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Diamond Lash - Feminine Eye Review

Hi there! 

I hope everyone had/is having a lovely Christmas holiday! Today I'm going to give a review on the next set of Diamond Lash falsies I have in my collection - the Feminine Eye lower lashes. I've already reviewed the Dolly Eye, and the Angel Eye falsies previously. 

Diamond Lash falsies are produced by Japanese cosmetics brand Diamond Beauty, and are very well known as the perfect trendy, and budget conscious falsies for creating big, dramatic dolly eyes. 

*btw, I put the lid on wrong in the photo above, so the font is upside down!*

Where to get them: Diamond Lash falsies aren't really widespread online yet, I purchased the Feminine Eye set from Hong Kong ebay seller alphabeautyuk. I paid around $18 AUD plus $5 for postage - but I think they are a little overpriced as they retail fairly cheap in Japan. 

Sasa is one other major seller of Diamond Lash falsies, though I have not seen them selling the Feminine Eye set. For those interested, they do sell some of the other more popular styles, and they generally retail around the much more friendly price of about $14.

Some circle lens stores are also selling Diamond Lash sets. 

Upper falsies Diamond Lash Dolly Eye
Lower falsies Diamond Lash Feminine Eye

Packaging: Diamond Lash sets come in different coloured trays to differentiate between 'series'. The Feminine Eye set is baby pink, and is part of Diamond Lash's 'Pure' series. 

The packaging itself is nothing special - just a plastic tray with a clear plastic lid. 

The lashes: these are specifically for placing on the lower lash line. They have a soft clear band, and there are basically 4 'bunches' of lashes along the lash band. The outer corners have blacker and more dramatic lashes compared to the lashes at the inner corner.

Because the lash band is basically 'invisible' you do have more freedom in where and how you place the lashes - to create more bigger looking eyes I like to place the lashes a bit below my actual lash line. You don't need to perfectly bend the lashes to suit your lash line either - the corners will just pop up if you try to curve the band, and you'll go crazy trying to get them to curve. I just like to let them sit however they want - as long as they look even on both eyes, it's fine. 

If you're really picky about lash placement, you could cut these up into 4 pieces and apply separately. 

Since my real lower lashes are virtually invisible, when I put on these Feminine Eye lashes, it does look quite dramatic. I wouldn't really recommend these if you want a very sweet and natural look, as these are quite long and a bit daring. Of course if you have very long or thick lower lashes already, these will probably fit very well and look more natural instead! 

These can be used by starting from the very outer corner of the eyes, or along the center of the eyes. I have used them along the center in the following photos. To see how they look when worn more 'naturally' along the outer corners, take a look at this post - (this is one of my older posts, from a year ago so I look pretty different!)

And here is how they look placed along the center of the lash line. I have placed them well below my real lash line as I was going for a gyaru inspired look. They look nice in photos, but for actually wearing them out and about I probably would prefer to place them closer to my real lashes ^^ 

One final comment on these lashes, is that the lash band is quite delicate, do take care when removing these, and cleaning these as I find they do rip more easily compared to the other Diamond Lash sets I have. The lash band sort of 'dissolves' when I try to clean them and it's easy to mistake this texture for softened glue, so I have ripped some of these lashes previously by tugging. 

To summarise - 


  • fairly good quality
  • cheap considering you get 5 pairs
  • dramatic and trendy
  • comfortable
  • able to create different looks by placing in different postitions


  • too dramatic to be natural (for those who have teeny, near invisible lashes)
  • easily damaged due to softness of lash band
  • can be tricky to apply (for beginners)
  • generally requires upper falsies to also be worn to balance the effect 
  • have to buy online

Thanks for reading!

*Also today I am using extra large photo images instead of my normal large sized images, it looks ok from my end, but if the formatting looks weird from your end, of if it's really lagging, please let me know!* 


  1. great review! I've been curious to see how good diamond lash is ^_^
    I've never heard about lash bands dissolving though
    but I really like your makeup with the lenses. You look like a manga heroine :D

  2. really love these. i find bottom lashes so useful especially for us asian girls lacking in the bottom lashes department. i would personally probably wear them closer to my actual lashline but i really like the shape of these a lot. i would definitely wear them for a special occasion.

    xx rae

  3. Thanks for the review. Have read tons on Diamond lash and they all seem to say good things about it. It looks good on you

  4. those lashes are so gorgeous! but I bet it will take me an hour to put them on! haha, i suck at putting false lower lashes for some reason, and they look so delicate as well, i'll probably end up breaking them. lol. thanks for the great review hun! :)

    Happy New Year of 2013! I wish you all the best and I hope you'll have the time of your life! XO

  5. Thanks ^^
    I like Diamond Lash a lot - but they are definitely more on the dramatic side!
    Hmm, it's more like the band becomes really soft and easy to tear~ Thank you!

  6. Yes I so agree! My lashes are practically invisible, even with mascara, lol.
    Yep, I think these lashes look better closer to the lash line too - it only looks good further down in 'posing' photos :)

  7. Thanks for reading ^^
    Yep, I think the quality and comfort is pretty good, and there are also a lot of cute styles to choose from~
    Thank you!

  8. Hehe, it took me forever to put them on the very first time! It just takes practice ^^
    Thanks for reading!

    I also wish you a lovely and fantastic New Year Christine :)


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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