new hand cream.

I have a few hand creams in rotation, but this Etude House Missing U hand cream is the cutest of the lot! The Missing U range consists of animal shaped hand creams in the form of a panda, dolphin, penguin, and a seal - each with their own unique scent. 

I like pandas, and I like peach scents, so this peach scented, panda shaped hand cream was an obvious choice for me ^_^

The outer packaging is made of 100% recycled material, and printed with soy ink, so props for being eco-friendly, yet cute at the same time. 

The hand cream itself is plastic, with a twist off cap (the panda's head and body!), which can be reused when the hand cream runs out. If you look at the panda's chest you'll see that it's holding a peach instead of a bamboo shoot, to represent the scent of the hand cream. 

Description - Click to enlarge

The Missing U range is not just a range of cutely packaged hand creams - they're also meant to raise awareness about some of the endangered animal species out there. Apparently this panda likes to eat bamboo, and practice kung-fu~

As you can see, there isn't very much hand cream in Panda! This is 30ml worth of handcream, which isn't a lot - especially if you like to reapply more than a few times per day. But you can always refill it with other hand creams when its finished. 

The main ingredients in this hand cream are organic olive oil and shea butter. It sounds quite rich, but the texture of this hand cream is very light, and absorbs quickly. It's good for regular use, but for very rough or extra dry hands, this cream will not be nourishing enough. 

Scent wise, it does have a light smell of peach, as well as something vaguely herbal-ish. It doesn't smell bad, but I would've liked something a bit more fruity, personally. 

The Etude House Missing U hand creams can be found ranging from $6-$10 on ebay and other online stores~ 

Overall the formula of the hand cream is nothing stunning, but definitely pick one up if you can, because you'll never forget to nourish your hands when you've got something this cute staring back at you ^_^

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  1. Yaaay it's finally here :D I'm loving this
    one, the panda is just to cute! I like that
    it has shea butter in it. Tho I think this
    is a petite handcreme!


  2. Ahhhh so cutee!! I would totally buy this but I recently purchased a Tonly Moly hand cream that's shaped like a peach and has a really amazing peach scent.

  3. Oh my gosh, this is so cute! *A*
    It doesn't help that I have a panda obsession haha~ >u<
    Thanks for sharing! :'D

  4. awwwh the packaging is to die for!! asian brands make up always one step ahead in terms of packaging. :D

  5. I need to get this on my desk at work haha and I won't forget to put my handcream on more regularly!! Sooo cute :)

  6. This is soo adorable. I always forget to moisturize my hands, yeah! :S I really should! I'm soo paranoid of premature aging. Haha~
    Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  7. the packaging is sooo cute <3 it seems more like something to put on your desk vs in your bag ^^

  8. Mishelle's Sleepy Time25 April 2013 at 12:05

    Ahh this packaging is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  9. SO CUTE!! *_* Woaaah

  10. ....

    You know how I feel about that panda cream ;)

    Oh, I didn't know that it was to raise awareness about endangered species though!

  11. The packaging is so freaking cute! I love pandas *o*

  12. Ah!!! Etude House always have cute packaging. Tony Moly also have some cute looking hand creams too actually.


  13. Thanks for reading Mei ^^
    It is so cute on my table! But the amount of hand cream is definitely not a lot~

  14. I've seen that! It looks like a real peach ^^
    Might try that next, I really love peach scents~

  15. Thanks for reading~
    Hehe, yay for panda obsessions!

  16. Yep, it's one thing I like very much about Asian brands ^^

  17. You definitely won't forget to use it!

  18. Isn't it! I sort of want to collect all the other animals now ^^

  19. It's definitely something that needs to be 'on display' :)

  20. Definitely one of the cutest hand creams out there ^^

  21. Alexandra Marques1 May 2013 at 04:09

    Those hand creams are really cute and adorable and I would love to buy one! Probably to fiil it again with another hand cream, because I have very dry hands. Etude House is an expert at making cute packaging!

    Thanks for the review!

  22. I love when hand creams have cute packagings. I usually buy them because they look adorable.

  23. Etude House Missing You Hand cream Owl, thats the one l wanna buy for work l keep having dry hands.

  24. I have to admit, i've got that hand cream because of the packaging in the first place, but now that my purchase has arrived, i'm loving the scent & its texture. Def happy i didn't get TonyMoly Panda's dream instead. :)


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