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MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream Review - Shade # 21 (light pink beige)

Hi everyone, it's time for another bb cream review -  I have here the MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream, which is probably the most blogged about bb cream ever!



The MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream offers "a novel skincare concept...which lightens skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes with excellent skin-cover ability, and prevents skin ageing through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties."


There are actually two different sizes available. I went for the smaller version (20ml), which comes in a simple red squeeze tube, with a reflective screw on cap. The larger version (50ml) comes in similar packaging, but has a pump opening and a clear cap, instead. 

I like the squeeze tube nozzle, as the small opening allows good control over dispensing the cream, and its super hygienic too. 

Since I have the smaller version, there is no ingredients list on the packaging, and very little English. I do know this has mineral oil in it, so this may factor in your decision about whether to try it or not. I personally do not wear this bb cream more than a day or two in a row, so I can't comment whether daily wear will clog pores or not. 

The manufacturing date (not the expiry date) is stamped on the tube, and the bb cream should generally be used up within 12 months. 


I have Shade #21 (light pink beige), which is the second lightest shade in the Perfect Cover range, of about 5 different shades. As the name suggests it has a good mix of pink and beige undertones - actually at first glance it will look ashy pink, but give it a few minutes and the yellow undertones will soon come out. It is a bit lighter than my own skin tone, but I think the bb cream oxidises well when applied, so I can get away with it.

The end result - this bb cream makes my skin look extremely porcelain. I can get porcelain, doll-like skin with other bb creams, but the problem is that those usually have a pink overtone! 

For me, I found that the best way to apply this was with two very thin layers, applied with my foundation brush. I also use a pore refining primer underneath for the best results. On its own, or applied with fingers, I find this bb cream doesn't look as smooth and accentuates dry patches, as well as looking more obviously too light for my skin. 

Texture-wise, I found this bb cream to be smooth and blend-able, though it's not as thin as other bb creams I've tried. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin, and has more of a matte effect. Because the primer I use has essential oils in it, it does leave my skin with a bit of 'slip', which helps reduce the matte look when the bb cream is layered over it. So depending on whether you have oily skin tone, or what type of primer/moisturiser you use underneath, will determine how matte the bb cream will look. 

Left: MISSHA Signature Real Complete BB Cream #21
Right: MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream #21

This is before proper blending, so the colours haven't adapted to my skin tone yet


MISSHA Perfect Cover seems to rate highly for its coverage capacities. I think the coverage is quite good, but it doesn't give me 'perfect cover' - for minor blemishes, uneven skin tone, slight pigmentation or redness, I'd say the coverage would rate as medium to full. Those with reasonably good or clear skin would probably get a full, perfect coverage application.

For covering things such as bad acne scarring, rashes or red and irritated skin, I'd say the coverage would rate at medium at best. A concealer would be recommended, if you're inclined to want flawless coverage.

Wearing two thin layers - redness and minor blemishes are concealed, but bad acne scarring remains visible
It's still a good improvement! 

Scent-wise, this bb cream does have a flowery soapy type of fragrance. I don't even notice it, but those sensitive to scents may beg to differ. 

Myself, I only discovered this fragrance when I did a quick sniff to write this review :)

Also, this bb cream has an SPF42 PA+++ rating. Good for sun protection, bad for flash photos ^_^


Surprisingly cheap! Well, for my small 20 ml tube, I purchased online for about $8? The bigger 50ml version tends to start around $15. On the official website, and in-store the 50ml bb cream tends to retail a lot higher, around the $30 mark. 

As always, if buying online do be wary of fake bb creams. I haven't come across any personally, but I hear they're out there. This tumblr post may prove useful, with a comparison between real and fake Missha bb creams.

Overall, I like this bb cream a lot! Though to be honest,  I tend to only reserve it for use for when I want more polished looking skin, so it's not my daily, go-to bb cream.

Thanks for reading! 

Also, I will be reviewing the MISSHA Signature Real BB Cream next, so it'll be interesting to see how it stacks up next to the Perfect Cover~

Have you tried this super well-known bb cream yet? What do you think? 


  1. i ordered it online some days ago..sigh.. now im sure that n21 will be too dark for me T.T whyyyyy i bought n21 :(

  2. this is my holy grail bb cream! :D

    the coverage, the dewy but not oily looking finish and the high SPF are what I love from this bb cream!

  3. I've tried this bbcream a while ago and I didn't like it =( I was so disappointed because I read so many great reviews on it and really wanted to love it, boo. I think for me it was just too grey for my skin and also made me more oily, but I know it does wonders for other people =) I'm glad it worked out for you and your have lovely skin btw!

  4. i love this bb cream too! i guess it's better than lioele's beyond the solution. i got reviews on it on my blog!^^

  5. I looove Perfect Cover so so much, but I agree, I can't get this BB cream to look good if I don't have a primer underneath or if I don't use a brush. Otherwise, it just looks flakey and too thick on me!

    Excited to hear about the Signature. I've never tried it!

  6. you look super duper flawless!! I've tried this but I broke out on this one T__T

  7. I have let go of BB creams but am interested with this one. Hmm will look into it!

    The Misty Mom

  8. Oh no! But the bb cream will adapt somewhat to your skin, so I hope you can still use it! The swatch here looks dark, but when I put it on it is quite pale~

  9. I just had to try it after all the rave reviews ^^
    I think overall, it did live up to my expectations!

  10. Aww, bb creams can be so hit and miss! Too bad it didn't work for you :(
    Hehe, my skin's not great truthfully!

  11. Ooh, Lioele's bb cream is the next bb cream I want to try!

  12. I'm glad I finally gave this bb cream a go! Everyone raves about it.
    Ugh, I just hate it when base makeup flakes!


  13. Aww, thanks Janet~
    That's too bad! I was worried too, but luckily it seems ok for me - though I make sure not to wear this one too often.

  14. BB creams can be so hit and miss! It takes a while to find the right one...
    Thanks for visiting!

  15. =/ do you have skin79 pink bb cream? if yes, then can you tell me - is this one lighter than skin79 pink bb or darker, please? :3

  16. I used the skin79 pink one before - in my experience the missha 21 is paler than skin79, but the skin79 made my face very gray!

  17. What pore refining primer did you use with it? I have been looking for a good one! I have been wanting to try perfect cover too, my roommate loves it, but she and I are really different shades!

  18. The one I used is the She Pure Magic Primer. Its an Aussie brand, but you could get it online~

  19. I like this bb cream because it covers red spots well and is closer to a foundation but doesn't feel heavy. The newer version now comes with a pump which is much more clean - great improvement!


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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