Tuesday, 30 October 2012

REVIEW: Skinfood Milkshake Point Make Up Remover

Wanna put some fun into your skincare routine? Try this cute 'milkshake' make-up remover from cult Korean cosmetics brand, Skinfood. It contains milk protein that's soothing on the skin, and is perfect for use on the sensitive skin around the mouth and eyes. 

The Milkshake Point Make Up Remover is one of those two layer removers, which have to be shaken before use. The top component is of a milky, opaque blue solution, while the bottom is a darker blue 'oil' solution. After it's shaken, the two layers combine to form a milky blue solution, complete with frothy bubbles on top - exactly like a milkshake!

The two layers
It's a 160ml bottle

I have to say I was really impressed with its performance. The Milkshake remover is capable of removing most types of make up - it's not just for the sensitive eye and mouth area. Since it does not contain alcohol, it does not sting my eyes, does not smell bad, and does not feel harsh on my skin. It's gentle on the skin, but effective in removing my bb cream, and the majority of my smudge proof eyeliner, with one swipe of a cotton pad. 

Oh, and while the blue colour may appear a little strange, it comes out of the bottle more of a white, milky colour. 

Comes with a Korean and English description 

It does not leave my skin feeling oily - though I do cleanse immediately afterwards, to get rid of any remainders of make up. I think the milk protein in this does help keep skin feeling soft, and not stripped of its essential oils. It has an interesting coconut scent, that doesn't bother me, but may bother those sensitive to fragrance.

I would recommend this make-up remover to anyone who'd like an effective remover that's gentle around the sensitive skin of the mouth and eyes. Although it takes a little time, I have successfully used this to remove waterproof mascara, and even false lashes with little effort, and no pain/tugging/discomfort. I've accidentally rubbed some remover into my eyes before, and it didn't hurt, though I did get a bit of cloudiness - nevertheless,  try to be careful not to get any in your eyes!


  • cute - gets frothy like a milkshake when you shake it
  • effective make-up remover (can be used for entire face, as well as eye area)
  • doesn't sting eyes/skin
  • non-drying (doesn't contain alcohol, from what I've seen in the ingredients list - though I'm no expert!)


  • most of us will have to get it online
  • coconut smell might not appeal to everyone

Thanks for reading! 

Anyone else currently using Skinfood products? What do you think about them? I'm currently eyeing a few Skinfood bb creams - the red bean one looks particularly really interesting :)


  1. Wow~ I love the smell of coconuts, so I'm going to have to check this out! Skinfood is a brand I trust as well. c:
    Thank you for the review!

  2. Super cute! Lol do you have to
    refrigerate it since it contains milk :P
    I like the idea of alcohol-free! And I
    love coconut scent ^^


  3. This sounds really really niceee! I like that it doesn't leave your skin feeling oily, just softer. I've never tried any Skinfood products but i've heard good things about a ton of them.

  4. The packaging of this product is so so cute! :D Loving it~
    It sounds really nice as a makeup remover too. I might be in need of this.
    Love how your counter is filled with other pretty products haha. ~

  5. this seems really nice! I am looking for an overall makeup remover that removes eye and face makeup and this seems pretty nice! thanks for sharing ^_~

  6. Thanks for reading! Yep, the coconut smell is quite nice, but not too strong~

  7. Haha, yeah I wonder how the milk can be preserved in this without needing refrigeration >_<
    Thanks for reading!

  8. Yeah - I hate the feeling of oily skin! This is my 1st Skinfood product, but I really want to try their bb creams next~

  9. Yup, I like all of Skinfood's packaging!
    It's definitely one of the better removers I've tried lately~
    ...and I have way too many products >_<

  10. It's pretty effective for eye makeup! I definitely recommend it :)
    Thanks for reading!

  11. Thanks! I've been needing a make up remover an that sounds so perfect. A Skinfood store opened up at the mall and I just can't stop visiting! I just bought my first BB cream from there and I love it!

    1. Wah! And sorry it's been so long since I've stopped by here. Ever since school started, I haven't had time to do any blogging. I hope I'll have more time to read your blog!

  12. This product sounds really good, it's good that it doesn't leave an oily residual behind too. But one thing though, I really don't like the scent of coconuts >-< .


  13. Awesome!!


    xx Michaela

  14. I always see this on ebay. all of my favorite sellers have this on their list.. maybe I should give it a try too. :D I wish we'll have korean stores near us so we don't have to get it online because the shipping fee tends to be so expensive at times. щ(ಥДಥщ)

    new follower here btw, hope you can follow back. ^^

  15. Hehe, a coconut scented remover is a bit of an odd choice, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Just discovered your blog! New follower here, I love skinfood products!

    Follow back if you want :)


  17. It's a really nice remover :)
    Some Korean sellers offer free shipping on ebay - but yep, I wish there were more Korean stores nearby!

  18. Thanks for visiting ^^
    I'm starting to like Skinfood a lot too!

  19. I love how Korean cosmetics come up with cute ways to apply or remove makeup somehow xD i'm a sucker for korean cosmetic packaging! This is so cute! I rarely shop at SkinFood but I might want to try this out, this looks fun and as long as its effective, I think it's worth trying :) Thanks for the review!


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