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Vassen Diamond 3 Tone Brown Circle Lens Review *sponsored product post*

Hello! I have a new circle lens review to share with you today, which has kindly been sponsored by LoveShoppingholics (formerly known as Shoppingholics). They sell a big range of circle lenses, as well as a lot of pretty makeup and other beauty accessories. 

This review is on the very pretty Vassen Diamond 3 Tone lenses, in brown. The pattern is very striking, resembling the many facets of a diamond, giving a 'sparkle' effect to the eyes. They're quite lovely!

LoveShoppingholics staff are very friendly and nice, and I was also impressed with how quickly they were able to post out the parcel - I received it in only 6 days! I wasn't expecting it for another week, so it was a nice surprise. Here's how the parcel arrived. 

Cutely and securely packaged
Each pair of circle lenses purchased receives a free random animal contacts case!
LoveShoppingholics also included a sweet thank you card, and an eye mask
And the lenses came tightly packaged in a very pretty ring box (which was bubble wrapped for extra protection)
You can see the 3 tones in the name comes from the brown, gray and black 'shard' pattern on the lens 

The overall presentation and packaging of the parcel was very cute and sweet, and really brightened up my day ^^

I love it when companies go to that extra effort to make a good impression~

Now, onto the lenses!

Indoors lighting
Outdoors lighting


Even though these are classified as brown lenses, it actually has three tones overall - an orangey-brown, black, and grey. The three colours appear to be randomly but proportionately distributed on the lens, but when worn, the overall strongest colour to appear is the brown. 

I really love this colour, when the lighting is the brightest - these lenses lighten my dark brown eyes into a more honey brown, which is lovely. In dimmer lightings, these lenses do tend to look darker, and not as vibrant. 

The pattern is really cool - it has a shard-like pattern, very much like the many facets of a gem or diamond, which really do make the eyes 'sparkle'! I think the effect is sooo pretty - but again, it looks best in very good lighting. 



I find the comfort level to be quite good - the water content of these Vassen lenses is 42%, higher than many other lenses which only have 38%

I still need eye drops around the 4 hour mark though, which is common with my other lenses too. 

Wearing my new cat ear headband - love it!


Yes! These lenses I found to be very enlarging - the vial states the lenses to be 14.5mm, which surprised me at first as these lenses are big compared to my other 14.5mm lenses. After a bit of research, it seems the actual diameter is 15mm - contact lens manufacturers all use a different measuring standard, so measurements can vary across brands. 

I like bigger lenses, so I'm very pleased with these. However, those who prefer smaller diameters may find these too enlarging. 

I also like that these lenses are enlarging, but don't need to rely on a black outer ring to help with that enlargement. And the lenses still look dolly too~


These lenses mostly tick all the boxes for me - the enlargement is great (though the measuring standards are confusing), the colour is pretty (though I wish it were a tad lighter on my dark eyes), and the pattern is lovely and striking (sparkly diamond eyes!).

Definitely give them a go if you want sparkly, manga-style eyes ^_^

Wearing these with the Diamond Lash falsies in Dolly (upper), and Feminine (lower)

Thanks once again to LoveShoppingholics for sending me these lovely lenses to review

They were also kind enough to give me a discount code for you to use - enter the code (see it on my sidebar) at checkout to receive a $2 discount ^_^

Not long till Christmas now! Has everyone got their present shopping done yet? I'm starting to panic...I still have many gifts to buy >_< 

*the product/s featured in this review was provided for review purposes - but opinions expressed are honest, and still 100% my own. For further information, please see my disclaimer & disclosure policy


  1. Ooooo! The pattern does really remind me of diamonds. Very pretty ! :D

  2. Wahh~ These look so sparkly! >u<

  3. Your eyes are super prettyy!Seriously the lashes and lenses are so cute on you! Shoppingholics asked me to review lenses for them too!I'm excited to get them. I think I need a pair of lenses in this style. I always see reviews for these diamond style lenses.

  4. Oh wow~ They look like gems! Pretty~

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  5. omg! so pretty and sparkley! you look like a cat!! <3 so cute!

  6. Omgsh these are so pretty and sparkly and all dazzly! haha
    You look great with them ^^

  7. Ooh, that's such a pretty lens!
    Hehe, they're so sparkly and gorgeous!! >w<

  8. They look so striking on you! I have always wanted to try a circle lens, thanks for sharing the $2 discount. I might have to buy some now!

  9. Yep, I like the pattern a lot!

  10. Yep, don't they?! I like them a lot!

  11. Thank youuu~!
    Oooh, I'm looking forward to your review!

  12. Yep, the effect is really cool!
    Thanks for reading ^^

  13. They look great in good lighting ^^
    Thank you!

  14. Yep, I love the pattern!
    Thanks for reading ^^

  15. Thank you !
    They do have an eye-catching design ^_^
    There are so many designs that I'm sure you'll be able to find one you like for sure!

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  17. I love the outcome! look like shining diamonds! :) I blogged about my own fashion habits. Maybe you wanna check it out?

    Have a nice day love!


  18. They look sparkly, just like diamonds. They look really pretty on you. :)

  19. They do look very sparkly and manga-like! And it blends well with your natural colour. I too am freaking out about Christmas, only 6 weeks left. Yikes!


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