Monday, 31 December 2012

December's Spendings - Beauty & Fashion Haul

Ahh December - the month of shopping, spending, and bargains. Here's the next instalment of my monthly beauty and fashion loot~

This month I made my very first ASOS order! They were having a pretty huge sale on shoes, and being the shoeaholic that I am, I could hardly say no. 

The parcel took about 2 weeks to arrive, and it came exactly on the day noted on the receipt - Christmas Eve! It totally made my day - it was like a little gift to myself :)

I bought 2 pairs of shoes (even I am impressed that I managed to 'restrain' myself to only 2 pairs, lol) - a pair of tan heels with this gorgeous lace detail, and these amazing, amazing leopard print creepers that I knew I just had to have the second I saw them! Leopard print things have been my obsession for a few months now, and creepers with their weird flatform/platform heel have really appealed to the quirky side of me.

Cotton On's currently having a good sale on, with lots of $5 steals! I picked up these two tops with lace detail, since I don't often wear white, so there's room in my closet for these <-- Or at least, that's my deluded reasoning, lol.

Also scored these Rubi flats for $5 (yes, Rubi shoes aren't exactly great quality, but I figure if I can get 5-10 wears with them it'll be worth it!). I wore them shopping today, and was surprised as they are relatively comfy~

And these adorable candy stripe shorts were also $5! They are so cute and pink (love pink!), and help fill the desperate lack of bottoms in my closet. I also purchased the same pair, but with mint green stripes, for my little sister. 

Purchased this super cute clutch/shoulder bag from my fave store, Forever New, a few weeks back. It's been my everyday bag ever since! But it's a tad small, so I can only fit in the absolute essentials.

Found this lovely black, pleated, one shouldered maxi dress on the sale rack at Ally. It's really flattering on the body <3

It's been ages since I last bought accessories, and then all of a sudden I bought a lot this month! After seeing these adorable cat ear headbands popping up on blogs and in fashion magazines, I hopped onto ebay to get one for myself ^^ 

I get weird looks sometimes, and other times I get smiles when I wear these out~

A little pop up jewellery stall had set up at my local shops a few weeks before Christmas - and everything was only $3. Over the next 3 weeks every time I walked past the stall, I just had to take a look, and of course nearly every time I left with something new, lol. 

My favourites are the bling bling teddy bear necklace, and the teddy bear ring <3

Each time I've worn this gold bow and pearl necklace I've received compliments! It's such a pretty necklace, and I can't believe it was only $3!

I rarely wear accessories (frankly I always just forget), but since I've purchased so many this month I've been making an effort to wear them :)

Christmas pressies! Well, the past 2-3 years my family/relatives have stopped doing presents, so I was quite surprised and happy to receive a few this year anyway! My sister gave me this adorable Hello Kitty stationary storage thingie (which I shall use to store jewellery or make up), an aunty gave me this cute (and useful!) ring holder, and another aunty gifted me the Lovely perfume by SJP. 

Now onto the beauty portion of my haul post!

A nude and a pink lip liner from Essence, a bright pink lippie, also from Essence. And a milk cleanser from SHE. It has bio lactate ingredients, as well as Rosehip Oil, so it's super gentle and softening on my skin. 

MUA cosmetics has been a brand I've heard a lot about, and been wanting to try for ages. When they had a free shipping promo, plus 35% off everything sale, I pounced ^^

I purchased the Undressed palette, Heaven and Earth palette, lipsticks in shade 14 and 16,  2 powder blushers, and a nail constellation - and it came down to  £9.75 - that's like $15 here!

They sent me the shade 15 lipstick instead of 16 - it's a bright coral orange that I would've never picked for myself, but I ended up loving it! 

I made a second order, when I realised this was a sale not to be missed, and picked up a few more things I had been eyeing but didn't get the first time. I purchased a brown gel eye liner, a black liquid liner, a shimmery blush and the 2 cream blushers that match with the powder blushers from my 1st order. I am in love with the pink cream blusher - I've been wearing it most days since I got it <3

Purchased a few circle lenses too, from LensVillage, as they are having a promotion of buy 2 pairs and select a third pair free. 

And lastly, here's a bb cream I've been wanting to try for ages - the Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly bb cream. I've read so many great reviews that I just had to cave and get it - even though I have a gajillion other bb creams and foundations I need to use up first >_< 

That's it - the final haul post and blog post of mine for 2012! See you in the New Year! 

