Monday, 12 November 2012

CIRCLE LENS REVIEW: GEO Tri Colour Violet (14mm)

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Hey everyone! As you can see, today's post is a circle lens review. These are violet coloured lenses from the GEO Tri Colour range. Although prettily patterned, these lenses languished unopened in my drawer for quite a while, since I discovered I much prefer to wear lenses with a diameter of 14.5mm or more. 

Nevertheless, I opened them up recently when I was feeling bored :)

Bright natural sunlight
Indoors with some sunlight


What initially attracted these lenses to me was the very pretty light violet shade. I wanted a lens that would give a visible eye colour change, that was also a lighter shade. These lenses are also gorgeously patterned - it's intricately designed, so that it can almost look like natural eyes. 

The yellowy patterned inner ring around the pupil hole helps create this illusion of a natural and life-like eye pattern, and unlike most circle lenses these do not have a dark or thick ring around the outer edge. This means the Tri Colour lenses do not really give 'dolly' eyes, but rather give more natural (though unusually coloured) eyes instead.

These are quite suitable for day to day wear as these are not too 'out there', and in darker or dimmer lightings the colour probably wouldn't be noticed anyway. 

Overall, though I find the colour and pattern extremely pretty I've realised that purple lenses are not really my thing. It's just a personal preference though - I really like brown and grey lenses the best. 


Of all the GEO branded lenses I've tried, I've yet to have any complaints about the comfort factor. Due to the normal 14mm diameter, I find these almost as comfortable as my regular clear contacts. I can wear these up to 6 hours perfectly well. Those with dry eyes, I always recommend to keep eye drops handy to apply every few hours or so. 


As someone who much prefers bigger diameters, I'm not overly satisfied with the enlargement. There is some enlargement, since the colour of these lenses extend to the very edge of the contact, which is a little big bigger than my natural iris size - but overall I would've liked a bigger difference. But since it is a 14mm lens, without a thick outer ring for extra enlargement, I shouldn't be expecting much in this department. 

To finish, I think the Tri Colour lenses are really prettily patterned. There are a few different colours to try if purple's not your thing - I think they look really natural, and will offer a definite eye colour change that isn't too obvious at first glance. They're not for you if you want something dolly, though. But it's good to 'take it easy' sometimes, and just wear something that's pretty, but low maintenance :)

That's it. Thanks for reading! 


  1. Looks pretty! I thought they would be unnatural, but they dont look weird at all!


  2. looks really natural and pretty on you! :)

  3. the color totally suits you! :o I love it! & the glitter on your lids. <3

  4. One of my first lenses. It's so natural that it might feel a bit too boring for some. I personally loved the purple one and so did my sister ^-^

    - Sally

  5. This color is so soft and natural! :o Looks great on your skin tone too!
    I have to agree, I love big big lenses. Too bad they're difficult to wear everyday. Hehe.~
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. They look really pretty and natural for a pair of violet lenses! It's your pretty glitter eyeshadow that really caught my eyes! =D Did you use eyeshadow or glitter eyeliner? They're mesmerising! XD

    ♡ M.May

  7. Yeah! That's what I thought too, but the colour isn't unnatural at all ^^

  8. Thanks! I think they kinda don't make me look Asian anymore, which is weird, lol.
    Haha, it was a gloomy day so I wanted to bling it up :P

  9. They're pretty for natural lenses ^^ The unusual colour makes up for it~

  10. Thanks Amy ^^

    Haha, I kinda think they make me look not Asian anymore!

  11. Thanks M.May! Haha, it was a gloomy day, so I wanted to sparkle to brighten it up :)
    It's a liquid glitter liner that I got from Target.

  12. These lenses look so natural even though the colour and pattern looks quite striking. I prefer lenses with a slightly larger diameter too!!!


  13. Ooooh I used to own a pair of these and really liked the colour. I actually prefer the smaller diameters hehe.
    Looks lovely on you. I like your glitter eyeliner btw.

  14. That they do :)

    Yeah, I think larger diameters look better on me, even if they look more unnatural!

  15. Smaller diameters are probably better for a day to day look since less makeup is required ^^
    Thank you!

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Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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