Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hi, my name's Tulip...and I'm a shoe-a-holic! brandsExclusive Haul~

Hi all, I'm back with another haul post! 

So I went a little crazy with my online shopping, and before I knew it...I had bought 7 pairs of shoes within the span of one month >_<

Haha, that's why I'm doing separate haul posts instead of my usual one big post, because if I did that, I might faint after seeing everything I accumulated this month! You already saw my Dorothy Perkins post, where I bought 2 pairs of booties, and in today's post you'll see the next three pairs I bought, from Australian shopping site brandsExclusive

brandsExclusive is a members only shopping site which claims to sell items at up to 70% off the normal retail price. They work with over 800 popular local and international brands, ranging from cosmetics, fashion, and lifestyle labels, to give members amazing and exclusive offers.

Once you sign up as a member (you can't browse anything without joining), you'll pretty much get an email every day detailing current 'events' - events are exclusive offers, which generally run for a limited time only. My tip is to check your inbox early, some of the offers are so good, stock sells out incredibly fast. 

Membership is free, but you have to be over 18 years old to be able to join. Sorry to my international readers, but this site only operates within Australia.

I was a member for about 3-4 weeks before I actually saw an event that tempted me - a shoe sale, where there was nothing over $10! I ended up buying 3 pairs of shoes for $7.99 each - crazy right?! 

Click to enlarge~

Here's the process and timeline from when I ordered to when the shoes were shipped. Once you purchase, your order cannot proceed until the event ends - so that could be frustrating if you bought stuff on day 1, from a 6 day long event!

All in all, I purchased on the 6th, it was shipped on the 14th, and I received the package on the 20th - so a 2 week process in total. Postage is a flat rate of $9.90. 

All the shoes came with their own boxes, within a larger cardboard box. 

Everything inside was neatly packaged and in perfect condition. 

The first pair, and my favourite of the lot, are the red open toed wedges <3

I've been on the lookout for something similar to these for ages now, and I knew I had to have these at first glance. 

The second pair I bought are these fun black wedges, with a gold metallic glitter platform. I really like the black and gold combination~

And my obsession with black and gold continues with these chunky pumps. They seem like a good closet staple to have - dressy but understated. 

All the shoes fit perfectly, and all were as described/pictured on the website. Overall I'm really satisfied with my first shopping experience with brandsExclusive. Although I hope for the sake of my over-bursting closet, that there will be no more tempting deals, lol. 

I'll leave you with this funny e-card ^_^

It's true, right? Did anyone else buy a lot of shoes recently, or am I the only shoe-maniac around here? 


  1. Pretty shoes! <3

  2. Hahah, these quotes are funny
    and I really can relate to them :P
    I only go crazy shoe shopping

    when it's on sale!

    You have bought 7 pairs?! They
    look reaaally nice! I understand
    why you kind off went over the
    board :P


  3. Oh I think this website is quite similar with justfab that we have in Germany ;)) you got really nice shoes there! I agree that we will never have enough shoes! and for me ; also bags! ;P

  4. gorgeous shoes! :D
    the quotes are funny and true haha! XD

  5. Less than $10 for those??? Soooo cuuute! *O* Too bad it's only for AU...
    Lately, I've been really going crazy with shoes...it's getting a little out of hand too. :'D~ You are not alone!!!

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  7. Those quotes express my opinions perfectly, lol!
    Yes - even I can't believe myself, 7 pairs is seriously too many, but I couldn't resist ^_^

  8. Haha, these types of sites are addictive! Thank you ^^
    Hehe, this is one of the best things about being a girl - getting to have lots of pretty things we can buy!

  9. Thanks!
    Hehe, the quotes perfectly express my own thoughts ^^

  10. Yes! Though after shipping they were more like $11 - still a bargain!
    Hehe, I'm sure the states have similar websites! Ahaha, it's the 'curse' of being a girl - we just need to have more shoes >_<

  11. Nice pair of shoes. I love the colors because it fits any clothes you wear.

    Please check on my blog:
    beauty care

  12. I bought a few pairs myself recently >-< No one can have "too" many pairs of shoes. Those shoes are such a bargain, how could you say no~~


  13. Answer: Yes I agree! :D
    You should make a new post! ^^

  14. Wow, that's one cheap sale! The shoes are adorable.

  15. Hehe, that's good to know! I don't feel too guilty now ^^

  16. I know! It was hard to limit myself to 3 pairs, lol.


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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