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Barbie Puffy 3 Tone (Brown) Circle Lens & Hello Kitty BB Cream Review *sponsored products post*

Hello my lovely readers, today I have two reviews for you~

UNIQSO has kindly sent me a pair of circle lenses and a new bb cream to try, so I'm super-duper excited to share with you my thoughts. 

The circle lenses I received are the intriguing Barbie Puffy 3 Tone lenses in brown, and the bb cream is a Hello Kitty one. Yes, Hello Kitty has her own range of bb creams! 

This is the first time I've received items from UNIQSO, but I can say that their staff are very  sweet and friendly, and they often respond very quickly to any email enquiries. When you purchase circle lenses, you'll also receive a lens case free. 

The vials come wrapped in bubble wrap and snugly fitted into these adorable teddy bear boxes. 

Bright sunlight
Indoors lighting


The colour of these lenses are so unusual, and quite amazing. I'm also really satisfied with the dramatic eye colour change. They are brown lenses, but on my darker eyes, the result is more yellow gold. 

The second I put them on, the first word that popped to mind was 'feline'. These lenses really remind me of cat eyes. They give that very mysterious and alluring feel that feline eyes exude.

Pattern-wise, the lenses are prettily designed (not too pixelated or cartoonish) - the outer ring is not a thick black line like many other lenses, but is instead a more subtle, thinner brown ring. The main lens colour is golden in colour, though sometimes it appears green to me! And the inner ring around the pupil hole is orange, which seems like an odd choice, but which works so, so well with this yellowy-greeny colour. 


These are the first Dueba lenses I have tried, but I think in comparison to GEO lenses, the comfort level is about equal. But what really stands out for me is that it is so much easier to tell between the right and wrong side up. Sometimes it's difficult with the GEO lenses to see if it's turned inside out as the curved edge can be very subtle, but I didn't have any problems with the Puffy 3 tones. 


Huge! They don't have a thick black ring, so the enlargement isn't too noticeable at first glance, but once you've got them on you can see a definite enlargement. I was a bit scared to try them at first, because I'm only used to 15mm at most, but they weren't more difficult to put in at all.


I usually prefer more sweet and dolly looking circle lenses, but I'm glad I got to try these Puffy 3 Tones, because I feel really exotic and mysterious when I wear these. I pair them with a kitten flick eye liner look, and I just love the result. It's very grown up, and kind of sexy.

I'd recommend these lenses if you want big, exotic, and alluring eyes - something more mature and sexy, rather than dolly. 

Now let's move onto the other next review - the Hello Kitty Moisture BB Cream! I was looking forward to trying this because I do love trying new bb creams, and also because I have a soft spot for all things Hello Kitty ^^

Isn't this so cute?!


The Hello Kitty Moisture BB Cream claims to conceal blemishes naturally and effectively, mildly soothe damaged skin, and effectively control oil, as well as maintain skin cleanliness.


Hello Kitty fans will adore this super kawaii packaging! The bb cream comes in a 50ml squeeze tube with Hello Kitty's face on it. I also appreciate that the squeeze hole is very small, so there's greater control in deciding how much product to dispense, as well as being very clean and hygienic. 

The only downside is that everything is written in Japanese, and there is also no ingredients list.  I think there is SPF in this, but I can't find note of it anywhere on the packaging. 
This bb cream is made in Japan - Hello Kitty's home ^^


There are 3 shades available in this range - white, beige, and green. I can't tell you much about white or green, though I do know green would make a good base for counteracting redness of the skin. 

Beige (Shade 02) is a very light colour, but at least it doesn't have any ashy undertones. It's pale on me, so I would only recommend this bb cream to very fair skin tones. This bb cream will somewhat adapt to your skintone, but I found after it oxidises it is still too light for me.

The texture is very thick, thicker than most bb creams I've tried before. It applies smoothly due to its thicker texture, but doesn't feel thick and heavy on the skin. Once it warms up, the bb cream actually thins out a bit. 


