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Arbonne Cosmetics Review: Lipstick, Blush & Lip Polish *sponsored products post*

Hi lovelies! Today I have a review from Arbonne Cosmetics to share with y'all~

I wasn't familiar with this brand at all, until I was kindly offered the opportunity to try some of the products in the Arbonne range.

Arbonne claims their products are lightweight and contain beneficial formulas for the skin, eyes and lips, using only the highest quality ingredients. Their products are non-comedogenic, paraben free, hypo-allergenic, and talc, gluten and nut free. They also have some sort of Optilight Technology that creates a flattering soft focus effect - and the makeup is so finely pigmented that it feels super light weight on the skin, allowing it to breathe. After reading these claims I was very excited to try some of their products. 

Let's jump to the reviews - I was given a red lipstick, a pink lip polish, and a orangey blush to trial. 

From left to right: blush in Apricot, lipstick in Strawberry Fraise, lip polish in Posh 

Here are the swatches - both the blush and the lip polish have been heavily applied to give an idea of the colour and texture. The lipstick is just one swipe. 

Ingredients lists - Click to enlarge or right click, and select 'open image in a new tab' to zoom in~

- Blush in Apricot - $40, 4.5g - 

Arbonne claims their blushes are mineral infused and highly pigmented to provide perfect, natural colour. The powders are lightweight and infused with Vitamins A, C, E, and Cucumber extract.

My thoughts? Apricot appears like an orangey shade in the pan, but on my cheeks it was more of an orangey-brown shade that looked a bit like bronzer. The powder is finely milled - there is some fallout in the pan when using a brush, but not enough to get messy unless you're going to have it rolling around your handbag.

Apricot does have some shimmer to it, which seems to provide a natural and almost glowy colour on the cheeks. 

The only con for me would be that it's more pricier than I'd personally pay for a blush. 

- Lip Polish in Posh - $36, 5.9ml - 

The Lip Polishes are claimed to be 'fun and sexy lip products' which provide  superior shine and no stickiness. These lip glosses are infused with Wild Mango Butter, Aloe, Sunflower oil, and Vitamins A and E.

I have to say I really, really like this because the formula ractually is non-sticky! I'm not much of a lip gloss girl because I'm not fond of the stickiness, but Posh is lovely to wear. It's a sheer pink gloss that is pigmented enough to lighten my lips a little, but the colour is not very obvious. It  provides a nice glossy shine, and makes the lips look plump and juicy.

It doesn't feel heavy or drippy, and it's non-scented - a nice change from the normal sugary sweet scents of other glosses.

Again, the only con is the price. Other than that it's a great lip gloss.

Wearing Posh, and Apricot here

- Lipstick in Strawberry Fraise - $36, 2.17g -

Arbonne lipsticks are claimed to have an intensely hydrating & moisturising formula, infused with Vitamins A, C, E and Pomegranate extract, to provide long lasting lip colour (with added health benefits).

I think Strawberry Fraise is an amazing red colour, which matches its name well. It is definitely richly pigmented, and provides opaque colour on the lips. The tube and bullet is really slimmer than the normal lipsticks, which could be good for precision applying. I prefer to apply this with a lip brush though. 

The formula also lives up to it's claims of being hydrating and moisturising, and it's comfortable to wear. It's a bit pricey for a lippie, but I think Strawberry Fraise is quite lovely, so it is worth the price if you like the look of this. 

Guys, I finally worked my way up to wearing a red lipstick! Hehe, but how come I still feel a little bit like a little girl who got into her mom's makeup? 

Overall I was quite impressed by the products in the Arbonne Range. I think the lip polish is my fave out of the three, as I use it a lot more. The red lippie is pretty fab though~!

The main cons are the price and accessibility. Arbonne operates similar to Avon, in that you can only get their products through the website, or through local independent consultants, which may be a bit inconvenient. 

Price wise, these products are a bit out of my usual budget for makeup, but I have a feeling that Arbonne is directed towards an older, more financially secure demographic anyway. I'd recommend this brand if you don't really have any specific price limit in mind, and if you want products that are free from a lot of nasties like parabens or mineral oil. 

Check out the Arbonne website if you'd like to find out more! 

Thanks for reading!

*the product/s featured in this review have been provided for review purposes - but opinions expressed are honest, and still 100% my own. For further information, please see my disclaimer & disclosure policy


  1. i also think that Posh looks really good on you ^^

  2. Love red lip stick on you! c: Not like a little girl playing with her mom's make up at all. c;
    Thank you for the review! It's actually the first time I've heard of this brand. o:

  3. The red is REALLY red!

    And omg the panda cream is always in the background T_T

  4. Oh I have never heard of this brand before,, it is quite pricey, isn't it? but the red lipstick is so beautiful and you look good on it! the apricot blush is also really nice ^^

  5. Really interesting post sweetie. The bluysh looks really cute and natural. lovely lipstick.


  6. Ooh the red lipstick really suits you! I felt like that when I ventured into more colourful lipsticks but you'll get used to it soon and you look really pretty!

  7. popping by here at your lovely blog!
    i think Posh looks really great on you!
    plus you're so pretty, haha! :D


  8. The lipstick looks so good on you!
    They all look awesome!

  9. Apricot looks amazing on you!! Such a gorgeous sunkissed glow :) I agree with you about the price, being a broke student puts them a bit out of my reach!

  10. loving all the selca's, really gorgeous ^_~

  11. The lipstick looks gorgeous and the colour really suits you! It's a shame how the product is expensive.

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  12. red lips suits you! you looks soo adorable! >w<

  13. Thanks Junjun! I'm so not used to seeing myself with bright red lips :)

  14. Yes it is!
    Haha, it's very decorative :)

  15. Yep, I don't think it's very well known~
    Thank you! I never thought I could wear red lipstick :)

  16. Thank you ^^
    Yep, seems like I just need to keep trying bright lipsticks to get used to them!

  17. Hi There.. I'm visiting your beautiful blog.
    Those pink lip gloss is pretty but we dont have that brand here

  18. Hey Everyone! People don't usually shop Arbonne at full price. Most people shop 20-50% off the retail price by having a unique ID to shop the products. If anyone is interested in samples or more information, you are welcome to email me:

  19. Thanks Louise! Yeah, it'd be nice if it were more affordable!

  20. Pinterest brought me to your blog!! My name is Ainsley and I'm an independent consultant for Arbonne. Love the look! If you are interested in purchasing any items from the website (and getting a great discount at the same time! does 20% off sound good?), please use my ID# 116098929. My email is if you have any questions!

  21. PS it ships worldwide! xo

  22. @tuliplove I am exactly the same! Struggle to get used to red lipstick. But must keep trying love seeing it on other people. Arbonne has a couple of beautiful red shades I'm yet to try. Maybe I should purchase and do my first ever blog! Hehe. I am a consultant and am more than happy to send out samples and you never have to pay full price, I can get you some awesome discounts if you are interested. You have inspired me to keep on trying red lipstick especially now with arbonne. You're welcome to facebook message me 'Jemma Chloe' if you want more info or samples sent. Thank you for the inspiration. X


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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