Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Rimmel Long Lasting Lipstick Review - Nude Pink & Coral in Gold

Hi there! I'm going to do a quick lipstick review for you today ^^

Over the last month or so, I've been adding to my rather lacking lipstick collection, and two recent additions include the Lasting Finish lipsticks from Rimmel London. I picked them up from Target when they were 30% off - a coral lipstick with gold shimmer called Coral in Gold, and a nude pink lipstick called Nude Pink. 

Nude Pink (206), Coral in Gold (210)

I think they retail around $9.95 here in Australia, so I think it's quite an affordable lipstick, especially since you can usually pick them up on sale every now and then.

Left: Coral in Gold
Right: Nude Pink

Coral on Gold seemed to be a lovely coral orange shade with some gold shimmer in it, but I didn't end up loving it on my lips - on my pigmented lips the coral shade didn't really come through - it looked more red-orange than coral, and the gold shimmer was more obvious than expected, which looked a bit tacky. 

However I do like Coral in Gold a little bit more when I lightly apply it on my lips (covered with some bb cream) using my finger, rather than directly from the bullet. But the downside to that is that the gold shimmer doesn't show up, and the shade appears more pink than coral - and I specifically chose this lipstick because I wanted something that was more orange in colour. 

Coral in Gold lightly applied - I'd say the pic on the right is more accurate of the colour. 

I also found it to be really drying on my lips - I do have dry lips anyway - but after wearing this about 4 hours I normally find myself wiping it off because my lips do feel dried out. On the plus side I do find the staying power pretty good for those 4 hours (without eating). 

Nude Pink also swatches differently on the hand and lips - in store it seemed to a very pretty satin pink, but on my (bb cream covered) lips it's more nude-coral, and the pink doesn't really show. 

The upper photo is a more accurate representation of Nude Pink - I put the other one here because I liked what the colour looked like, but I think it was probably the camera setting that made it look like a pretty pinky nude colour! 


  • affordable pricing
  • great range of colours
  • glide onto lips smoothly, without tugging/dragging
  • decent colour payoff
  • satin/slightly shiny finish rather than matte
  • decent staying power, but can't comment on whether it lasts the 8 hours advertised as I tend to just take it off when my lips feel dried out, or after eating


  • feels quite drying on my lips (will say it doesn't make dry lips look flaky or cracked until after removal)
  • sickly sweet scent - quite strong, but does disappear a while after application
  • cheap packaging - the Nude Pink lipstick refused to wind up when I opened it, and took about 15 minutes of random twisting before it worked

I probably won't repurchase - Face of Australia do more moisturising lippies for around the same price, so if I wanted new lip colours I'd go to them first. Plus, I just bought 7 lipsticks from Make Up Academy during their 50% off promo, so I won't be needing to buy any for a while yet!


  1. Lovely color c: Too bad it dries
    too fast! That is a bummer :c


  2. Pretty, I love the nude pink :DDD
    Rooar, darn the dryness though!

  3. I like how coral in gold looks on you! the nude pink is pretty as well, but looks a bit pale...
    I agree with you that Rimmel lipsticks are a bit dry , I have the one in airy fairy and mauve, and both of them are really drying.. I prefer the kate moss line ;)

  4. The coral in gold looks better on you, in my opinion. The nude pink is fine, but it sort of washes you out. I'm in favor of pinks, but you pulled off these two well. :) miemiemie - www.ilovemybhie.blogspot.com

  5. Too bad the colors are different from what's expected! I also dislike it when they're really drying on the lips. :(
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Too bad that the colors were off, and that it was really drying! D':
    Thank you for the review!

  7. I actually think both colors looks nice on your lips in 2 different ways Dear, but sad that it's dry >_<
    I personally like the coral more too =D

  8. the lipstick looks nice on you, it's sad that its really drying and I don't like those kind of lipstick that's so perfumey. Thanks for the review dear! :D

  9. Nude pink looks so pretty! What a shame that the photos didn't capture the colours properly though- I had the same problem too :( your lips are just gorgeous too!


  10. Thank you ^^
    The colours are nice, but I really dislike how they feel after a while!

  11. Thanks ^^
    Yes, that's such a let down!

  12. Thank you ^^ I wish the nude pink was a bit more pinker!

    I really dislike the drying feeling! Ooh, might have to check out the Kate line sometime then~

  13. Thank you ^^ Yeah, I thought so too - I'll probably try it without lip concealer next time and see how it goes.
    I really like pinks too!

  14. Hehe, I guess I can't expect swatches on the hand to look the same on lips! Yes, I can't stand that drying feeling - it's horrible~

  15. Hehe, I guess I shouldn't rely on hand swatches - they can turn out heaps different on the lips >_<
    Thanks for reading!

  16. Aww, thank you ^^
    Yes, I really dislike drying lippies, so I probably will not wear these often :(

  17. Thank you ^^
    Yes it is - the dryness is the worst feeling! Thanks for reading!

  18. I think it looks better on fairer complexions than mine, maybe. Wish my camera would cooperate more, lol.
    Thank you :)

  19. No hardcandy in australia???


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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