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Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminator Review - Angel Flame, Angel Mist

Hello! Today I am reviewing these lovely Face of Australia liquid illuminators, in Angel Flame, and Angel Mist. 

The Mineral Therapy Illuminators are mineral based, light reflecting colours - perfect for cheating glowy and radiant skin (my favourite look, as many of you know by now!). They also contain Jojoba, Vitamin C and E, and claim to be suitable for even sensitive skin~

There are 4 types available, but I only have two at the moment. Angel Flame, which is a gorgeous, gorgeous peachy shade with gold shimmers, and Angel Mist which is your typical silvery pearlescent illuminator. 

Description, Instructions, and Ingredients

These illuminators come packaged in plastic squeeze tubes. One little complaint is that the hole with which the illuminator is dispensed through is quite large, and due to the very runny texture, I always end up dispensing too much product! 

I would say it's wasteful, but given the huge 50ml size, I guess it's not such a big deal. 50ml is seriously a large size for an illuminator, and these tubes will surely last a long, long time.  

Left: Angel Flame - this much product comes out with just a gentle squeeze >_<
Right: Angel Mist
With flash


This is a seriously pretty colour! It is a peachy colour with a golden shimmer. You can use this as blush or contour, but my favourite use is as eyeshadow. The formula is gentle, so you can use this on the sensitive skin on the eyelid. 

I like using this as a blush too, but if you are a person that likes to have very noticeable colour on the cheeks, then you will either need to build up the colour (due to the thin consistency), or add on a powder blush in the same colour on top of this illuminator. 

And although it has a shimmery sheen, it doesn't look glittery or overdone on the cheeks.


I'm obsessed with pearly illuminators - they're a must have beauty item in my routine. I apply it above my cheekbones, on my nosebridge, cupid's bow, and brow bone to make skin look naturally glowy and dewy. Angel Mist can also be blended with foundation for an all over glowy look (go easy on how much you add though - you want to look radiant, and not sparkly like a certain vampire *cough*). 

With Angel Mist, I have found I need to put more effort into blending, otherwise the 'edges' don't disappear, and sometimes it can look cakey (especially on my nose). This usually happens when I use my thicker textured bb creams though, so that may only be due to me not waiting long enough for the base to 'set' before using this on top.

Wearing Angel Mist on browbone and above the cheekbone
I also mixed Angel Mist into my bb cream here
Also wearing Angel Flame on eyelids and cheeks, but it didn't really show up in the pics :(
Outdoors shot
Angel Mist on the nose bridge is great for defining the shape
Also wearing my fave new lip product - the super cheap Essence lip liner, in 07 Cute Pink <3

You can get the FOA Mineral Therapy Illuminators from Priceline, Kmart and Big W. They are also sold online at Fashion Addict or MakeupoExpress

They retail at $14.95 each - seriously cheap for the size given, as well as the nice quality!

Thanks for reading! And OMG I've just reached 500+ followers! Thank you SO much <3


  1. Jamie Panganiban10 January 2013 at 01:10

    it makes a great highlight! lovely pics :)

  2. You're really making me interested in highliters!
    Congrats on 500+!!!!!

  3. Highlighters are just so perfect on you!~
    I wonder if they sell FOA in the US...These seriously look amazing swatched and on you!
    Congrats on 500!!! That's quite an achievement! :D~

  4. wow your skin looks flawless! and even more glowing with these highlighters on ;)) I am not really a highlighter girl because I have oily cheeks, so I always feel that highlighter makes my cheeks look oilier.. :/ congrats on your +500 followers, well deserved!!

  5. You look so pretty here! These really look like some beautiful highlighters. I'm more of a powder highlighter kinda girl though. The next highlighter I think I want to pick up is the MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle and I also sort of want to purchase the Hard Candy (I think its called a baked bronzer) in Tiki.

  6. I have all 4 of them, absolutely love them! I agree with what you said about Angel Mist, it can take a bit of effort to blend so it looks natural - as I was driving to work today, I noticed I hadn't blended it properly eek!

  7. the angel mist looks really good on you! and you're so pretty! and congrats on 500 followers :D

  8. i am a fan of illuminators too but not with these big tubes..I prefer a smaller one just so I would be able to try all kinds of highlighters ^_~ You look really flawless and your face is so defined and gorgeous with these ^_~

  9. I am a huge lover of highlighters/illuminators too! I also like to apply it on my cheekbones and nose bridge. Angel Mist looks so pretty... Reminds me of my Etude House Golden Ratio highlighter except Angel Mist is more pearl/white and mine is pink based. Does Angel Mist flash back in photos and does it fall out/transfer during the day?

  10. Oh my gosh! It looks really good on you! It just makes your skin really glow. I think I've fallen in love with illuminators. :o Good review!

  11. Yes, these are really nice and affordable highlighters! Thanks ^^

  12. Hehe, they're a makeup must have in my opinion! Thank you ^^

  13. Aww thank you!
    Hmm, I'm not sure, since it's an Aussie brand. Its probably only online atm~

    Thank you, hehe I never thought I'd make it this far ^_^

  14. Thank you! Haha, I wish it were natural, but I guess cheating with bb cream and illuminators will have to do, lol.
    Yes, I can see how that may be a problem :( Maybe powder highlights will work better~
    Aww, thanks Pam!

  15. Thank you! They are really lovely, and so affordable too! I used to prefer powders too, but since I began to get dryer skin, powders tend to look cakey on me now.
    Ooh, those sound great! Hopefully you'll review them if you get them ^^

  16. Eeek! But luckily you spotted it before you got to work ^^
    I really want to get the Angel Blush tube next - it looks super pretty as well!
    Thanks for reading :)

  17. Thank you! It can be a bit hard to blend, but the results are worth it ^^

  18. Hehe, I get what you mean! There's no way I can finish them before they expire T_T
    Thank you!

  19. Aren't highlighter's a miracle product?! I use them nearly everyday :)

    It doesn't fall out or transfer during the day, as far as I've noticed. As for the flash back, I'm not sure as I haven't taken any photos in the evening with flash with this on yet.

  20. Thanks Kai! Hehe, highlighters are the best for a pretend glow ^_^
    Thanks for reading~

  21. Congratulations on 500 followers!! =D

    I think I'll give this a try! I've been on the hunt for a good highlighter and so far I've been nothing but picky! Even the Too Faced Candlelight and Benefit's High Beam didn't make me fall in love with them. I guess I was put off by the price. XD

    For $15, I'm willing to try it out! Thanks for the review!

  22. I love the pretty color!!! it's soo shimmery *-* and you look soooo pretty >-< I envy you~

    and congratulations on your 500 followers dear! <3

  23. Thank you ^^
    Hehe, I'm always on the hunt for a good highlighter! They make such a difference~
    Yep, for $15, it's definitely worth a try!

  24. The colours are indeed lovely! Aww, thank you!

  25. Gotta try this one! And your skin is so flawless! ^ ^


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