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Bourjois Smoky Eye Trio Review - Rose Vintage

Hi lovelies! How are you today? 

I'm reviewing an eye palette that I've been using recently - you'll have seen it in some of my recent FOTD posts already. It's the Smoky Eyes palette in Rose Vintage, from one of my new favourite cosmetics brand, Bourjois. 

I got this eye palette as a GWP promotion, and I have to say I'm quite enamoured with the pretty colours. Being not particularly brave when it comes to eyeshadows, I'm quite pleased to expand from my previous go-to eye colour (a simple sweep of champagne over the eyelid), and introduce some fresh and pretty colours, suitable for Spring. 

Bourjois claims these are 'good for my skin' mineral powders, with an 8 hour hold.

So, this cute little palette retails for AUD$28 - not exactly cheap! But I definitely advise to keep an eye out for the Target and Priceline catalogues as they often have 20, 30 or even 50% off sales, as well as regular GWP promotions. 

If you absolutely cannot wait, try the ASOS website as they do stock some (not all) Bourjois products for significantly lower prices, as well as offering free shipping too. 

Click to enlarge

The compact is quite small, fitting snugly into the palm of my hand, so it won't take up too much space in a cosmetics bag/handbag. It's made out of plastic and fairly sturdy, though the lid would probably crack if I dropped it. There's a useful diagram on the back showing which shadows to apply, and where - I don't use it though, it just doesn't seem to help with my eye shape :)

Rose Vintage comes with three pinkish colours, which all complement each other, to create a nice and subtle smoky eye effect. It comes with a baby sized applicator - each end is a different shape and size, which I find interesting. One side is your conventional rounded shape, the other is more pointed - good for reaching the inner eye area, I suppose. 

The first shade (pearly pink) is a pretty pearlescent shade - perfect for highlighting the inner eye, or sweeping over the entire lid (which I do). The middle shade (rosewood) is another pretty pink shade, more of a medium shade and also shimmery. I use this on the outer half of my eye, and to line my lower lash line. As for the final shade (purplish pink), it's more of a satin effect rather than shimmery, and I find it more of a purplish brown shade which doesn't really appeal to me since I like lighter colours. It's the most pigmented shade of the three. 

L-R: Purplish Pink - Rosewood - Pearly Pink
Click to enlarge

I've seen reviews which stated that the pigmentation of these palettes aren't great, but I'd have to say it depends on what sort of look you're after. This palette is probably more suited for a daytime, soft smoky eye effect rather than the evening smoky eye effect the palette name suggests. 

Being not particularly brave with bright or crazily pigmented eye colours, I'm content with the pigmentation I get from this palette (using my cheapo Essence eyeshadow brush). The eyeshadow goes on smoothly, and it only takes a few quick sweeps to build up to a shade I'm comfortable with. 

I notice the pigmentation is better when using the sponge applicator, so if you're after a stronger smoky eye effect, do use that and perhaps a good primer too, as well as applying the shadow wet. If you want very vivid eye shadows, there are other better priced, and better pigmented palettes out there. 

It claims to have 8 hour wear, but I usually don't notice things like this. I'd tend to agree it would last at least 6 hours, from what I remember. 

Wearing rosewood all over the lid, and smidge of purplish pink on the outer half
I used pearly pink on my inner eye duct 


  • small and compact size
  • very pretty and feminine colours that complement each other
  • the first two shades have a pretty shimmer, without being crazily sparkly
  • perfect for Spring, or a day time look
  • silky, easy to apply shades (as claimed)


  • may not have the pigmentation some would expect for a smoky eye effect
  • pricey 
  • the applicator is tiny - would take forever to apply the eyeshadow
  • if you don't like shimmery eye shadows, you'd probably want to skip this

Overall, I'm really glad I got this palette from the GWP promotion - the colours are pretty, feminine, and suit my personality. The only thing is that I wouldn't buy it at the full retail price since there are so many eyeshadow palettes out there with the same, or better pigmentation/quality, at a more purse friendly price. I say wait for the sales, before you grab these palettes (I want to try their nude colours palette, as well as the gold/bronze one). 

I'm currently also using the Bourjois Health Mix Serum foundation and that, I will tentatively say, is worth the price demanded - but more on that some other time! I need to trial it a few more weeks before I can get a review up. 

I'd like to know - what eyeshadow palette are you currently using, and what colours do you love most on your eyelids? 

Thanks for reading, and happy weekend everyone! 


  1. This trio is perfect for everyday wear! I find myself to wear browns a lot.. to the point where I don't use any other color ^^;; haha

  2. Wow~ This looks perfect for everyday wear! o: And 6 hours is still a lot~ xD Definitely buying this when my current browns run out. c:

  3. The colors are so pretty<3 & I like the way you did your make up~ very clean and natural<3


  4. These colors are so pretty. They look great for everyday!
    I have been using my NAKED palette for months and I still haven't made a dent into any of the shadows hahaha :'D~

  5. i have this trio too! the colours are really goood for a natural/everday look :D
    btw, i love your simple makeup! it looks pretty much flawless

  6. great review!! :) and the colors are pretty as well, good for everyday look ;)

  7. I really like Bourjois products - I'm a fan of their foundation and felt tip eyeliner (and of course iconic baked blushes!). I haven't tried their eyeshadow trios but this soft neutral palette seems perfect for daytime wear :)

  8. Looks great on you! I only wear those neutral colors, but I think it's just a little too expensive ;___; I currently used a KATE palette (4 colors and a shimmer) and it's so shimmery, but has natural & neutral colors like browns and such ^-^

    - Sally ^-^

  9. For AU$28, it makes me cringe! I do love it when Priceline have sales on their Bourjois products! I've had my eyes on this trio for quite some time but I think I have too many natural eyeshadows already. XD I realised Bourjois love to add a lot of shimmer to their products. I'd love to see them come out with a matte or less shimmery range.

    ♡ M.May

  10. I actually love the shades and the packaging. I am just into tiny palette because I find them really cute and handy, keke ^_~

  11. You're so pretty! I wish I could answer your question but I don't use any eye shadow at all ><

  12. It looks really natural and lovely on you :) I like using brown eyeshadows for everyday too! love how it's travel size friendly!

    Joyce @

  13. I like browns a lot too! Very natural, and flattering~

  14. Yes, these pink shades are a nice alternative to nudes/browns!

  15. They are, aren't they?! I like how girlie they are ^^
    Ooh, one of these days I must get my hands on a NAKED palette!

  16. They're a nice alternative to my preferred neutrals :)
    Aww, thanks!

  17. Thanks! Yep, the colours are quite feminine and pretty, which I like ^^

  18. I'm currently using their healthy mix serum foundie, and the healthy mix concealer (love!) - I really want to try their baked blushes now that I've experienced the quality of some of their products ^^

  19. Pinks are probably the only non-neutral colours I like to have on my eyelids :)
    Yes, it is a bit pricey - luckily I got it as a gift with purchase!

  20. It's totally a worthwhile investment! I thought about buying it for a whole year before I actually committed to it and I love it so so much! It's the only palette I ever use!~

  21. Thank you! That's what I was going for~
    Yep, you can't go wrong with brown shadows :)

  22. I know! I was so surprised cos the compact is tiny! But I suppose being the sister company to Chanel, they can ask this price~ But yep - Priceline and Target often have great Bourjois sales :)

  23. The shades are quite pretty! Haha, the tininess is quite cute, yes~

  24. Thank you! Wow, no eye shadow at all?! I bet that's great since you don't have to waste time in the morning getting ready :)


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