Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Part and Parcel of Being a Girl (the power of cosmetics) *FOTD/Gyaru before and after*

Hi! Something a little different today - a FOTD post! It's been ages since I've done one - but today's special because you get to see the before pic too *eek!*

I decided to go to extra effort with my make-up today, because I needed to take some photos for some upcoming reviews. While I was watermarking some of the photos, I was thinking that 'wow, make-up really makes a difference!' Then it gave me the idea of doing a before and after make-up post, as I've seen these types of posts from other bloggers before. I've never been brave enough, until today...*dun, dun dun*

Continue reading to see what brands/products I used, and the 'before' pic~

Click to enlarge

I used everything shown, except for the Australis finishing spray - I usually use it, but today I forgot, for some reason. 

*Etude House Precious Minerals BB Cream in #2
*Cheapie false lash glue
*Australis Setting spritz
*Maybelline Baby Lips - Mixed Berry 
*Bloom Prep and Prime Primer
*Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Definition mascara
*Diamond Lash falsies in Angel Eye
*Etude House brow colour pen - dark brown
*Etude House Aloha V-line slim maker in #1 (it's a highlighter)
*Bourjois Smokey eyes trio in Rose Vintage (my new fave palette!!!)
*Pearl inner eye shimmer pen
*And various brushes and tools

Hopefully I will be getting around to doing the reviews of some of the stuff shown above soon. But I must mention my new love for the Bourjois eyeshadow which I got in a GWP offer at Priceline recently. For the longest time, I've been a champagne eyeshadow kind of girl, but the pretty rose pink and purple shades are gorgeous! My camera setting washed the colour out a bit, but in person the shades do show up more~

I used the two lightest colours for today's look
And yes, these lashes are insanely long! A review is in the works~

And now the for the before and after photo comparison! Oh, but I still have bb cream on in the before pic (haha, I'm not that brave) Do you think there's a huge difference? I tried to go for a gyaru/dolly look today~

Let's have a mini quiz!

Question One: Getting dolled up is -

Option A: the best part of being a girl! Duh!

Option B: the hardest part of being a girl - I'd rather get an extra hour (or 2) of sleep-in time!

Option C: none of the above - I'm a dude, and I can't understand why girls go through all this effort

Option D: none of the above - I'm a dude, but yep, I expect girls to look their best all the time

End quiz - if anyone actually picked Option D, I don't wanna talk to you >_< 

Personally I pick Option B - I LOVE collecting cosmetics, but since I move at the speed of a turtle in the morning, getting dolled up takes forever! My normal routine is just bb cream and some eyeliner~

Thoughts? Let me know! And link me up if you've done a before & after post too - I'd love to see it :)


  1. you're sooo pretty!!! personally about the mini quiz, I would choose Option B :D Most of the time, I'm too lazy to doll up every time when I go to school =,= and it can be annoying because I have to retouch D: LoL :))

  2. you're so pretty, I don't think there is a huge difference the only thing is the lashes, they're so long!
    for the mini quiz i choose B, I love makeup but I'm just too lazy

  3. Gorgeous end result! The eyelashes really make the whole look come together :) I love! xx

  4. You get to be pretty before AND after! XD Your skin looks so so so gorgeous~ Loving the lashes. ^_^
    You're right though. Makeup creates a huge difference in the way people look. Sometimes I feel like just a little eyeliner practically makes me unrecognizable. 8D But I choose Option A just because my favorite part of going out is getting ready. I think it's fun to doll up~

  5. My answer would be A!! lol
    I really enjoy the process of applying make up and make myself a little bit more presentable lol.
    I think gyaru look suits you really well! esp the lashes ;) pretty!

  6. Your makeup looks seriously lovelyy. I love and hate getting dolled up. I get dolled up daily pretty much and i've gotten rather fast at makeup. Sleeping extra hours sounds fantastic though.

  7. i love your makeup! :D
    Id pick a even though sometimes im lazy and wont be bothered putting on makeup!
    but its fun when when i do put my makeup on

  8. hahaha actually not that huge in difference since your eyes already big and your nose also very pretty ~ i choose B i'm same with you .. i love collecting cosmetics too (especially korean brands) but i barely use it .. i'm super lazy and not that good in make up >.< btw can i ask u something since i just bought The face shop lovely me:ex make up base ... should i use it after bb cream or before or i didn't have to use bb cream after that ? because i didn't use any foundation after bb cream .. sometimes only finish it with loose / pact powder ... and thank's

  9. Thank you Irene!
    You're so right about the lashes - they take some time to get used to~
    Ah, we're the same then :)

  10. Thanks Jasmine! Yep, the lashes are definitely the main feature :)

  11. Daww, you're so sweet, Amy! Haha, it's the good lighting that makes my skin look good ^^
    I know! Eyeliner goes a long way to help get a bit more 'polished' looking~

  12. Hehe, yep I would've picked option A for you too :)
    Thanks, Pam <3

  13. Thanks! Hehe, I kind of find it a chore - all I want is to get to the end result quickly :(
    But I should make myself practice more, so I can get faster too~

  14. Thank you :)
    Haha, I only find joy in collecting makeup - putting it on is a chore for me T_T

  15. Aww, thanks! You are sweet ^^
    Hehe, at least I'm not the only one! It takes a long time for me to get a good makeup result~
    As for the makeup base, I think it goes after moisturiser, and before bb cream. It should help tone down blemishes/redness, and will help the bb cream adhere smoother to the skin - and some bases will help the bb cream last on the face longer~ Hope this helps!

  16. Aww, you're sweet! Thank you ^^
    Yay, you're like me - though I love buying makeup, I'm quite lazy to use it often~

  17. You look really pretty I love your blog I'm your new follower!...yay!

  18. Well done for being so brave!!! And no you don't look all the different at all!! You have really pretty big eyes :) The bb cream looks really good, all mine has a slight ashy grey tone which yours don't have, i might have to try that brand!

  19. Great post! Make-up does make a huge difference! However, I'm often too lazy to do it properly as well :S But if I'm going somewhere or doing something important I usually take the extra time to look nice! :)

  20. Wow you look quite different! But your skin looks very good even without make up ^^

  21. Aww, thanks! I've tried a fair number of bb creams but I always come back to the Etude one!

  22. Doesn't it! I wish I weren't too lazy to use makeup more often :)
    Yep - I basically only use the effort for fancy occasions too~

  23. Yeah, it's surprising what makeup can do! Thanks ^^


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