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MISSHA Signature Real Complete BB Cream #21 (light pink beige)

Hi all! Here's my review on the second MISSHA bb cream I own - the Signature Real Complete. 

Before I had purchased this bb cream, I had already tried a few samples of this before, and had been quite impressed. Unfortunately, after I tried this I was surprised and disappointed to see that the sample bb cream differed to the full sized product - mostly colour-wise. But, more on that later.

The shade I purchased is number 21 (light pink beige), and is the second lightest in the range. I believe there are three shades overall. 


The MISSHA Signature Real BB Cream claims to "balance oil and moisture on the skin...softly and lightly adheres to skin, but with perfect coverage, leaving the skin comfortable and clean all day long...natural healing complex of skin calming patent ingredients and 7-free formula, it minimises irritations...containing 50 kinds of botanical complex, it provides abundant moisture and nutrients to the skin to help make it healthy." <--- had to paraphrase a bit - there's a lot of claims on the packaging!

The 7 free formula refers to the bb cream being free from the following

  • chemicals
  • parabens
  • mineral oil (which the Perfect Cover has, which some have claimed to be pore clogging)
  • alcohol
  • GMO
  • triclosan
  • benzophenone

It also claims to last for up to 12 hours.

Ingredients List - Click to enlarge
I'm pretty surprised by how long the list is~


The packaging is lovely! The tube has a hard plastic cover, with a pretty floral pattern. It looks very high class, and looks great on my dressing table. It comes with a pump function, so it's very hygienic. The only thing about the packaging that could be a con is that due to the hard cover, you won't be able to squeeze out the very last bits of bb cream at the end. And also, sometimes the plastic cap gets messy if you don't wipe the pump hole clean after each use. 


Shade 21 is supposed to have a mix of pink undertones and light beige/yellow undertones. While the bb cream doesn't come out ashy like its equivalent in the Perfect Cover BB Cream, I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the shade of the Signature Real Complete, because the shade is significantly lighter and pinker toned then the samples I had previously tried. 

From the full sized tube, I would describe shade 21 as a milky pink colour. While it does brighten and whiten my skin, the pink undertones in this bb cream is a bit too noticeable against my yellow toned skin. When I had the samples, the colour match was a lot better against my skin tone. I've thought about the possible reasons for this, and I think it's due to the packaging of the samples, versus the plastic tube.

A small amount of bb cream in a thin foil packet probably will differ in consistency or colour as it is more easily affected by room temperatures, UV rays exposure, and time it is stored, in comparison to a larger plastic tube. I had hoped that with time, the colour would change with more exposure to oxygen, and I feel it has become a little less pink toned, but still not enough for my liking. 

The Signature Real is not as thick as the Perfect Cover, it blends really easily with fingers, and feels light on the face. It's quicker to apply with my fingers, versus the foundation brush that I need to use with the Perfect Cover, for optimal results.

Left: Signature Real Complete #21 (looks beige, but in thinner layers it's quite pinky toned)
Right: Perfect Cover #21


Scent wise, there's a very non-noticeable, quite pleasant scent. I have to sniff quite hard to pick up a scent, and I can't really describe it, but it's nice - it's a little bit like the scent of baby powder? It shouldn't be a concern for anyone who doesn't like strongly scented products - this one isn't very noticeable at all.

In terms of coverage, I'd place it as light-medium coverage at best. With one layer, this bb cream will help even out skin tone, reduce redness, and probably help hide pigmentation too. What it won't do is hide very red or angry blemishes, or obvious acne scarring - though it will help minimise them, which is better than nothing. 

Adding another layer, or just patting extra bb cream only on the areas that need a little more coverage will help reduce problem areas further. For my skin, which has quite a bit of acne scarring, as well as redness and pigmentation, the coverage this bb cream offers me is not that satisfactory.

The finish is semi-matte, though if I use a very hydrating primer, or a silicone based primer, I find the finish is more semi-dewy. 

Apart from medium coverage, this bb cream also is good for brightening the skin tone - I feel like my skin looks more fresher, as well as more even overall. If only it weren't so pink toned! 

