Monday, 25 February 2013

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint (PK001 Cherry Pink)

My weakness for kawaii things means I could never turn down possessing something like this Etude House cherry lip tint~

Cherry pink lips seem to be the go to look that many sweet and pretty actresses are sporting in K-dramas, to give that vibe of innocence and natural prettiness. Whenever I wear this tint, it basically looks like I've slathered my lips with a cherry flavoured popsicle! But in an attractive way, not a messy way, lol.


A tint that promotes moist and shiny cherry lips with a creamy, smooth texture


Net weight: 9 grams
Cost: generally between $7-$10 online (I bought mine from Cosmetic Love)
Shelf life: discard 12 months after opening
4 colour variants available


While the small, curved bottle is cute, the outer disposable packaging is even cuter!
I wish they had carried the cherry print onto the tint bottle T_T
The tint has a soft, furry doe foot applicator in-built into the twist lid 
The applicator's the perfect size, and scoops the right amount each time
But I worry about how to reach the last amount when it's nearly empty - it could end up wasteful!

Left: as a stain
Right: the texture it comes out of the bottle as


It comes out a scary fluro pink - but don't worry, it turns into a cherry pink stain once applied
Unlike traditional tints, this is a creamy texture rather than liquid!
The creamy texture makes it easy to apply smoothly and evenly
And it has the MOST amazing cherry scent - subtle but oh so lovely <3
But make sure not to taste it - it's a bit iffy, lol
It doesn't dry out my lips - yay!
Instead, my lips look juicy, fresh, and vibrant (but naturally so)

My lips are pigmented, so the tint is not the softer pink shown on the Etude model
(However, the result is cherry stained lips, which is super pretty anyway)
Though more moisturising and forgiving than other lip stains, this will still highlight dry patches
Avoid if you have flaky lips, or ensure to exfoliate and prep beforehand
The lasting power is not long compared to traditional lip stains?
It comes off during eating or drinking, otherwise it needs reapplication after 2-3 hours
Though it doesn't make my lips flake or dry out, I can feel a slight drying sensation

Notice the tint shown here isn't as hot pink as the 2 pics above
The tint was the most brightest the first time I used it - maybe because the tint wasn't evenly mixed?
It became a more wearable pink 3 or 4 times after using the tint~
0_0 Just realised I wore the same top in this pic too, lol

Overall I would recommend this Etude Cherry Lip Tint - it's a cheap and cheerful buy, that's perfect for sporting the cherry stained lip trend during this Summer season~

What do you think about cherry lips? Would you sport the look? If so, what tints are you using? 

Thank you for reading ^^



  1. Very nice color! It's so pigmented c:

  2. Oh the color of this tint looks really cute sweetie.


  3. Cute! I've been looking around for a lip tint to make a gradient effect, but all the cute products look to be Korean.. which are so hard to buy in the states!

  4. My lips are pigmented too >< Sometimes it's annoys me haha.
    I like to use lip glosses because they are more mosturizing than lip tints/lip sticks^^

  5. Ooh it looks nice! I want it, but it's hard to get Asian cosmetics in the UK >.<

  6. This is such a pretty color! And I really love your nails! I need to pick up a nice pink lip tint since I have about a billion red ones. It stinks that this becomes a bit less opaque after you wear it a couple times because I really like the original color.

  7. The color is really pretty in the first picture, but it's still nice in the last one. (and you're gorgeous as always!)
    I've been wanting to try the Etude tints. I haven't ever tried a lip tint before!!! (*_*)
    Thanks for sharing~

  8. Great review!
    i should try it soon..
    i agree its perfect for summer..

  9. Great post! Love your style!

  10. Dang you're right! That packaging is too cute to not buy. And it sounds like it tastes/smells amazing too~ augh.
    I love lip tints, though I've never gotten the light pink/red ones. For some reason I only really have orange lip tints xD I'm currently using the TonyMoly Catchu Orange Tint. It also smells really nice :D

  11. ooh, you have such gorgeous skin! ^_~

  12. fluro pink is definitely a tad too bright so it's good that the colour fades a bit.
    and omgsh, i love the box packaging! etude house never goes wrong with adorable packing haha

  13. I love how this lip tint looks on you!! The colour and packaging are so cute~~~~


  14. the packaging looks sooo cute! (*A*) the color is quite weird, they slowly change naturally from bright? (o-o)

  15. Thanks ^^
    Yep it is, but the effect is still fairly natural~

  16. I've hardly seen any lip tints here either~ The few I've seen are quite red!
    But luckily there's online shopping ^^

  17. Yes, I know how you feel!
    Lip glosses tend to feel more hydrating, and they make lips look more plump too ^^

  18. It's a good staple item to have ^^
    There's practically zero Asian cosmetics here either, I do all my shopping online ^^

  19. Thank you~!
    I think I'd like to try a nice red tint next ^^
    Hehe, the original colour was nice but a tad too bright for my taste!

  20. The colour was super nice, but a little too OTT for my taste ^_^
    Aww, thank you!
    This is the first tint I've tried in years - the last one was a random red one which was really drying, so I've avoided them till now!

  21. Thank you ^^
    The colour's really fresh and fun - perfect for Summer~

  22. Oh my gosh, I seriously love the smell! I'd buy it just for that, lol~
    I want to try the orange tint next! Orange is also perfect for Summer, and it seems to give off a youthful vibe too :)

  23. Not at all - just bb cream and good lighting, lol ^_^

  24. Yes, it was a teeny bit too much for my taste at first~
    The box packaging was a highlight! I don't want to throw it away >_<

  25. Ooh you should, you should :D
    orange tint tastes *cough* I mean is amazing and definitely perfect for summer!

  26. Louise Elisabeth1 March 2013 at 00:17

    I like this even better then the balm in your last post! Very pretty!


  27. Aw I want this *o* looks so cute on you

  28. visiting here with a smile. take car.e.. have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  29. Thank you, Liz!
    Yes, it is ^^

  30. Yes, I love it ^^
    Yes, the tint doesn't apply as brightly as it did in the beginning - I think because the tint wasn't mixed properly or something?

  31. It's a cute staple item to have!
    Thank you ^_^

  32. we have etude in manila too! ill try to buy that! :)


  34. looks great on you! you can get this product and many other best korean beauty products at ships directly from the US :D

  35. This one has a really nice color and it looks nice on your lips, too :)


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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