Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tony Moly CatChu Wink Lipstick - Peach Vanilla Review

Hi all, how's everyone? 

Today I have a lipstick review ^^ 

I don't know if it's because I'm getting older, or if I'm simply feeling more adventurous, but I have been really interested in lipsticks lately. I've worn lipstick most of this week, and that's more times than I have in my whole life to date! Anyway, one of the lipsticks I have recently purchased is this quirky cute, cat-shaped lipstick. 

For such a little thing it's got a super long name - the Tony Moly CatChu Wink Lipstick,  in Peach Vanilla (or Shade 1).  

Shade 1 - Peach Vanilla

This has 3.5 grams worth of product, and I purchased this off Cosmetic Love.

I hate to sound superficial, but I must confess I only became interested in this due to the packaging! As someone who has a terrible weakness for kawaii-related beauty stuff, well, I just had to get it? 

All of the CatChu lipsticks come in a black plastic tube shaped like a cat - the cap even has kitty ears along with whisker and nose details ^_^

There is a sticker with the name of the shade underneath the bottom of the tube, so the downside if you have a few of these, is that you'll have to open the cap to be able to determine the shade.

Another downside of the packaging is that the wind up mechanism feels extremely cheap, it feels a little bit like a toy. It hasn't broken or given me any trouble, but I just dislike that cheap feeling. The outer exterior is fine though, it's quite sturdy. 

Indoors Lighting
With flash
It has a bit of a glossy finish

Pigmentation-wise, it's not a particularly creamy or pigmented lipstick. At the first swipe it did feel and look more like a lip balm. I need two good layers for the texture to look more like a lipstick, and for the colour to come out. If you have pigmented lips, or prefer a more bolder colour, you'll definitely need at least two layers, otherwise it will look more like a lip balm or lip butter. 

It does feel very moisturising (big plus), but it will also highlight any loose or dry flakes. I need to wear lip balm the night before, and an hour before applying this lipstick. But I think this will happen with most lippies anyway T_T

Also, there's not much fragrance to this lipstick - I approve! If I smell hard enough I can detect a slightly sweet scent, but that's it. 

Since it has a bit of a lip balm texture, the lasting power is not incredibly long - maybe 4 hours, and of course it won't stay on very well after food and drinks. 


  • kawaii packaging
  • affordable
  • pretty colour
  • moisturising feeling
  • doesn't have a strong scent


  • wind up mechanism feels cheap
  • colour needs to be built up, otherwise it just looks like a lip balm
  • won't look good on dry/flaky lips

Overall, it's a cute lipstick! A bit sheerer than I'd expect a lipstick to be, but I don't mind having to build up the colour. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. oh, It's lovely that color~~♥

  2. The color looks really pretty on you! Packaging is cute. :D Too bad it still shows the lip flakes.
    Thanks for sharing~

  3. oh the packaging is so cute! I am a fan of tony moly bb cream but haven't tried another products from tony moly..

    this color looks sheer but pretty though, and I personally love balmy feeling from lip products ;)

  4. the packaging is irresistibly cute!!! I also don't mind if it its a bit sheer cuz' I prefer a less-pigmented lipstick just so its more easier to work on ^_~

  5. i also have this one and I really really love it. the color is just too pretty :D

  6. Ahhh I love the packaginggg! This looks nice on you. I don't really want it if it emphasizes dryness though. You should try out more colors!Lipsticks are great :)I only have one Tony Moly makeup product and thats the...candy apple lip tint I think. I absolutely adore that.

  7. The packaging seriously won me over!!! So so cute!!!!

    <a href="http://www.chippycakes.com>Chippy Cakes</a>

  8. The packaging of the Catchu Wink Lipstick is absolutely cute! but is a down side that is not pigmented u.u Still seems like a good product ^ ^ Thank you for the review! Have a nice day!(^v^)ノ http://nyan-dany.blogspot.mx/

  9. It is a pretty and girlie colour ^^

  10. Thanks! It's quite a girlie colour~
    Yep, it's so sad, especially as my lips tend to be dry a lot anyway T_T

  11. It is really kawaii! Yep, it's a nice girlie pink colour, and I do like the balmy feeling too, since I have dry lips~
    Thanks for reading ^^

  12. It is, isn't it? ^_^
    Hehe, I have pigmented lips so I need something a little more pigmented in lipsticks, lucky this lippie can be layered at least~

  13. Yes, it such a fun and girlie colour ^^

  14. Hehe, it's really kawaii packaging~
    Thank you! Yeah, I have this problem with most lipsticks though T_T But this one tends to feel more moisturising, and works fine when I condition my lips beforehand~
    Yep, I'm feeling braver towards trying more lippies now!

  15. It's so darling - I can definitely relate :)

  16. Yep, the packaging is a highlight ^^
    The pigmentation could be improved, but overall it's good because the colour can be built up~
    Thanks for reading!

  17. Cute shade!
    Hehe, Tony Moly is such a cute brand! Love their packaging!
    Hehe, thank you for the review! ^^

  18. Tony Moly has some really interesting and cute packaging ^^
    Thanks for reading!

  19. I was looking at that online last night too! The packaging is too cute! Not sure though since my lips have been so flakey recently. I think its this winter weather.


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