As for the 12 hour wear claim, I think it holds well, but by 12 hours some of the bb cream will have worn off. I also start noticing some shine on my cheeks and forehead at the end of the day, so I think oily skin types would need to powder. 

Notice it did very little to cover the pimple on my cheek! And there's still redness around my nose area too


The small version can be found online for about $12, and the full sized tube retails from about $22. Surprisingly it is several dollars more pricier than the very popular Perfect Cover range! I had thought that this would mean the Signature Real would be a better performer, but truthfully I still like the Perfect Cover a lot more. The coverage is better, the colour is better, and the price is good too~

I think the only advantages the Signature Real has over the Perfect Cover is the ingredients list  (and it's 7 free formula) - it has a high number of natural ingredients, and it seems more suitable for daily wear than the heavier coverage Perfect Cover. This Signature Real is one of my 'just okay' bb creams, and I won't be repurchasing. 

This may be a good bb cream for those without blemished skin - maybe those just looking to even out skin tone, minimise some redness, and those who want to brighten skin tone. My sister uses this in #23, and it looks great on her.

Thanks for reading - and have a great weekend~! 

Also I recently reviewed the MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream, which you can find *here*


  1. I remember I ever tried the sample of this one and I still prefer the perfect cover..
    this one is just a bit too oily for me..the coverage is also not as good as perfect cover.. but anyway, nice review! i love reading bb cream reviews!

  2. Thanks for reviewing, I'm going to start searching for new bb cream soon :) But I'd like something with more coverage as well

  3. Thanks for the thorough review. Based on what you've said, I think I might go for the Perfect Cover, but I'm still stumped with the shades. I think 23 may be too light for me, but sometimes I think it'd be okay. Gah!

  4. It's so strange that the colour differs in the sample and full size product. I have never tried any Missha products before so thank you for the very thorough review! This bb cream probably won't work well on me since I have oily skin too.


  5. Weird about the difference in colors...Maybe one is a lot older than the other? :S
    Yeah, I find it odd the Signature is more expensive than Perfect Cover since Perfect Cover has a lot more ravin' reviews!
    Thanks for the review ~

  6. thanks for reviewing! My first few bb creams were from Missha. I noticed that some of them don't have very good coverage, even after applying many layers!

  7. I agree! The coverage is not as good, though when I used the samples it was much better T_T
    Thanks for reading ^^

  8. Finding the right bb cream is so hard! Lol, why are there so many out there? Thanks for reading ^^

  9. It's really hard to buy bb creams when you can't swatch first :(
    Maybe get some samples off ebay first, but be sure to know that sometimes the shade may be a little different from the full size version due to storage factors and such~

  10. It's the first time I've noticed something like this! I hope it's just a one off, since I've tried some other bb cream samples that I might like to try the full size version of~
    Thanks for reading ^_^

  11. Yes, it was pretty disappointing :(
    Age might be a factor - mascaras change with time, so it's possible bb creams do too!
    Thanks for reading ^^

  12. Thanks for reading ^^
    Yeah, I kind of expected more from Missha since they're such a well known brand >_<
    I quite like the Perfect Cover though! But I don't use it too often~

  13. Love it! really pretty package xx

  14. The packaging makes me want to cry in happiness and go impulse shopping xD
    Great review! It's so hard to find a bb cream with good coverage ._.
    do you normally use concealer with bb cream :D?

  15. Haha, I know the feeling.
    Nope, I rarely do - mostly cos I'm lazy, lol.

  16. I've tried this as well but it didn't do quite well on my skin >_< I found the coverage really sheer especially I have a lot of "imperfection" to conceal T___T Still on a quest on finding the best bb for my skin~

  17. where did you buy the bb cream? it sounds like a good price!

  18. i really want to buy this one since this doesnt contain any harmful substance! i've been observing etude, iam alr using it right now.. skin79? the hotpink bb (the only one that will suit contains paraben etc) skinfood? it does contain (atleast paraben) at those bb creams, due to what it had done to my face long time ago, i decided i will never use any makeup that contains harmful substance.. maybe this factor that made this one becomes more pricey? i think..


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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