Friday, 8 February 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection

Okay dessert lovers, it's time to get excited because Etude House has just created a sweets themed collection! The packaging is ultra cute and fun, and anyone who likes desserts, or desserts themed packaging will surely give a little squeal when they set eyes on this new collection. 

Personally, I'm putting the Strawberry Candy Stars Icecream polish, Chocolate brown eyeliner, and Orange Jelly lip tint on my 'to buy' list. The peach cream blusher, choc chip cookie pact, and chocolate bar eyeshadow palette is also going on my wishlist ^_^

And compared to the recent Princess Entoinette Collection, the prices of these sweet little items are super purse friendly, I'm talking like under $15 here.

The ebay seller where I found the collection is f2plus1, but I'm yet to purchase from them yet so I can't say for sure if I recommend buying from them or not. They do have a good feedback rating though~ *Edit* I've received the 1st of three packages I've placed with this seller, and all is good! So if you want to get your hands on some dessert make-up, I say go for it ^_^ 

Personally not a fan of this candy cane shape lip tint! The colours look cute though~

Lipsticks! Although there are 2 tints in this range also. The one I have  my eye on is the JOR201- the third lippie in the first row. I need an orange lip to go with an orange blush I have. These look glossy, and are described as sheer coloured lipsticks. 

Eyeliner in a pot that looks like a piece of chocolate? I must have this! Lol, and also because I am actually looking for a brown eyeliner too~

Shimmery eyeshadows in tins that look like cupcakes - very cute, but none of these are really appealing to me as of yet. They look like baked eyeshadows?

I like the look of these eyeshadows, and the chocolate bar packaging is cute, if a little cheap looking (the cover looks like cardboard?). But alas, I have like a gajillion brown eyeshadow palettes already. 

I thought these were cream blushers at first, but it seems they're multi-purpose for cream eyeshadow, lip tint and cheek tint. I want the peachy one in Pitch Peach Sugar Cake - it looks like it'd make a really cute blush~ 

Icecream nail polishes! Must have...

I like all of them, but I'm most likely going to get Strawberry Stars Candy first - even if I have been buying a lot of polishes recently, one more can't hurt, right? Lol.

A white chocolate bar face highlighter ^^ I love highlighters, but I think I prefer cream or liquid ones, so I can safely say I don't have the urge to get this. 

This is a cute and prettily packaged face primer/base. It looks really creamy and light! It's supposed to look like the custard/cream found in choux pastries *yum*

Oh my goodness, this choc chip cookie powder is so, so adorable! I really want this, mostly for the packaging alone!

Etude House also released two brushes (for eyeliner and eyeshadow) but I won't show them here because they're just normal looking ^_^

Edit: Found the images, so here are the eyeshadow brushes (the eyeliner has the same packaging). They look like chocolate coated biscuits - they even have the sprinkles on them, lol.

Oh, and they also had trianglular make-sponges packaged to look like a cake, and also a cup of rainbow coloured cotton balls for nail polish removal.

Edit: There's also a cosmetics pouch too! Check it out here

So, what do you think about this new Sweet Recipe Collection? 

Upcoming Reviews (because I just couldn't resist!)
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Cupcake All Over Colour - PK001 Blueberry Cheesecake & PK002 Strawberry Chiffon Cake


  1. OMG all of them look ├╝ber cute!!!!! the nail polish, the primer, and the chocolate bar eye shadow all look the most appealing to me..
    I really hope they're already available once I'm in jakarta and singapore next week! thank you for posting this! ^^

  2. Everything looks so cute!!! However, I have a love and hate relationship with etude house. I find the lipstuff and nail products OKAY.. but anything for the face, either breaks me out or irritated my skin =(

  3. I'm so excited for this line, yet again everything is super cute!!! I didn't purchase from the etoinette line cause it was a little pricey and would probably just turn into a display than used by me. Thanks for sharing this!!

  4. Omg I love the new theme haha
    so cute! Very smart of Etude :P

    The nailpolish in ice cream cone
    is just too cute!


