Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Another month, another beauty haul post~! September's finds

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation #52
$32, plus GWP

After becoming a hardcore bb cream convert for a long time already, I've gone and purchased a foundation - my first in about a year and a half! To be truthful, though I do love my bb creams, these past few months I've been becoming a little bit...bored? So I went ahead and bought the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, after seeing a free gift with purchase promotion at Priceline (aka the vortex in which my money always disappears into).

I heard that some Bourjois foundation shades are quite suitable for yellow Asian skintones, and I've also been dying to try some Bourjois products because they are a sister company to Chanel. $32 for a 30ml drugstore branded foundation seemed a bit steep for me, but the GWP gave me the incentive to go ahead and buy it. The GWP was a cute little pink and white striped cosmetic pouch, a pink nail varnish, a mascara, and a gorgeous trio eyeshadow palette (which I adore). 

Australis Face-a-holic compact
On clearance $5 - normal RRP $19.95

This compact is huge! Almost the size of a small plate *0*

Thanks to Target's clearance prices, I've been getting to try a lot of products/brands I usually wouldn't - Australis is fast becoming a favourite local brand of mine, after trying their face spritz, and neutrals palette - both of which I'm definitely loving at the moment. 

This compact is made up of 3 sections - a very pretty marbled blush, a face powder, and a highlighter. I bought it mostly because I wanted to try the highlighter - I'm definitely a fan of face highlighters - it's one of my beauty must-haves!

Garnier Dark spot corrector & GWP - a dalmation plushie!
I can't believe how easily influenced by advertising I can be! I went and purchased this Garnier moisturiser not too long after it first hit the shelves. I was excited to use it at first but after 3 days I haven't even touched it. It feels like a nice moisturiser but it makes my skin dry, and ruins my bb application with flaky dry patches. Not even using another moisturiser over it helps T_T 

Picked up some super cheap Essence products at 50% off, as some products are going to be discontinued. Essence products are already super cheap, so these were really good deals. For these 4 products I only paid $6 something! I picked up a super cute looking nude nail polish, a berry pink lipstick, a lip gloss, and a lip tint (that is supposed to change colour from orange to pink). 

Eyelid tape from eBay
Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara in waterproof - Wizard Pharmacy

Other random buys include some eyelid tape, and a mascara I picked up during a 40% off promotion. I hate spending too much on mascaras, since very few perform well on my stubborn lashes~ I always wait for a good sale first - I think I got this for about $14. 

Missha Under eye brightener
Missha perfect cover concealer

I've been mixing my bb cream with a little bit of moisturiser lately, because my skin just seems dry. It means the coverage becomes more sheerer, so I decided to try these Missha concealers to help with my acne, pigmentation, and redness. It means another step to the beauty routine, but I hope I can get more even coverage!

Skinfood banana yogurt mask
Lioele shimmer pearl base
Various samples

I'm a big fan of face highlighters, and recently I've become interested in trying highlighters in a liquid form, instead of my usual powder compacts. after a bit of research I settled on one by Korean cosmetics brand - Lioele. Can't wait to try it ^_^

The wash off mask is for my brother, but I think I might give it a try too, though I'm not much a fan of wash off masks~

And here's my small September clothing haul - maybe October will be a better month for clothes shopping!

Pale pink blouse, with pleated back
From Ally
Sliver metallic knit top
Cotton On
Blue lace pattern shorts, with belt
Cotton On
Anyone else pick up some cute or interesting buys? What have you been spending on this past September? 


  1. great haul! It's interesting how you have Essence products there too!! I thought Essence is only available here in Germany :-D

  2. This foundation I have too - and shade 53 is perfect for me :) (yep, obviously asian with yellow undertones :3) I wish you will do a review on those things, I'd love to hear about Skinfood banana yoghurt mask! ^^
    Wth love, Minnie

  3. Amazing haul, the dalmation plush is so cute and I love the lace shorts

  4. Nice haul! Didn't know Bourjois was a sister company to Chanel~! I also like Australis ^_^ That compact sounds insane! Though I like big compacts for blush ^_^
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  5. I have heard so much about that foundation. I really want it but I currently have 3 and I don't even know how to get that brand in America. Please do a review on the Lioele pearl base!I'm crazy about highlighters.

  6. great hauls!! I am so intrigue with the face-a-holic, looks pretty interesting ^_~

  7. great haul! i usually buy stuff with a gwp too :)
    the gwp is actually quite impressive, please do a review on the foundation! I would love to know if its suitable for oily skin :)

  8. honey you are so smart at catching deals :D!
    I saw the garnier spot corrector and i was quite tempted, even though the little gifted plushy toy looks hideous lol

  9. Nice haul this month you got Babe! =)
    I would love to try out Bourjois products too especially the healthy mix foundation you bought~ <3

  10. i love those lace shorts~!


  11. Thanks! I only recently started seeing them around - they must be gaining popularity ^^

  12. Thanks ^^
    I definitely plan to review most, if not all, of these products soon!

  13. Thanks :)
    The lace shorts are my new faves!

  14. Yeah, I was pretty excited when I found out! Bourjois is probably the closest I'll get to Chanel for now :)

  15. Oh, I didn't know Bourjois wasn't available in the States! I just found out today that you can get it off ASOS - and cheaper too! I might do that next time ^^
    Will do! I'm a mega fan of highlighters too <3

  16. Thanks ^^
    Yeah - it's an interesting compact with 3 products in one~

  17. gwp offers are the best! yeah, it's pretty generous :)
    Will do!

  18. Haha, yep! I love trying new products~!

  19. Haha, I really don't like paying for things full price!
    As for the Garnier moisturiser, I definitely fell for the advertising claims - normally I have more self control T_T

  20. Thanks :)
    I'm really excited to try the foundation since I've heard such good reviews!

  21. Love these items!!


  22. What a pity that spot corrector doesn't work.
    I love your clothes haul, though. Love the chiffon blouse and that metallic sweater


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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