Thursday, 4 October 2012

September happenings - A random filler post *image heavy*

Just a change of pace today - its been review after review lately! 

Basically a mish-mash of photos taken during September~

Yum Cha with my parents, grandma, and uncle at a new opened restaurant
Getting to try a lot of Asian - Vietnamese - desserts!
Layered 'jelly' - quite yummy :) 
Flipped out of the container
I think the layer on the top was the nicest tasting ^^
Glutinous rice balls rolled in cocunut, with mung bean filling
This was also really good!
Deep fried 'bread' with toffee coating and mung bean filling
Pastries *drool*
I tried the apple turnover and the custard horn
I love apple turnovers - any bakery I go to, it'll be the 1st thing I get

Also went to a festival event at the Buddhist Temple a few weeks back! I think they have one for every season? Basically, the Temple organised a huge banquet (vegetarian, of course) to celebrate. The place was seriously packed :)

Lol, yes my sis is wearing a Ravenclaw shirt ^^

While we were at the temple, a few young students came out and started to give everyone these flower pins. A red one is worn if both of your parents are still alive, and a white one is worn for those who've lost a parent. 

This is what the Temple volunteers made to feed the masses - vegetarian curry, and stir fried noodles. The curry was really tasty, and the noodles were nicely seasoned, that I didn't even notice there was no meat :)

It was a buffet style set up - everyone had to line up at the tables where the food was being served out by volunteers, out of these massive metal buckets. Despite the huge crowd, there seemed to be plenty of food to go around. 

And of course, dessert was taken care of too! At each table, there were 2 small bowls of red bean soup, some sticky rice, jelly, and a glutinous rice ball with mung bean filling and syrup. 

These were the desserts placed on the tables outside
There were some types that we didn't get inside, so I didn't get to try :(

It was my first time going to such an event, but it was pretty fun.

The Mississippi cheesecake I bought for Mum's birthday
I adore cheesecake~!
Earlier this month we suddenly had a hailstorm!
It's weird because technically it is Spring now
The garden looked so pretty <3
Definitely the closest we'll get to snow, here in Perth!
Some OOTD's ---

Beret - Barkins
Geek frames - Firmoo
Silver knit top - Cotton On
Black tube skirt - Cotton On
Heart print stockings - Chic & Chic
Mary Jane pumps - Betts
Devastated that I ruined these stockings T_T 
Geek frames - Firmoo
Heart sequin motif top - Villains
Polka dot tube skirt - Jay Jays
Gray suede ankle boots - Dotti
Geek frames - Firmoo
Orange lace sleeve top - Dotti
Lace shorts & blue skinny belt - Cotton On
Tan pumps - Kmart
And Mickey wanted to be in the photo too ^^
Mickey demanding more attention~
Growing out straight across bangs is more difficult than I thought
Been clipping it back with some cute bows~
I like how soft and fluffy my hair looks here!
Speaking of hair - all of a sudden I really miss my long hair!
This is my hair in 2011~ It was the longest I'd ever grown my hair
Haha, it took a whole year for me to start feeling regret ^^
I also notice I put on weight this year - I already broke my New Year's resolution T_T
This is how my brother studies...
And finally, let's finish with another shot of the cheesecake ^_^ 
Happy almost weekend everyone!


  1. OMG all these foodporn made me so hungry!

  2. FOOOOD!
    And hailstorm can
    be painful sometimes :c


  3. I like the food there! So many yummy looking dishes. :)

    You should do more outfit posts, I like your outfit. :)

  4. Gaaaah! you made me so hungy lol

  5. those foods *o* that beautiful garden D: soo beautiful and you!! youuu soooo preetttty <3

  6. mm so much yummy food! i love eating vietnamese desserts!

  7. Haha, I keep wanting that cheesecake again :)

  8. Hehe, yeah I wouldn't want to be caught out during a hailstorm >_<

  9. Haha, I ate a lot last month!
    Thank you! I would like to do more, but it's hard without a tripod T_T

  10. :) I made myself hungry posting this!

  11. Oh the deep fried bread with toffee coating looks YUMMYYYYYYYYYYYY!!

    Mikey looks super cute! Me wanna hug!!! XD

    ♡ M.May

  12. oh wow, so many yummy food! i'm drooling right now =D
    great post! the photos are amazing. xo

  13. Drooling at the pics of the food. I love your tights with those little pink hearts even though it's a snagged

  14. It looks really pretty - but not really tasty to me >_<
    Hehe, he is really huggable!

  15. Hopefully I can track down a similar pair one day!

  16. these desserts are super yummy. lovely tights! you look so adorable! <3

    Letters To


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