Monday, 22 October 2012

GEO Xtra Bella Brown Circle Lens Review (15mm)

Today's review is one one of the main pairs of circle lenses I am currently wearing - and which have been appearing in most of my more recent blog posts. They are the Extra Bella Brown lenses, from Geo, and I am liking them quite a bit!

They're not the most natural, nor the most heavily patterned, eyecatching lenses, but I find myself really enjoying the chocolate brown colour, and the striking, light brown 'dandelion' outline inside. 
Natural lighting, in front of a window


I really do like the chocolate brown colour - though I don't think its anything particularly special. I also like that they did change the colour of my dark brown (almost black) eyes to a lighter, more noticeable brown shade, which is something I look for when buying brown circle lenses. 


I was intrigued by the very bold design when I first saw the stock photos on the website - the outer ring is dark brown, which is then followed by a star burst or dandelion-like design in a very light brown colour, which is quite noticeable depending on the lighting. 

The overall effect is not very natural, though in dimmer lightings eyes will tend to just appear to be a chocolate brown colour. They can give a dolly look, or a pretty and mature look, depending on the makeup. 

Because of the unusual pattern, I really advise that some sort of eye make-up be worn. These lenses do look a bit strange without it! I'm lazy and do wear other circle lenses without eye make-up sometimes, and I feel like I can get away with it - but not with these Xtra Bellas! 

I also like that with these lenses, it is much easier to see which side is which judging by the pixelation on the lens. With some lenses it can be near impossible at first glance, but with these ones you can usually tell. 


Despite the 15mm diameter, I don't seem to find these more or less uncomfortable than most other lenses I've worn previously. I can wear these up to 6 hours comfortably, though if you have dry or sensitive eyes, I recommend to use eye drops every few hours, and not to wear them over the recommended time. 


I find these lenses particularly enlarging! Hence my recommendation to put in some sort of effort with eye make-up. I'm satisfied with the effect on my eyes.

Haha, have you figured out what I think my 'best angle' is yet?! I will try to post different poses next time...

Thank you for reading~


  1. These lenses look great! o: I like how they seem to add this "mysterious" aura to your eyes. c: And it's good that you've found your angle~ ;D

  2. I quite like geo xtra bella series, I don't look good in brown >_<
    But I have tried the grey, blue ones and I love them hehe...

    Brown lenses looks really beautiful on you <3 I love all the angles you pose =P

  3. The 4th pictures is my favorite!
    You look pretty as usual c:


  4. Looks really natural cute and have a good enlargerment..


  5. These lenses are gorgeous! I actually think they look quite natural on you despite the size! =)

  6. It looks really good on you. 15mm is too large for me, personally cos I'm super lazy and hardly ever go all out with my eye make up. I can see it definitely enlarges the eyes, though. Very pretty

  7. Your eyes look huge! They look great paired with the lashes :)

  8. These lenses look very nice. It adds definition without looking too unnatural.


  9. Great review. You look absolutely great with these lenses. xx

  10. Thanks! Yeah, depending on the make up they do have a mysterious edge ^^
    Haha, it's taken me a while, but I finally found my angle~

  11. Brown is probably my fave lens colour - but I haven't really found one I absolutely love just yet~
    Thank you!

  12. Hehe, I think I look more mature in that one!
    Thank you <3

  13. Thanks! I really like the enlargement here~

  14. They have a cool pattern, don't they :)
    Yeah, depending on the lighting, the lenses aren't as vivid~

  15. Thank you :)
    15mm used to freak me out, but at least it gives me an excuse to practice putting on makeup!

  16. Hehe, exactly the effect I was after~

  17. Thanks Liz :)
    I definitely like that they're just the right degree between natural and crazily patterned~

  18. Pretty<3 def. gives that dolly look~ & love your blog~ following!


  19. wow so pretty~
    Hi, are you interested in winning free circle lenses? If you are, enter my giveaway! thanks <3


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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