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FACE MIST REVIEW: My Beauty Diary Orange Blossom and White Lotus Moisturising Mist

Hello, hello - how is everyone? Today's post is another review, this time it's on a cute and little face mist, from My Beauty Diary

I'm really into face spritz/spray/mist thingies right now - partly because I was lured by the claim that they to do all sorts of wonderful things, but mostly because they add a bit of fun to the beauty routine! Oh, how easily amused I am...

Anyway, not all mists have the same function - some claim to set make-up, and others claim to refresh tired skin. This one from MBD is a moisturising mist, so in theory it could be used as a replacement for your normal moisturiser. 

But can it? Read on to find out~ 

Let's start with the packaging, which is undeniable adorable. The tube is plastic and a muted orange, which ties in with the Orange Blossom and White Lotus scent. It's quite small, fitting comfortably in my hand, so it won't take up too much space in your cosmetic pouch or handbag.

While the compact size makes it quite convenient to carry around - for those days you might need a cool, and refreshing spritz to the face - I have to say that if you intend to use it as a moisturiser, you'll run through the one tube quite quickly. There's only 60ml worth of product here, and as you need a few pumps per use, it'll probably run out sooner than you would with a 60ml moisturiser.

On the other hand, if you intend to only use it as a 'refresher' mist, for freshening up after a long day of work (or play), this may last longer. Even though it is a moisturising mist, I find it's still quite nice as a 'pick me up' after a long day, and the mist is fine and even enough to leave the majority of my bb cream intact and in place. It feels cooling on the skin, and the scent is subtle, and not overpowering. 

Cute, but kind of small!

Back to the moisturising part. Can I replace my normal moisturiser with this mist? With my dryish skin at the moment, no. Well I could, but I 'd have to spray a lot onto my face first, rather than a few pumps. With this as my moisturiser, I'm risking dry, flaky patches of skin emerging as I start to blend in my bb cream. And also, it's harder to get a dewy skin look with this as my moisturiser, since my skin will just suck the essence up. 

Those with normal skin or oily skin may find this works well as a moisturiser, though. 

When I do use this when I'm getting ready to put on my make-up, I give my face a quick spritz of this after using toner. I hold it a little closer to my face to get the full moisturising effect, rather than letting it evaporate into the air. Immediately after I put on my emulsion (moisturiser) to lock the extra shot of hydration into my skin. After that I add primer, and then my bb cream. 

Those without dry skin may choose instead to fan or pat their face to let the essence absorb, and then go directly to primer or base make-up. 

The mist can also be great for sheering out over-powdered or cakey looking make-up application. I'd also recommend it to be used for getting rid of any little patches of dry or flaky skin. 

Ingredients List - click to enlarge


  • nice, fine mist - it won't smudge your make-up 
  • pleasant and soothing on the skin - especially during summer time, or on tired skin
  • pleasant, but not overpowering scent
  • cute packaging
  • can help get rid of dry or flaky patches after make-up application


  • wish it came in a bigger size! it's smaller than expected, and will be used up very quickly 
  • won't replace a moisturiser - particularly for dry skin types

Overall not a bad buy! Quite affordable depending where you get it - I got it for about $5 AUD on Sasa, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were cheaper elsewhere. Would I repurchase? Probably not, but only because I'd like to try a few other brands first! 

What do you think about all those mists and sprays on the market? Essential beauty item, or clever marketing? 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I have yet to try any facial mists! I really want to try this one now. 8D
    Thanks for sharing! ~

  2. thanks for the review~
    i never tried mists before but im going to get a tony moly mist soon~ i usually buy makeup products from ebay and unfornutaly shipping of my beauty diary mist isnt specified so i cant try this one -_-

  3. I've never tried any face mists! It might just be clever marketing, haha, but i can't say for sure since i haven't done much research on them either.

  4. Face mist making me
    sneeze haha =w=

    The bottle is really cute!
    too bad it isn't very
    moisturizing :o
    Thanks for the review!


  5. This sounds nice.Its nice that you can notice a subtle moisturizing quality about it. I have a face mist and I have no idea if it does anything or not. Seriously, no clue. But I like it for some reason?So..thats good, right?

  6. the packaging is so cute and the size is perfect for travelling ^^

  7. Well, I'm not really sure you're missing out on much! But they are fun to use ^^

  8. Ebay's a great place for bargains! I can spend hours just browsing :)
    I didn't know TM did face mists! I bet the packaging is reall cute as per their other stuff~

  9. I do love MBD's packaging, that's why I always buy their sheet masks. Hehe, this face mist sounds like a fun thing to have

  10. I've got 2 right now, and I can't say they do a lot - but they feel nice on the skin at the very least :)

  11. Haha, that happens to me with perfume! Yes, at least it looks cute on my dressing table :)

  12. Haha, I have another mist that is supposed to 'set' makeup but I have no idead if it works either!
    But yep, I do like the refreshing feeling mists give on the skin :)

  13. for $5 it actually isnt too bad :)
    I think I might try it next time as I hate seeing my face looking cakey after using powder on it :/

  14. Yep, those are the best features, I think :)

  15. Me too! I really like their sheet masks for summertime :)
    Haha, yeah it is fun to use~

  16. Yeah, it's a cheap buy! And it will definitely help sheer out any cakey-ness!


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