Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro Gray Lenses Review *sponsored product post*

Hi hi! How are we? I am so sleepy right now, but I wanted to get this review done for you guys!

A little while back I was sent these cute circle lenses by my lovely sponsor, LoveShoppingholics. I chose these Vassen Lucky Clover lenses after I saw the promotional pictures, and saw how cute and pretty the design was.

Manufacturer: Vassen
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm

Indoors Lighting


The Lucky Clover Cocoro lenses (such a cute name!) are available in green, gray, and brown versions. These are the gray lenses, but since I have dark brown eyes gray lenses tend to lean towards blueish tones instead. 

Despite being labelled gray lenses, these are multi-tonal - the lens has blue-gray, gray, and even yellow weaved into the design, making for an intricate design that blends well with my eyes. It doesn't have a black outer ring, so they aren't too unnatural or striking looking, though I wouldn't class them as super natural in appearance either - due to the enlargement factor and the blueish colour (an unexpected look on my Asian features).

I think these Lucky Clover lenses give me quite kittenish eyes (or maybe it's just the way I do my makeup, lol). And on me, they tend to change between blue and medium gray, depending on the lighting. 


Comfort hasn't been an issue for me - I can wear these lenses for up to 6-8 hours, though they do tend to start feeling dry around the 4-5 hour mark. That's pretty much the standard with all my circle lenses. 


The diameter of these lenses are 14.5mm, and I have to say the enlargement factor was bigger than I expected, especially without the help of a black outer ring. I'd certainly recommend a bit of eyeliner at the minimum - they would look a bit too unnatural on a bare face, particularly if you don't have gray toned eyes in the first place. 

If you're after a 15mm enlargement factor from a 14.5mm lens, then this would be a good choice ^_^


These Lucky Clover lenses will definitely change the colour of your eyes, to create an exotic and kittenish look, that's cute and interesting. The enlargement factor is also better than expected, and the design gives the eyes a really bright and shiny appearance in good lighting - overall a really cute gray lens!

Love the look of these Lucky Clover lenses? You can get them here, and don't forget to use the discount code below to take $2 off your purchase (not an affiliate link, just a generic discount code). 

Thanks to LoveShoppingholics for sponsoring these lenses for me to review ^^

And thank you for reading! Let me know what you think~!

*the product/s featured in this review was provided for review purposes - but opinions expressed are honest, and still 100% my own. For further information, please see my disclaimer & disclosure policy

Next review is on 3 of the Etude Cupcake All Over Colours! That review was meant to go up today, but I didn't get it organised in time >_< 

I'm working on it though :P


  1. I love the circle lenses! Looks
    great on you c: quite enlarging!
    The Etude tin lipbalm looks cute!
    I can't wait for review!


  2. These look amazing on you! Grey lenses really suit you! I have a soft spot for blended colored lenses too :D

  3. can't wait for your review c: also, the circle lenses look great ^^

  4. I have these!I'm not crazy about them on me though. They look vey pretty on you :) Can't wait to see your review!

  5. I love grey lenses, they look so gorgeous! They make your eyes look super pretty and I would agree that wearing them with makeup is the way to go :)


  6. Oooo gray lenses! These look surprisingly really natural and yeah, they do seem "kittenish" :'D ~ You're so cute as always!

  7. Thank you for the review!
    Love your eye-make! ^^
    And those lip-balm containers are super cute!
    I'll be waiting for the review! ^^


  8. you look so pretty!! lovely ^_~

  9. Thank you, Mei :)
    Yep, the enlargement is one of the things I like most about this lens~

  10. Thank you! I love how grey lenses gives me a different look to play with ^^

  11. The review is now live :)
    Thank you, Lisa!

  12. Aww that's too bad. Is there any particular reason you didn't like them on yourself?
    Thank you, and the review is up now ^^

  13. Yep, I love the look of grey lenses :)
    Hehe, there are few circle lenses out there that don't require makeup!

  14. I'm favouring more natural designs lately ^^
    Aww, thank you!

  15. Thanks Josephine ^^
    They are cute, and work great too - the review is now live~

  16. Thanks Janet, you're really sweet ^^


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