  5. Etude House! Wai you so cute ;____;

    I love the lip products for the gradient look! I want to try too *~*

  6. Etude House has such cuuuuute stuff!!!
    I want that primer and powder. *o* Those polishes are sooo sooo cute too!

  7. Etude House~ why are you not good for my wallet? ;u;
    The lip product looks really amazing for the gradient effect, but I'm not a huge fan of the packaging. ;u;

    The all over color looks really promising! o: Definitely checking that out if I get the chance~ >u<

    Thank you for sharing!

  8. They looks oh-so-cuute and oh-so-yummmmeh ; u ; I wish I could afforad Etude House u <

  9. The cupcake all over colour in orange looks gorgeous! It's definitely going to be in my wishlist since I've been looking for an orange tint for a while now.

    Feel free to check out my blog ^^

  10. oh my, it all looks so cute! I want to have it all :)

  11. omo~~etude makes the cutest packaging! >.<
    the ice~cream nail polishes look adorable, well EVERYTHING LOOKS ADORABLE HERE! ... i want~~~hehe


  12. Wow this sweet recipe collection is so cute, I love it! I quite like the lipsticks and chocolate eyes- but the nail polish bottles are just adorable! I would love to try some of these products for sure!

  13. Wow... this is beyond cuteee... Thanks for the post!

  14. Yes, don't they!
    Ooh, have fun there! You simply must get some of these if they're available :)

  15. Yep, sooo cute! Aww, that's too bad! I haven't tried many Etude skincare products yet - just the blushes, cleansers and bb cream~

  16. Me too! I am so enamoured with the Entoinette line, but the prices are way higher than is reasonable for Etude House :( Haha, we can make ourselves feel better by getting some stuff from this latest collection instead, lol.

  17. Isn't it so cute?! Haha, yes I love the icecream nail polish packaging!

  18. Agreed! Very bad for my wallet, but at least it's really affordable!
    The gradient look is really cute looking - definitely looking forward to getting at least one of the tints~

  19. Yep, as expected of course, lol!
    I'm curious about the primer - they look so creamy and pretty! Love the icecream polish packaging as well ^^

  20. Yes, this new collection is super sweet and cute ^^
    I want everything but can only afford to buy a few of the things right away T_T

  21. I'm so into orange makeup at the moment, lol. This tint looks lovely~

  22. Yep, this new collection is just irresistable ^^

  23. They do make the cutest packaging! So hard to resist...
    Hehe, the icecream polish is so cutely packaged - it's a must have!

  24. The sweets theme is right up my alley ^_^
    The nail polish has to the one item that really surprised and pleased me when I first saw it~

  25. It is isn't it :)
    Thanks for reading!

  26. Ah, I know the feeling ^^
    The candy cane tints do look so pretty, but yeah the packaging is just plain weird and too childish?
    I'm pretty excited about the all over colours too - I love multipurpose cosmetics, lol

  27. dang I love the chocolate shaped highlighter and eyeshadow. My wallet is going to be crying soon xD

    Which one are you thinking about buying first tulip ^_^?

  28. i am just dying. this collection is seriously way too cute but etude house always has such amazing packaging. seriously koreans know how to make makeup products! (proud moment!) maybe i will have to order some of this! thanks for the great post!

    xx rae

  29. Etude House never fails to amaze me with their cute packaging. :)


    The Sun Kissed Girl

  30. The colours look so vibrant! Perfect for the upcoming Spring Season! ^^ I like how Krystal and Sulli are modelling for Etude now too! They are so youthful and pretty! *_*

  31. Aren't those cute? Perfect for chocaholics lol.

    Actually, I have just ordered the orange jelly lip tint, and the peach all over cream! And I will be ordering the icecream nail polish later this week.

  32. Agreed! It makes it so hard on my wallet, lol

  33. Yes, it's so hard to resist! I want nearly everything Etude releases, lol. Hehe, I don't think it's a limited collection, so you'll have time to decide if you want any :)
    Thanks for reading~

  34. Yes, I agree! Especially those pink and orange lip tints! And the nail polishes too~
    They are both so cute! They're perfect models for Etude~

  35. I'm dying to try their new collection! The eyeliner is definitely on my to-buy list. I really like your blog, following you via GFC now :)

  36. I think brown eyeliner is a sweet alternative to black! Just wondering whether to get the light or dark brown now, lol. Thank you!

  37. Hi!! Is the price in Singapore dollars??

  38. Hi, this is in Australian dollars :) Prices would vary online, but this is what I paid at the time~


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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