Sunday, 20 January 2013

Recent NOTD/s - leopard print, summer colours, & caviar nails

Hi lovelies! How have you been?

Today's post I'm just going to show some recent NOTD pics - I don't generally wear nail polish unless it's for a special occasion, but my nail polish collection had been sitting rather sadly neglected, so I thought I must put some effort into my boring, bare nails ^_^

MUA Nail Constellation - Gemini
Essence Nude Glam - 04 Iced Latte
Bourjois So Laque! 43 Magenta show

First up I had a pretty nude x hot pink colour combo, teamed with a really pretty set of nail constellation beads from Makeup Academy. 

Since I hadn't used nail caviar beads before, the process was quite messy, lol, but now I think I know how to do it properly next time. 

Ulta - spring fling
Ulta - spring blossom

Next up was a cheerful colour combo of yellow x peachy orange! I wasn't sure how I would feel about all yellow nails, so I decided to pair it with an orange polish since the colours reminded me of a fruit salad (it was a hot day, I wanted to eat something nice and refreshing!).

And finally, the nails I am currently sporting is a rather colourful and loud set of leopart print nails! This was my first attempt at leopard spots, and I did make a few mistakes, but from a distance it looks ok ^_^

I started off with a pink x blue colour palette, decided it was lacking something, tried to add white polka dots but it didn't work. So my next logical step was leopard print, lol. 

One lady I met thought the spots were ladybugs though >_< 

Bourjois So Laque! - 43 Magenta show
Loreal  Paris Resist & Shine - 733 ?
Jezy - 22
Jezy - 2
Nail dotting tool

The leopard spots were hot pink paired with dark purple lining. The overall colour palette is kind of spastic and quirky, but I really like it~

What are you wearing on your nails right now? Do you like having classic looks, or having fun with nail art? I'd love to know ^^


  1. I love the orange and yellow ones so much! So spring-ish! :D

  2. wow you are so talented!! love the leopard print ones!! and how long did the caviar nails last?

  3. Cute nails! I really like the leopard prints!

  4. Ooh, really cute nails!
    Ooh, caviar beads! I've lusted after them since I first saw them on Michelle Phan's video! @ 0 @
    Hopefully I can get my hands on them one day! ^^
    ( thank you for your comment on my blog! )

  5. Love the nails! I love the quirkiness of the leopard nails, it's original and cute. I've been neglecting my nails but I'm also trying to get back into painting them on a regular basis!

  6. Your nails are so cute! I still am trying to master the art of leopard nails...

  7. oooh, all the nail art are so creative and gorgeous!! I can never do nail art as I am super bad at those >_<

  8. uwaaaaaahhhh suppperrrr cutttteeee overload!! ♥

  9. I hardly try any nail art as I'm usually impatient waiting for the nail polish to dry after each nails but I really like the designs and colour combinations you've tried! The leopard printed ones makes me want to try it out~ My current nail colour is OPI's pink friday :)

  10. wow I love the leopard!
    It looks so professional (are you sure it's your first time doing this xD?)
    I can't really see the ladybugs but I can kind of see bacon (sorry, I'm kind of hungry ._.)

  11. Haha, not really! Thank you ^^
    Once you put a top coat they'll last days, but there may be a little fall out here and there.

  12. Thank you ^^
    Hehe, the leopard spots were a pain to do!

  13. Thank you ^^
    Hehe, I couldn't at first either - my hands are so uncoordinated!

  14. I found myself bored and with a whole heap of spare time the other night so I gave nail art a go! But I get what you mean about waiting for it to dry - it really does take ages >_<

  15. Thanks Liz ^^

    Oh, I'm going to have to remember to give my nails a break too >_<

  16. I love your nail designs and colors :). I'd love to do nail art, but I can never make clean lines.


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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