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LIOELE Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream Review - Natural Green *sponsored product post*

Hey lovelies, I've got a very cool bb cream I'd like to review for you today. It's actually my number one most used bb cream at the moment - quite shocking, since I'm a hardcore Etude House bb cream fan! 

The bb cream I'm currently loving very much is the Lioele Dollish Veil Vita blemish balm, which has kindly been sent to me for review purposes from my favourite, favourite online store Cosmetic Love. I've been a regular customer of them for about a year now, and I highly recommend them as they stock all sorts of popular Korean cosmetics brands, have great prices, and are generous with their free samples ^_^

So, what really captured my attention with this Dollish Vita bb cream is that it is green in colour! But don't worry, it doesn't stay that way for long - it adapts to your own skin tone within mere minutes. It's fantastic news for those who have difficulty finding a good bb cream based only on online swatches. 


A bb cream that functions as both a makeup base and a bb cream, it corrects skin tone and gives moist and matte coverage, and it contains 6 vitamins to protect skin. 

The Dollish Veil Vita is available in two colour ranges - natural green, and gorgeous purple. Why the weird colours? Well, green primers claim to counteract redness of the skin, while I believe purple (pale lavender if you look at online swatches) works to brighten yellow or sallow skin tones. 


I really like Lioele's packaging - they're very girlie, but tend to have a more grown up, and trendy twist compared to other girlier brands such as Etude House. This bb cream is no exception - it's very sleek in design, with shiny, reflective pink and black packaging. 

The bb cream is encased in a hard plastic bottle and is dispensed through a pump function that doesn't dispense too much at once, and is hygienic. The con to this is that since the tube is not squeezable, there may be some product wastage when it's nearly used up. 

There is both Korean and English written on the packaging which is great also. I like being able to understand the descriptions and instructions, so I can know what to expect when I start using it.

Description & Ingredients List - Click to enlarge
Note that this contains hyrdogenated vegetable oil -  which problem prone skin may want to avoid


The shade of this bb cream is really what captured my interest. I've seen and used green primers before, but this is the first green bb cream I've seen, and to have the added bonus of it changing to adapt to skin tone is just really cool. It eliminates the need for two separate products in the beauty regime, and it cuts down precious time too, which is always a plus.

The bb cream is a very pale milky green - very much like avocado milkshake?

Texture-wise, this bb cream is interesting. The cream is very light and a bit thin, and when I apply it on my skin there is a certain 'slip' to it that really reminds me of a primer that I have that has a lot of essential oils in it. I had a look at the ingredients and yep, there is a type of oil ingredient in this - hydrogenated vegetable oil. Good for dryer skin types, but maybe not so good for problem prone skin. I like it because it feels like this vegetable oil helps blur out my larger pores. 

Directly out of the tube - it's light green in colour
Click to enlarge~
Blending a bit - looks scarily pasty
Mostly blended - voila! No more green~!


Okay, as much as I love this bb cream, there is one thing which I need to mark down on - the scent. When I first opened it, the scent was quite strong - I'm not much a fan of floral scents and this bb cream does have one - quite noticeable in fact! It's supposed to be Jasmine and Acacia - whatever it is, I don't like it too much, so those who don't like scented products may have to skip this. 

The good thing is that the scent is less stronger now, since I've been using it regularly. I can only smell it during application, but after that the scent is no longer noticeable to me. 

Outdoors lighting
Acne scarring is still sort of visible

Coverage for me is medium - if you already have good skin or minimal imperfections the coverage may be more towards medium to full. It provides good coverage for the redness on my cheeks, and some other pigmentation/sun spots, but doesn't fully cover really visible acne scars. I like to pat on some extra bb cream on those areas, but I'd still need a concealer if I wanted perfect coverage (which I don't really bother with anyway). 

Indoors - very bright lighting
Indoors natural lighting

The Dollish Vita will apply on the skin a pasty green tinge at first, and then it may start to look pasty white. Just keep gently blending and smoothing the bb cream on and the colour will start to change and adapt to your skintone within mere minutes. By the time you finish with the rest of your makeup - the result will be a much better match.On me, I think this bb cream looks very natural, and neither heavy nor obvious. The bb cream has a matte finish - but not super matte, which I'm glad for since I actually like dewy looks. 

The only thing I'm unsure of is whether this will work for very tanned, or darker skin tones. This bb cream claims to be able to adapt itself, but I'm uncertain if that extends to darker skin. 


I'm so impressed with Lioele right now - I have their liquid highlighter, and I absolutely love that as well! This is one of the better bb creams I have tried - namely due to the technology that allows this bb cream to change from pasty green to my own natural skin colour. I like that it has double function of colour correcting primer and bb cream too.

The only little things I didn't like so much are the scent, and that it doesn't have brightening ingredients (like pearl extracts), since I personally do like a bit of glow -  but hey, that's what illuminators are for ^_^

I would recommend this to those who don't have problem skin, but who do have some redness or pigmentation to conceal, those who would like a fuss-free bb cream, and those with light or medium skin tones worried about which bb cream to try because they're worried about buying the wrong shade.

Thanks again to Cosmetic Love for the opportunity to review this product ^_^

You can get the Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream here, for $18.68 

Thanks for reading!

*the product/s featured in this review was provided for review purposes - but opinions expressed are honest, and still 100% my own. For further information, please see my disclaimer & disclosure policy


  1. This is so convincing! I'm looking for green base correctors to help with my reddish cheeks. :o This looks like the answer! I'm pretty impressed by how dramatic the shade changed to match you so well.
    Thanks for sharing~

  2. wow it looks really nice!! your skin looks radiant and glowing, but doesn't look oily..
    I already have too many bb creams and foundations at home,T__T
    if I didnt, I would def buy this one! :):)

  3. great review!! this looks super duper nice~ thanks for sharing =)

  4. great review!!! looks great on your skin!=)

  5. OMG your skin is flawless.. your recommendation and review really help. i think i am going to buy this. I am your new follower btw.. please follow me back yah? i hope we can be friends, Mine is

  6. I've been looking out for this bb cream for a while now! *-* it looks so natural!! great review dear!! <3

  7. I've been wanting to try a green base for awhile, for the same reason :)
    It's a real time saver too!

  8. It's a good bb cream! Haha, I'm the same, I love trying new bb creams, and now I have too many to finish ^_^

  9. Glad you liked it! It's definitely one of the better bb creams I've tried!

  10. Thanks for reading! I was surprised by how much I liked this~

  11. Haha, it's due to the bb cream. Thanks for reading! I'm sure you'll like this too ^^
    Yes, I will visit!

  12. Yeah, I was scared of the green colour at first, but it adapts really well and quickly too! Thanks for reading!

  13. omg your skin..i love it

    xoxo Wengie

  14. You're sweet! Thank you ^^
    I joined your site, btw - such a cute blog!

  15. Love the package. :>

  16. Thanks! It's a really nice bb cream ^^

  17. Me too - it's so girlie, but kind of glam too~

  18. This one seems really interesting. Im not sure if I want to try to green or purple one. I hope I'm not too tanned for this one!

  19. Thanks for the review of the product. I actually bought this product and try it for the first time today, it was good, but I just wonder why my nose appear red during the day? I have black pore on my nose indeed but it look like is peel off the skin and look red, is this any good?? It doesn't hurt or something but my nose look awkward. Do u know anything about this?

  20. Hmm, that is a bit unusual. If it doesn't hurt, maybe try it again with a pore minimising primer underneath? But if it gets worse it's best to stop using the product. Sorry I can't help much more, I don't think this has happened to me before >.<


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