The Hello Kitty BB Cream has a faint floral-perfume scent, which I can hardly smell when I apply it. 

Coverage wise, I expected the coverage would be high since the texture is quite thick. But as the cream dissolves upon warming up against the skin, the coverage turns out to be light to medium, depending how much you use, and how many layers you apply. I tend to only apply a very thin layer, so my obvious acne scars do show through, though my lighter blemishes tend to be satisfactorily hidden. 

I think it does generally soothe the skin as claimed - the bb cream feels moist and soft on my dryer skin, so there is a soothing element to it. I can't comment on the oil control factor as I have dry skin - this bb cream gave my skin a semi-dewy look and feel though. 

Also, due to this moist coverage, I found cream blusher and liquid illuminators melded quite nicely with this bb cream. 


This is a bb cream I would suggest would better suit dryer skin types (looking for moist and soothing coverage), and fair skin types best.  And of course, Hello Kitty lovers might want to add this to their collection, as well~

Thanks again to UNIQSO for the opportunity to review these products! 

You can visit UNIQSO for all your big eyes circle lenses needs :)

For a 10% discount on any purchase, you can use the banner below, and key in TULIP during checkout~

Thanks for reading!

*the product/s featured in this review was provided for review purposes - but opinions expressed are honest, and still 100% my own. For further information, please see my disclaimer & disclosure policy


  1. I love how you did your hair and the circle lenses looks great on you! After you take off you lenses do you put them in special lenses water?

  2. wow the lenses look beautiful on you *-* great review on both products! you look pretty as always <3 :3

  3. Oh my gosh, those lenses look so beautiful! *A* The color really pops! >u<
    Definitely looking into the HK bb cream as well, because I have a *slight* obsession. ;D Thank you for the reviews~

  4. you look really cute on those lenses ^_~

  5. I like these on you a lot!!! It goes really well with your hair color :)

  6. These look absolutely beautiful. I've been wanting to try some contacts for awhile, but all I've ever had were normal prescription lenses. Any tips on how to choose a simple starter enlargement lens? Storage, usage, etc?

    Thanks for sharing btw :)


  7. you have such beautiful eyes! and i'm always looking for colored lenses :)

  8. Those lenses look terrific against your hair color too! The color is so unique...Almost brown, but not quite.
    Didn't know that Hello Kitty had her own bb creams haha! So cute. <3 It sounds really awesome too. :D
    Thanks for sharing~

  9. Thanks so much! Yes I just use the same contacts solution as I do with my regular clear contacts. And I also give the lenses a quick rub and wash with the solution before I store them away.

  10. Aww, thank you! Thanks for reading ^^

  11. Yes, these lenses are so visually striking! Haha it's a must have for HK fans~
    Thank you for reading ^^

  12. They're not the dolly type I usually go for, but I really like these ^^
    Thank you!

  13. They are so striking aren't they?! I think start with a 14 or 14.5mm diameter first. I'd recommend GEO as they are comfortable, have a great selection, and come with an anti-fake code.

    Most stores will provide the lens case along with the lenses - definitely rinse that out with contacts solution before storing the lenses. Once you get the lenses from the vial, lightly rinse them with more contacts solution in the palm of your hand, and then let them soak in the lens case for a good 12-24 hours before you try wearing them.

    Hygiene is really important! Don't overwear the lenses, clean them before storing them away, replace the lens solution every few days if not wearing them for awhile, and throw them out after about 3 months. Hope this helps!

  14. Thanks Amy! Yes, it's such an unusual colour - love it! Haha, why am I surprised? Hello Kitty does EVERYTHING! Thanks for reading ^^

  15. Puffy 3 Tones - I love them >o<
    They look good on you :D

  16. I noticed that you look a bit like (Hong Kong actress) Sharon Chan in these pictures hehe.

  17. This is so nice :) I would like to try this lenses someday but I would like to have another color cause I alradey have a brown eyes.


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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