Thursday, 28 March 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe - Dear My Jelly Lips Review - JOR203, JPK004 (Grapefruit Orange)

etude house sweet recipe dear my jelly lips talk lipsticks

EDIT: I've now reviewed JPK002, JPK003, and JBE101 as well - click here to see the swatches~

Hello beauties! Here's the next part in my series of Etude House, Sweet Recipe reviews~

I have here another two of the Dear My Jelly Lips Talk lipsticks - there's three in the pictures but I have already reviewed one of them, the orange lippie in JOR201 Sweet Orange, which you can see the swatches and review here~

Frankly, after trying Sweet Orange, I was somewhat disappointed in the sheerness of the colour, which failed to make my pigmented lips orange (it's improved slightly). However, I can happily report that these two other colours yielded much better results!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Colours Review - RD301, OR202, OR201

Hello lovelies - brace yourself, today's review is on the super, super, cute Cupcake All Over Colours, from Etude House's new Sweet Recipe Collection <3

etude house sweet recipe cupcake all over colours

I have 3 of the 5 colours currently gracing my dressing table - Peach Sugar Cake, Orange Choux Cake, and Raspberry Mousse Cake. 

Aren't the names precious? And they make me feel hungry too!

These 'all over colours' are a 3 in 1 product - they can be used on eyes as eyeshadow, on cheeks as blusher, and on lips. I love a good multi-functional product, but are they worth it? 

EDIT: I've now uploaded a post on the colours Blueberry Cheese Cake & Strawberry Chiffon Cake here!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro Gray Lenses Review *sponsored product post*

Hi hi! How are we? I am so sleepy right now, but I wanted to get this review done for you guys!

A little while back I was sent these cute circle lenses by my lovely sponsor, LoveShoppingholics. I chose these Vassen Lucky Clover lenses after I saw the promotional pictures, and saw how cute and pretty the design was.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails - Apricot Candy

Hi lovelies!

A little while back I brought you a review on one of Etude's latest nail polishes - the ice cream polish in Strawberry Stars Candy - and now I'm back with the next review, this time on the rather darling Apricot Candy version. 

Monday, 11 March 2013

February's Beauty & Fashion Haulin'

So it's quite late, but here's my February haul post! Mostly cheap 'n cheerful online buys (my very favourite kind!). To start off with, since Autumn is on the way, I bought some printed tattoo tights off eBay. The seller is bestworld2009, for anyone interested. 

I've been pretty intrigued by the tattoo tights trend, and when I saw these patterns I couldn't resist - especially the Alice in Wonderland pair, since I've a love for anything Alice related! 

From the same seller, I also purchased two sets of some really pretty, wispy false lashes (I have a lot already I know, but how could I resist?!), and the most darling looking, leopard print bow belt - leopard print and bows, a must-buy combination, yes?    

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Review - Dear My Jelly Lips Talk JOR201 (Sweet Orange)

Hello, let's jump straight into my next review! It's another item from Etude House's new Hansel and Gretel inspired Sweet Recipe Collection, which I am slowly but surely buying my way through, lol!

I have here the Dear My Jelly Lips Talk lipstick, in shade JOR201 Sweet Orange - an insta-buy for me, as I have been obsessing over orange makeup recently~

etude house dear my jelly lips talk jor201 sweet orange

The Dear My Jelly Lips comes in a range of 6 lipsticks and 2 lip tints. Aided by 5 plant extracts (bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange, and lemon), these lippies promise soft and elastic, vibrant and shiny, jelly coated lips!

I purchased this from ebay seller f2plus1 for $9.47.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails - Strawberry Stars Candy

Hi sweets! Hope you're enjoying your weekend ^_^

Today I have a quickie review on one of the ice cream nail polishes from Etude House's latest line - the Sweet Recipe Collection. If you haven't seen this range yet, check out my post here.

I was totally enamoured the second I saw this cute nail polish - have you ever seen a polish shaped like food - and better yet, shaped like dessert? 

Strawberry Stars Candy is pretty much the first thing from the Sweet Recipe line that I bought. It's a pale pink polish with multi-coloured glitters and star shaped sequins, and you know what, it even looks like melted ice cream in the bottle~!

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