Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Haul Post! Dorothy Perkins

Hey everyone! Today I just want to show you my latest haul :)

I haven't ordered clothes from online before, so this was a first, but now I think I'm addicted! 

Anyway, I purchased 2 dresses, 2 pairs of shoes, and a knit top from UK store Dorothy Perkins. They have a huge sales section online, and they also recently had a free shipping promo, plus an additional 15% off sale items, so how on earth could I resist? 

The shoe boxes arrived a bit worse for wear, but the shoes themselves were perfectly protected! And the clothing came safely wrapped in plastic sleeves too.

I love, love the metallic gold platform! Black and gold makes a really cool combination.

Oh, but I didn't pay attention to the heel height - hehe they are a little higher than expected! But I'm sure I can walk well in them >_< 

These were on sale for £10, but with an additional 15% off, they came down to £8.50 - which equates to about $13!

These booties were also on sale for £8.50, as you can see they are the same style but different material - suede and reptilian, with a white cap toe. 

I had to go up a size as my size was sold out, fortunately the difference is not that much.

This black knit top has gold spike studs all down the sleeves <3 

It's much too warm to wear it now, but I never find any knitwear I like here, so I had to get it. It was reduced to £6.

This is my favourite buy of the lot! I actually don't have anything blue in my closet, so this is the first blue dress I own! Well, I do have a lot of navy and dark blue items, but definitely nothing teal like this ^_^

This was reduced to something like £7.70?

This shirt dress has some really pretty details - the lace neckline, the gold metal points on the collar, and the hi-lo hemline immediately caught my eye. Can't wait to wear it!

And finally, I have another dress - a cute little black dress to add to my closet! Again it has some cute details like the collar with the metal tips, and the unusual lace panelling on the waist. This was £8.50.

Overall I am over the moon with mith Dorothy Perkins purchases! They also delivered everything so promptly - the order was despatched 2 days after ordering and arrived after 7 days, which is incredibly fast~

The site is definitely worth a look - especially when they have their free international shipping promos!

Do you like to buy clothes and shoes online? What are your fave go-to stores? 

Thanks for reading ^^ 


  1. Nice haul! c: Very nice shoes, love
    the edgy gold detail!

    The dark blue dress is my favorite
    piece c:


  2. I love Dorothy Perkins!!! Mostly because they have a wide Range of size which is a plus Note for a curvy Girl like me :))

  3. WHOA! Everything is so cheap and cute!!! *___*!!! I need to go check out this website right now...
    Those heels are so cute! To be honest, I can't walk in anything above 2 inches without problems...but I wish I could!

  4. ooooooo those heels ^^ I actually can't remember buying anything from Dorothy Perkins ever...I should check out their stuff ^^

    Love Emi x


  5. Oh my goshhh. Those clothes are so cute and so inexpensive. Ima have to check out that siteee.

  6. I love the dresses and shoes that you got!! Great that they are such a good bargain too. I used to like shopping on Nastygal.com but the quality of their products are not that great for the price. I like Karmaloop.com for shoe shopping ^-^


  7. Congrats on your first online clothing order! Hehehe. Wow, $13 for those pair of shoes is such a great bargain. Yeah, the boxes look pretty dented but luckily the shoes weren't affected. I really like those gold platforms too. Nice haulin~ I am going to check out their website now ^_^

  8. I love the blue dress! I'm going to try and see if they still have it on their site :P

  9. Thank you ^^
    Yes, I find all the little gold details very interesting and pretty!

  10. I'm so glad I found out about this site! Their clothes are lovely, and indeed they cater to all body types ^^

  11. Yes, the sale section is amazing! Definitely check it out :)
    Hehe, I usually can wear heels well, but these ones are higher than my highest heels -_-
    I need to practice with these, lol

  12. They're really high! Lol, but so pretty at the same time :)

  13. Yes, check it out :) The sale section is huge~!

  14. Thanks Liz ^^
    I might have to check those sites out sometime - but definitely need to give my bank account a rest first, lol.

  15. Thanks! Yes, they were practically a steal - now I just have to practice walking in them, lol!

  16. Here's the link if you haven't check the site yet ^^


  17. love the dresses! <3 I wanna see you wear them :D pretty please?~ :P

  18. lovely haul, I love the shoes!

  19. Thank you! I will try to do some OOTD posts soon ^^

  20. love love love the shoes <3 <3 and the dresses are adorable <3 <3 <3

    what about following each other? :)




  21. wowww... you have such a good eye for good stuff!!
    the clothes and shoes are so prettyyy and not even expensive at all~~!!!


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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