Friday, 7 September 2012

My August faves AKA my Winter skincare arsenol!

This is my first 'favourites' blog post! Since I almost always stick to the same beauty items month to month, I've not had anything particularly exciting to make a favourites post on. 

But last month I ended up trying a fair few new items (since my makeup & skincare is often purchased at the same time, and is used up at the same time - allowing me to try new products every 3 or 4 months). So I guess, don't expect monthly favourites, but maybe expect quarter-yearly favourites instead? Haha...

*PS - the winner of my giveaway has been announced in the post before this one.*

It's super gentle, and non-irritating on my skin - which is what I really needed after my skin decided it didn't like the Baobab tree oil, in my recently hauled Etude Moistfull primer.

Prep and Prime primer, Bloom 
This was a recent purchase. And though I've only used it a few times so far, I'm really loving the smoothness it gives my skin pre-bb cream application. 

Orange Blossom and White Lotus Moisturising Mist, My Beauty Diary
I find that by giving my face a quick spritz with this prior to primer, it helps to give my dryer winter skin a some extra hydration, and makes my bb cream apply more smoothly

Clean Sensitive make-up remover, Garnier
This remover has been in my beauty routine a while now. It's gentle - free from fragrance and alcohol, yet still effective in removing bb cream, mascara, and eyeliner. Most definitely a re-buy for me. 

Happy Teatime Aloe Tea Cleansing Cream, Etude House
I've been using a new cleanser this month. I was using the Peach Tea Cleansing Foam, but since it's a bit drying for my winter skin I decided to get the cleansing cream alternative. It's more suitable for dryer skin, and can also be used as a make-remover. And the packaging is adorable!

It's lightweight, feels cooling and moisturising on the skin, and it makes skin look glowy. I much prefer the lightweight texture to the creamier moisturisers on the market.

Crystal Peeling Gel, SKIN79
Exfoliates the skin, without the need for harsh, 'beady'  scrubs.  Aside from revealing smooth, new skin, it also brightens and whitens the complexion.

Whitening Moisture Toner, Yanwalli
This toner feels cooling on the skin, and I think I have noticed some whitening effect - which is helping my face match my neck better, and also somewhat helping lighten some of my old acne scars.

2 way mineral foundation and concealer brush
It was a complete bargain - it came with the Bloom primer above, for only $5. It was a clearance sale at Target. Normally it retails around $30!

Traditional Chinese Medicine Sleeping Pack Cordyceps Sinesnsis, TCM
Though it's meant to be a sleeping pack (a cream mask that can be worn to bed, and washed off in the morning), I found that it's a great zit zapping cream! It doesn't prevent breakouts, but it helps to reduce the size and longevity of my blemishes, for me. 

I love this bb cream every month - this is my 3rd tube, and it's the only bb cream I've ever purchased more than once. I think Etude has re-formulated and re-branded this line in recent months, so I don't know how the new version will match up to the old one. 

Liquid eyeliner, Essence 
There's nothing too special about this eyeliner, but I like it because it's cheap, the formula doesn't sting the sensitive skin of my eyelids, and it's easy and quick to apply. 

Drawing eye brow, Etude House
This is the only brow pen I've tried, so I can't say whether it's a great one or not. I just like it because it helps fill in, and define my brows. It's helped give my face a more polished look, as I've hardly been wearing make-up lately.

Some of these products I've already reviewed, others I'm still writing the reviews on, so please look forward to those :) 

I'd like to know, what were your August favourites? 


  1. ohhh interesting! I haven't tried anything besides the Etude house bb cream. I've currently been loving the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter.

  2. The traditional chinese medicine sleeping pack looks very interesting. I have never seen anything like it before. Where can you get that from?? The skin79 peeling gel sounds like a great product too!! I love their bb creams and it's great to hear that other products in their range work well too.

    Maybe you can name you favorites posts seasonal favorites or something. Just a suggestion ^-^

    I have tried out quite a lot of new things this month but my BareMinerals foundation, tangle teaser and my LM by Laduree cream cheek base are definitely some standout products for me.


  3. great favorites!! the chinese sleeping mask is really good,right? I remember my mom used it often when I was still a kid lol ( it might not the exact same product, but it looks similar.. )

  4. would love to try the mist someday :D

  5. Thanks for doing these reviews! So far my August favorite is my new Tarte tinted moisturizer =D

    P.S Slouchy cardigans ftw!

  6. Woah a lot of these products look really awesome *_*
    I'm using the drawing eye pencil and the MBD moisturizing mist and they're both really nice :D
    where did you get the traditional chinese sleeping pack? it looks really cool

  7. might check out the eyebrow pen by EH, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect one! thanks for reviewing :)in response to your comment- it's unfortunately that LovelyShoes didn't work out for you! there were some disappointing features in my haul as well, but for that price I guess you can't really expect decent quality all the time! :(

  8. Ooh, the Revlon lip butters are on my to try list!

  9. The chinese medicine packs are available on Sasa! And super cheap too~
    Ooh, good suggestion! Might have to do that next time :)
    Hehe, I did see your Laduree cream review, and can definitely see why you love it!

  10. I really like the chinese medicine mask - its super cheap, and quite effective - though strongly scented, lo :)

  11. It's quite affordable! About $5 something on Sasa :)

  12. Ooh, I've never found a good tinted moisturiser to like! Mabe I will check the Tarte one out when my skin's a little clearer :)

  13. Hehe, these were certainly the stars of my last month's beauty routine :)
    The packs are from Sasa - super cheap, too!

  14. EH has a good range of brow colours to choose from, and it's quite affordable too :)
    Yeah, it's true that we do get what we pay for!

  15. They all look amazing!!!
    I use less products than that! But I think I may add something else after this post hahaha


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