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November's beauty and fashion goodies

Time for another monthly goodies post, where I get to show you everything I hauled in the month of November. 

Liese Prettia Bubble Hair Dye - Marshmallow Brown, and Milk Tea Brown

I've been wanting to try Japanese branded hair dyes for awhile, I've been trying to go lighter with my hair for a few months now and the western hair brands I've been using just aren't cutting it. I really, really hope this brand will do it for me! 

After looking at the Liese hair charts, I was immediately smitten with Marshmallow Brown. It's the 2nd lightest brown dye in the range. The Milk Tea Brown is supposed to be one of the most popular colours, and is the lightest brown dye in the range - this one is for my sis. 

Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminators in Angel Flame & Angel Mist

I have been hoping for months that these limited edition illuminators would come back on sale this Summer, and I was so thrilled when they did. Being a highlighter freak I just had to get my grubby hands on these.  

Angel Flame is a beautiful, beautiful shimmer blush/illuminator with a pinky peachy goldish colour. It's so lovely! 

Angel Mist is a pearly highlighter, quite lovely, but I must admit I'm a smidge disappointed. I much, much prefer my Lioele highlighter to this one, since this tends to sit on top of my skin instead of melding into it. I don't regret buying it though, it just needs a little more effort with applying for a lovely, glowy fresh skinned look. 

Etude House Precious Minerals Bright Fit BB Cream (02)
Skinfood Banana Yogurt Mask
Holika Holika Essentials Petit BB Cream
BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream samples

An ebay haul consisting of mostly bb creams. The Etude bb cream is my 4th one since my 3rd tube is nearly finished. The Skinfood mask was also a repurchase since my brother really likes this one. The Holika Holika bb cream was super cheap so I couldn't resist adding it to try, but I don't really like it :(

Essence cream eyeshadow - For Fairies
Essence gel eyeliner - black

Cheap and cheerful Essence goodies, For Fairies is a really pretty, shimmery pink cream shadow, and the eyeliner is fantastic, it smudges much less than my Tony Moly eyeliner.  

MISSHA Creamy Latte Chocolate Cleansing Foam
Tony Moly CatChu Wink lipstick - Peach Vanilla
Etude House Drawing Brow refill - black/brown
Etude House Cookie Blushers - Carrot Cheesecake, Grapefruit Jelly
And lotsa samples and a free powder puff...!

A super cute haul from online fave, Cosmetic Love. The cleanser really does smell like Chocolate Latte, and it's specially for dry skin. The TM lipstick packaging actually is in the shape of a cat! And the blushes are gorgeous - it was hard to limit myself to just two colours. I went with a pretty pink blush, and an orange blush, since orange makeup has really been on my mind lately.

Tony Moly Cats Wink Compact - Clear Beige
It has a paw print motif on the powder!

Isn't this kitty compact the cutest thing ever?! I purchased this for my sis since I feel bad if I always buy things for myself only. I love the cat's expression, and the whiskers are so cute <3

It looks a little bit like a MacDonald's happy meal toy, but the quality of the actual powder pact is awesome. It feels almost buttery to touch, and when worn over bb cream my sis's face just looks fresh and healthy. 

Now onto the fashion hauls! I had some great finds last month! And as you can see, it was all about dresses - yup, I've said it before, but I am most certainly a dress-girl at heart. 

Peter Pan collar, bird print dress
Little black dress, with a low cut back and a big bow!
Polka dot dress
Cut-out back

This dress is sooo flattering! And the cut-out back makes it really youthful. But dads won't get it - you know what my dad said last time I wore this? 

"Did they run out of fabric or something?"


Red skater skirt dress
Navy skater skirt dress

Words cannot express how much I love these Ally dresses - and yes they are the same dress in different colours. I found the red one first, it was the last one and since it was heavily reduced I quickly snatched it up. I went to a different Ally a few days later and spied the navy one, and just had to get it too. It's so hard for me to resist anything with a bow! 

And that concludes this monthly haul post. Hopefully I can get around to reviewing some of these cosmetics within the next few weeks (though I'm still working on reviews from previous months hauls!). Let me know if there's something you really want to see a review on - though if you're still waiting on a review from a previous haul post that I've yet to get around to, do feel free to 'remind' me :)

Thanks for reading! What did you spend up on this November? 


  1. Very nice haul!! I love the dresses, they
    are super cute c:


  2. I love the dresses you purchased! They cutout back is utterly cute ^_^ I've used the marshmellow brown dye from liese as well and i liked the way it turned out. Let me know how it works for you! good luck dear~

    Joyce @

  3. i've love cutouts!!! its such an intrend now!!
    by the way i use the LIESE marshmallow brown, unfortunately, the colour didn't come out that much though.maybe is because i have a really jet black hair before that., good luck!
    i followed you too!
    it be nice you follow me back too!

  4. Nice haul!!
    The Tony Moly Cats Wink Compact is too cute! I'd buy it just for the packaging xD
    Loving all the dresses you bought. Especially the first one; I'm a sucker for collars!