(Here's to hoping 2013 will be an amazing and wonderful one)


  1. lovely haul!!! and I am glad that you're happy with your MUA order! i've been wanting to try the cream blushes but havent got my hands on it! I'll def put my order the next time they have another sale :)) Happy new year!

  2. I, too am so intrigue with the Holika's aqua petite jelly....can't wait for your reviews on them! loved the shoes you purchased! I have heard that asos did a crazy sale up to 80% off and nearly everyone got crazy!lolz~ Happy New Year!! ^_~

  3. i love these items you bought! ^_^ Especially the black dress, the necklace, and the cute bow purse! I can see it just going together so well~! Very cute items.


  4. What a BIG haul!! So maybe nice things! Love reading hauls during December because of all the bargains and spending hehee~
    I love your white bag and shoes. Especially the creepers! I am dying for a pair!! Hopefully I can find some in the sales ;D

  5. Wow~ Amazing haul! o:
    Especially loving the cat ears headband and your white bag! <3
    I'm scared to look at my account balance after December fml. ;u; BUT it's only one month out of twelve in the year, right? ;D

  6. So many goodies!!! I love the lace heels~ absolutely adorable! I haven't managed to get myself into creepers yet :/ maybe in the future! Love all the accessories, especially the pearl necklace and cat headband!

    Happy New Year~

  7. I'm so jelly of everything >w<
    Buuuuut my fave would have to be those lace booties!

  8. Great haul!! I love it when Cotton On and Rubi have bargains on their already affordable prices! I agree about the quality but I agree that you could probably get 5-10 wears anyway. hehe.

    I haven't tried any MUA products before but their e/s palettes look pretty good!

  9. Nice hauls Dear! <3

    I enjoyed looking at all of them hehe~~

    Me too purchased shoes at Asos but have not received yet >_<~
    Everything looks really adorable and pretty ^^

  10. You have such great style! Loved your haul and looking forward to a review on the MUA products as I am curious about their quality :)
    <3 Brand new follower over here :-D Happy New Year!!

  11. I love those lase booties! I wish you a happy new year~ snow is great to look at but sucks to travel in hahahaha That hello kitty organizer is adorable!!

  12. You got so many great shoes. I love the leopard print ones!


  13. Hayley Bannister2 January 2013 at 16:38

    great haul! i love the contact lenses id like to try them

  14. Hi! I love all your hauls! especially the shoes!! :)

  15. I love all your hauls!! Especially the mua kits and shoes!! :)

  16. wow so much stuff!! <3 I love your shoes! especially the beige one! it's soo cute!! :D
    Happy new year dear! :)

  17. BIG fan of the leopard creeper like shoes. i really need a pair in my life. also loving the cat ear headband!

    xx rae

  18. Happy New year 2013

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) .. ~

  19. Thanks ^^
    Yes, I wish I had tried MUA products sooner - so cheap, and good quality! Hehe, I'm waiting for their next free shipping promo to make another order :)

  20. Yes, I can't wait to try the Holika bb cream!
    Hehe, I love my new shoes - hope ASOS will have more sales soon, lol!

  21. Thank you! Hehe, those are some of my fave buys this month ^^

  22. I know! I'm such a shopaholic >_<
    I love my creepers a lot! I want a few pairs in different designs, lol.

  23. December was a good month for bargains (or at least, that's what I'm telling myself!)
    Yep, yep - so true!

  24. Haha, maybe a few too many - but I tell myself it's ok since its the festive season :)
    Hehe, my need to have creepers just came out of nowhere!

  25. Hehe, I had to have those booties the second I saw them!

  26. Yes, I love browsing the sales racks - they go so cheap sometimes~

    MUA may be cheap, but the quality is really good, from what I've tried so far~

  27. Thank you ^^
    Ooh, hope you receive them soon!

  28. Thanks! I hope I'll have some MUA reviews up soon ^^

  29. I'm so glad I got my hands on these booties!
    Hehe, that never occurred to me - in my mind snow is all pretty and fun ^^

  30. Haha, my shoe addiction strikes again ^^

  31. Thank you ^^
    I can't wait to try the lenses!

  32. Thank you! Hehe, what girl doesn't love shoes :)
    Thanks for reading~

  33. Thanks - December was a good month for shopping ^^

  34. Haha, maybe a little too much! Thank you, hope you had a great New Year too :)

  35. They're a must have!
    Hehe, the headband is a cute novelty item ^^

  36. me too! i was buying rubi flats for dec spending since is super ah,ur shoes is such a hype <3

  37. It's hard to resist such a bargain! Thanks ^^


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