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Etude House Aloha V-Line Slim Maker 01 (Sun Gold/Wood Brown) Review

Aloha, everybody!

Today's review is on a face highlighter - one of my beauty must-haves! I do love the pretty glow that face highlighters/illuminators provide me, whilst giving my wider, flatter face a bit of dimension.

The highlighter I am currently using is one from Etude House, and is called the Aloha V-Line Slim Maker. It is a face highlight, plus face contour - hence the 'slim maker' name. 

Using these two products, you can turn a square face into a v face ^^
Well, that's what the illustration claims, anyway~
The package description - click to enlarge

As you can see, there is a bit of a Hawaiian-themed design, though I'm not sure why. Nevertheless, the compact is slim and sleek, and the floral design on the lid carries through to the highlight/contour inside, which is prettily engraved.

There are 2 compacts available
I picked Sun Gold//Wood Brown because the contour is lighter compared to the other one
But if you like pink highlighters, you can go for the second one

So prettily engraved in fact, that I had a terrible time making myself use it! I wanted to preserve its pristine condition, lol. 

As you can see, the compact even contains a handy mirror, which makes it perfect for touch-ups on the go. The brown section is the face contour, and the shimmery gold section is the face highlight. Face contours are generally brown in pigment, and can be used to create a visually slimmer face by contouring the jawline, forehead, or cheek area to create depth and shadows.  

A brush is also included, along with a plastic pouch.

The brush is surprisingly usable - at least for the highlighter section. It's bristles are very soft and fluffy, and don't irritate or scratch my skin at all. I find it quite good for adding highlighter to the top of my cheekbones and temple. As for the bridge of my nose, above my upper lip, and my brow bones, I have to use a smaller brush instead, since those areas are smaller. 

Here's the swatch of these two powders - I did rub a little harder, in order to show the pigmentation you're capable of getting. 

In my opinion the gold highlighter is a very lovely, and definitely pigmented, powder highlighter. You only need to gently swipe the brush and you'll be able to pick up quite a bit of powder. It's a fine powder that's capable of being built up, though even a light swipe will already give a noticeable amount of 'glow' to the face.

I love the effect of the highlighter on my face - not only does it add a glow to my face, but it also adds dimension (by highlighting the high points on my face) - making my face a little less flat looking, a little less wider, and a little less dull. 

My one nitpick from using the sun gold highlighter is that it can look worryingly powdery up close (like, within kissing distance), or like it has sunk into cracked skin/dry lines, since my cheeks are suffering from dryness recently. I rectify this by using a face spritz, which I promise does help take away the powdery look, resulting in a lovely natural looking glow. Those with normal or oilier skin shouldn't have any problems with this. 

As for the contour - I find I have hardly used it at all. The colour is quite hard to pick up with a fluffy brush, and the powder also is not very pigmented. I need to rub quite hard to get a fraction of pigmentation, so I've yet to really use it for any contouring. 

Swatch - blended out

I have been using this highlighter quite a bit - I think highlighters in general are a really great product to have on those days you just want to wear as little make-up as possible, and I do like the effect this Etude one gives me, a lot. 

Add it on your brow bone - to give your face some light and dimension
It helps spotlight your eye make-up, or draw attention to your eyes when you're wearing little make-up at all
Use highlight on the centre of your nose to create a more noticeable nose bridge
Great for 'creating' a nose if yours sort of blends in with the rest of your face
Also add highlight at the cheek bones to add dimension to a wide or flat face
Your skin will seem to have a healthy glow when it catches the light
Don't forget to add a little on your cupid's bow to bring attention to your lips


  • pretty packaging
  • not too expensive (I got mine off ebay for about AUD$15, plus $3 shipping)
  • highlighter has nice pigmentation 
  • don't need too much for a pretty and subtle glow
  • the effect is naturally glowy and shimmery, rather than glittery or fake looking
  • should last a while


  • can sink into fine lines or look overly powdery if used on dry skin
  • can't easily pick up contour powder - takes some effort to get a bit of pigmentation
  • most of us have to track it down online

Overall, a nice highligher I'm happy to have in my beauty collection - but lately my interest has shifted into liquid/cream highlighters! I'm hoping they will work better with my dryer skin~

Anyone else a fan of highlighters, and if you are, which one are you using right now? 

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a lovely day~


  1. love the duo concept ! it's practical for travelling :-D
    the highlighter looks glowy on your clear skin, I like it !! but the contour part is - I agree- lack in pigmentation.. but overall it looks like a nice product :)

  2. Aww. And I was having high expectations for the bronzer.

  3. too bad that the contour shade sucks. I like the highlighter effect though. contour/highlight is a staple for me as well!

  4. You look absolutely goooorgeous with highlighter!
    I'm definitely liking the sound of this product...The packaging is so pretty. xD
    I'm still learning how to use bronzers...It's difficult to avoid looking muddy with them on.

  5. i love etude house makeup so much! its always affordable and cute packaging :D
    the colours are pretty but its a shame some the powder is hard to pick up :(
    btw your skin looks flawless!

  6. Goodness you're so pretty in these pictures!! I love how you styled your hair too :)

  7. It's hard to find makeup that compliments asian skin. Your eyes look so big!

    d a n i e l l e |

  8. thanks for the review! I'm a big fan of etude's stuff and I always have trouble finding a contour that isn't too orange. Will definitely be on the look out for this one.

  9. i also have this one and really love it ^^

  10. Yes it is :)
    I wasn't too sure about it at first since I'm used to silvery highlighters, but I really like it!

  11. Me too - since the colour in the compact looks quite pigmented :(

  12. Yep, it is a bit wasteful if I can't find a use for it~
    I think highlighters are amazing ^_^

  13. Thanks! Highlighter for me really makes a difference! Etude always does well on the packaging~
    I'm a contour newbie too :)

  14. I'm such an Etude fan for those reasons too~
    Thanks~ Haha, it's mostly thanks to good lighting and my staple bb cream ^_^

  15. Thank you <3
    Haha, one of the few times I bothered with my hair :)

  16. It can be - especially if buying online too,since it can be swatched :(
    Thanks ^^

  17. Thanks for reading ^^
    Yep, it can be hard to track the right contour down! Hope you find the right one soon~

  18. The highlight is quite beautiful, isn't it? Thanks for reading ^^

  19. Cute! I have yet to try any etude house products.

  20. The highlighter looks so natural! >u<

  21. Rowena Rolala Loves18 October 2012 at 09:30

    Etude House products always have such cute packaging. This highlighter looks like it gets the job done.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  22. Etude House's products seem really great! Their packaging is cute and lovely <3 Would like to try some of them out one day :)

  23. I'm a huge fan of Etude! They have cute packaging, are affordable, and good quality ^^

  24. They do! Probably why I can't resist always buying Etude stuff~

  25. If applied with a light hand, it does look naturally pretty ^^

  26. Hope you get to try some Etude stuff soon! Etude's definitely a fave brand of mine~

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Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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