  5. I would love to steal the Tony Moly cat compact from your sister. I'm sold just by the cover itself. I love cats btw. I can't see the paw print from the picture but I'm pretty sure I would not bear to use it at all.

    - Jo

  6. Looks like you got lots of great stuff!!! I love every single one of the dresses you bought. I also have the missha face wash and the holika holika bb (I think mine is the same line, but a different variety), but haven't tried either yet.

  7. lovely haul!~~~
    cutest packaging for Tony Moly`s Cats Wink Compact, kyaaaaaa~~
    In my opinion, I think Japanese branded hair dyes works best for asian hair than western brands, hope the colour you want turns out in your hair! ^ ^ can`t wait2see hehe


  8. I've been wanting to try Liese Hair dye!! but it's really expensive here T__T
    and the tony moly face powder is so cute! even though I dont like cats, I have to admit that it's cute >.<

  9. great haul! i love your navy skater dress! it's super cute :D

  10. Omg your hauls always have the cutest things in them >_<
    I love the TonyMoly Cat lipstick and compact.
    The packaging on those things is so cute!
    I can't wait to see the results of your Liese hair dying adventures :D
    both colors look very pretty~

  11. This haul looks great! I just bought an Etude House bb cream too but I got the precious mineral one because the SA said that the precious mineral one is better for oily skin. That Cat Winks compact is so cute!!!! The Lovely Cookie Blusher in Grapefruit Jelly is an adorable color.


  12. Thanks Joyce! I'm gonna use the dye soon - I hope it turns out good ^^

  13. Yeah, they're so cute and fun!
    Aww, too bad the dye didn't work out! My hair's already coloured, so I hope it will work on me!
    Thank you, I'll visit!

  14. Thanks!
    Yes, I actually bought it just for the packaging since my sis likes cats - but I'm glad the quality is good too :)
    Peter Pan collars are the cutest!

  15. Yes, November was a great month for shopping ^^

  16. Thank you!
    Tony Moly has very adroable packaging overall :)
    Yes, I hope that's the case! I'm going to dye it soon, hoping for some good results~

  17. I bought for just over $13 which is a bit pricey for a dye in my opinion! Hope it'll work better for me than western dyes though >_<
    Haha, yeah it's more appealing to cat lovers!

  18. Thanks Olivia~
    I love the shape of this dress, and of course the little bow <3

  19. Haha, I'm addicted to kawaii things ^^
    Tony Moly has extremely cute packaging!
    Thanks - hope the colour sticks to my stubborn hair, lol.

  20. Thanks Liz ^^

    I hope you like the Etude bb cream, I love it quite a lot~
    Actually, I picked the 2 cookie blushers based on your own swatches and review! It was so helpful with narrowing down which ones I should get :)

  21. lovely products!! im so intrigue on the Mineral Therapy Illuminators as I am addicted to anything that glows or highlight ^_~

  22. i want to dye my hair but i'm too scared haha

  23. lovely products! I love the dresses! *_* they're so adorable!! D: I want them!! haha :)

  24. Hi Sweetie~~ Your polka dress is really cute *..* And the Tony Moly Powder looks georgeus I wat try! :D

    XoxoSakuranko Blog

    My Facebook Fan Page

  25. Super nice haul!!!! I want your cosmetic haul.
    I want to have those illuminators. Obsessed with them!

  26. Thanks Janet ^^
    Oh my gosh, me too! I love glowy looks, so illuminators are a must have! I'll review these ones soon~

  27. Yes, it's so scary doing it at home because you never know what could happen, lol.

  28. Thanks Onika ^^
    Haha, I'm obsessed with girlie dresses!

  29. Thanks! I love it a lot ^^
    And I recommend the Tony Moly compact!

  30. Thanks ^^
    Aren't illuminator's amazing for glowy skin?! They are a must have for me!

  31. I love all the dresses you bought, they're so pretty! I shopped a lot this November too and really have to stop >< Hahahaha I said that but I went into F21 last week and bought two new tops again =( Oh well, finals is coming up = staying home to study = no shopping....or just online haha Thanks for suggesting a brow mascara, I'll try one of those first but I have really bushy eyebrows, hope it works ><

  32. omg so much stuff... lolll >.<
    the dresses are sooo pretty btw!
    i stopped using bb creams this year, but i kind of miss them.
    let us know how those turn out.. and also how your hair turns out since ur trying to go lighter!

    - sarah -

  33. Love haul posts! I love the dresses you got especially the first one with the peter pan collar. Haha that's something my boyfriend would say about my cutout back dresses (not enough fabric)

  34. Hehe, it's awesome that November was a good month for both of us shopping-wise ^^
    Aww, good luck with the studying!
    Ooh, good luck with the brwo mascaras - I think they'll work better with thicker brows rather than sparse one as the formula does need something to cling onto - if that makes sense...

  35. Yeah I know! I need to have more self control... :)

    Will do! Thanks!

  36. Thanks! The peter pan collar dress is one of my faves right now ^^
    Lol, so maybe it's not just dads that don't get the cutout back! Interesting~

  37. OMG SO MUCH STUFFS ! Love it !


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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