Thursday, 8 November 2012

Face of Australia Lip Quench Review - Lychee Crush & Iced Almond

L: Iced Almond. R: Lychee Crush

Hi gorgeous girls, today's review is on two lipsticks from Aussie brand, Face of Australia. It's quite rare of me to do lippie reviews, ain't it? I usually just like bare lips with a coat of Vaseline, or more recently, lips coated with one of my Maybelline Baby Lip tubes. But since I've had these FOA lippies for quite some months now, I decided to get off my butt and do the review. 

These lipsticks created a bit of a buzz when they were first released, for their very affordable price, the gorgeous range of colours, and the moisturising properties. Each tube contains jojoba oil, vitamin e, shea butter, and SPF 30+ to keep lips lush and lovely. 

I like a subtle colour, and wanted lippies that were lighter than my more pinkish lips, so I went for Iced Almond, and Lychee Crush (which has garnered many positive reviews on the blogosphere).

L: Lychee Crush. R: Iced Almond
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FOA describes Lychee Crush as "a peachy beige", and Iced Almond as "light beige, with a touch of apricot" - I chose them both as I was after more nude-ish colours, and I liked the look of these two. 

Packaging-wise, I do like very much. The simple black tubes look sleek and cool and appear matte in texture, so there's little problem with smudgy finger prints on the tube. The top of the lid has a clear circle, allowing you to see the colour of the lipstick with a quick glance, which is great for quickly finding the one you want as you go about doing your makeup each morning. 

As for the texture of these lip quench lippies - they feel creamy, and practically just glide onto the lips, which is really important for me as I do have dry, and chapped lips. They feel a little bit like lip balm on the lips, and not drying like some other lipsticks. 

They still tend to emphasise flaking lips, but I'd expect this to happen with any lipstick. I coat on Vaseline beforehand, and these lippies go on smoothly after that. 

Piccies below - in the first is how my lips look bare - quite pink! I'm naturally drawn to nude and soft colours that will make my lips a little lighter, as I prefer my eyes to be the focal point of my face, with less emphasis on my mouth. 

The second pic is with a light coat of Iced Almond on - it definitely has a pretty, slightly apricot-tinged, nude colour. I really like it! It gives a 'grown-up' vibe, and is perfect for understated, or more simple make-up, which still looks polished. 

I should mention that the Iced Almond may not suit those with darker/tanned skin tones, as it is quite pale, with a apricot-ish nude colour, and may end up looking like foundation/concealer on the lips. 

And the final pics are of the Lychee Crush. It is a very pretty, and flattering soft pink colour. I really like this too - not that I expected not to, after seeing all the positive reviews online :) 

Lychee Crush seems to be a colour that will suit most people - it's very feminine, very appropriate for any occasion, and again I like how understated, yet polished it looks on me. 

I only applied these lipsticks lightly on my lips, so the natural pinkness of my lips do affect the overall colour, making them slightly pinker in tone. However despite the sheerness of the first coat of lipstick, these lip quenches certainly can be built up to a more solid colour. It's just my personal preference to use them more like a creamy balm rather than a pigmented lippie~

Overall, these lip quench lippies are quite cute, with a nice range of pretty, playful, and elegant colours to suit all skin types and personalities. They're affordable, normally retailing under $12 - even less when on sale (which is quite often!), and I like that even with my dry lips, I can still wear this lippies since they're rich in jojoba oil and shea butter. 

Face of Australia products are stocked at Priceline, Kmart, and Big W. 

Thanks for reading! 

What lip colours have you got in your beauty arsenal at the moment? 


  1. The 'Iced Almond' one is

    my favorite I think c: I love
    nudey lips haha!
    The two colors are really

    sweet and soft!

    Currently using The Body
    Shop Mango lip butter.


  2. you look good wearing nude lipsticks! Lychee crush looks best on you!
    I have never tried 'Face of Australia' product before, is it australia's local brand?

  3. wow those two are super gorgeous color and you look lovely on both colors! ^_~

  4. 리나하늘 김9 November 2012 at 12:37

    I love the two colors! Very pretty & suitable for any occasion. I've been looking for lip colors like these.

  5. I have the Lychee Crush one, unfortunately I think it accentuates the dry patches of my lips :/
    And do you think it smells kinda bad? >.<

  6. How funny that you just reviewed them as I reviewed them yesterday as part of my Thrifty Thursday series. Great minds think alike :-)

  7. Yep, I really prefer nudey lips too ^^
    Oooh, the lip butter sounds really nice!

  8. Aww, thanks Pam! It's a cute and girlie colour, so I do like it ^^
    Yep, it's an Aussie brand - I've only just recently taken an interest in it~

  9. Thanks, Amy ^^
    Hehe, good luck with your nude lippie search!

  10. Thanks, Janet ^^ They are lovely colours, I'm glad I picked these two to try~

  11. They're really sweet colours - you're right, they are great for any occasion! Thanks for reading ^^

  12. I have dry lips so all lippies do this to me, but I like how more moisturising this lippy is ^^
    I did notice a strong scent the first time I used these - sort of cosmetic-y/sunscreen-y? But they don't smell like that anymore for me.

  13. Haha, that's awesome! Great minds indeed :)

  14. These are such pretty colors! Perfect for everyday. And so unique! I haven't seen many lips with "lychee" in them!

  15. Aren't they?! I like them a lot ^^


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