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DIAMOND LASH - Angel Eye Review

I'm back with a new review, on another Gyaru-style lash set from Diamond Lash. The Angel Eye set is my second DL purchase, after trying the Dolly Eye lashes. 

I was a bit puzzled by the name - these lashes are anything but angelic, in my opinion. They're much too dramatic and noticeable! 

But then again, there is something about these lashes that do make me think of feathers...hmm.

Hardcore false lash-aholics may be swooning at the sight of these very pretty looking lashes, but beginners, or those not particularly interested in Gyaru-style make-up, may be put off by the sheer length of these. How wearable are these Angel Eye lashes? Keep reading to find out ^_^

Where to get them: Those of us outside of Japan are most likely going to have to resort to buying on-line. These sets do appear on eBay, but I've noticed that they're quite overpriced, as the Diamond Beauty brand is not that widely distributed (yet). I normally see eBay prices to be around the $20-$25 mark. 

Sasa has started stocking many of the Diamond Lash sets, and for the very reasonable price of around AUD$13.50. You get 5 (reusable) pairs, so I find that to be extremely good value. 

NOTE: these lashes are made in China, so don't worry about receiving a fake good if you look at the label and see that it's not actually made in Japan. 

Packaging: the lashes come packaged in a simple plastic tray, with a removable plastic lid. The trays are colour coded to the 'line' of lashes - for example this purple tray means that the Angel Eye set is part of the 'Lady' series. The Dolly Eye set I have has a pink tray, which indicates it's part of the '1st' series. 

The lashes: where to start...these lashes are certainly not for the faint-hearted. They are meant to be worn to be noticed! 

There is some relief, with the number of gaps between each feathery spike - I do really like how the gaps help these lashes from being too lush and voluminous, as I find those types can overwhelm my eyes, and make them look smaller. So while you'll mostly get length out of these lashes, there's some volume thrown into the mix too. 

The Angel Eye lashes certainly help make my eyes bigger, without overwhelming them. I was a little freaked out when I first put one lash on, because they are so long - but once I put the second lash on, the look changed from 'scary caterpillar eyes' to 'hey, kinda cute!'

The difference the lashes make
They open up the eye a bit, and make them a bit more elongated too

One of the other features of this lash is the invisible lash band - great for girls like me who have trouble with applying eyeliner evenly!

The band is soft, and flexible, while still retaining a good rounded 'u' shape. I didn't have difficulty applying these at all. But be careful when handling these, too much force or pulling on them can result in ripping the band. 

I found the Angel Eye to be a little too long (band-wise) for my eye shape, but instead of cutting off the excess I use it to elongate my eyeline - or it can even be used to create a cute 'droopy' eye effect (by droopy, I mean like those funny dogs, with the eyes that always look sad, even though they're not).

If you're not much used to wearing falsies, these can start to feel a little heavy after a few (4-5?) hours!

Look how long they are! They do look pretty though (to me)

The end result - they can look sweet if you pair them with soft eyeshadow and no eyeliner, or sexy and cool if you use thick eyeliner and dramatic make-up. I think overall, they're more suited for going out, and not so much for daily wear.

Again, I have to say these are not for the faint-hearted ^_^

  • clear lash band - great for saving time as eye-liner won't be required
  • affordable, considering you get 5 reusable pairs in one set
  • on-trend Gyaru-inspired design
  • elongates and enlarges eyes
  • soft lash band allows for easy application

  • too dramatic for some
  • feels a bit heavier the longer you wear them
  • synthetic lashes tend to shine under flash photography (doesn't bother me though!)
  • wasteful if you get a set of 5 of the same lashes, and you end up not liking the style
  • most of us need to buy online

Despite how dramatic they are - dramatic makeup is not needed!
Products I used for this look can be found here

I had a bit of trouble getting used to the sheer length of these, but after taking some photos, I found they seem to do good things with framing my eyes - making them look bigger, a little more elongated, a little more dolly...

I'm not going to recommend the Angel Eye lashes to everyone - because they are such a dramatic lash, it certainly will not be to everyone's taste. But to those who love 'look at me' designs, then this may be the style for you...

 Are false lashes a part of your beauty routine? Do you like natural, or dramatic types? Any other thoughts? Let me know! 

~thanks for reading~

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  1. Wow! Those look really pretty!

  2. they remind me of nicki minaj somehow XD.. i'm more into the natural look so these are by far too dramatic to me ^__^;;

  3. These lashes are sky high! Wahaha!
    I wear false lashes so sparingly, so these big ones are huge to me. They sound very like a good pair though so that's a plus.
    Thanks for sharing. ~

  4. It's been a while since I last visited you ^^
    Great post as always. They look very long and dolly ^^ Cute on you!!

    Love Emi

  5. wow those are! I thought the same when I first saw these, anything but angelic haha but they are nice still :)

  6. These are pretty! I have the glamorous ones (I think) and I find that the band is definitely too long. I find it that if you cut the lashes, they fall apart a lot easier as well. I had to buy from ebay. Other websites charge so much shipping to Canada, so it's the cheapest place for me. >_<

  7. Whoa those are so dramatic :O would be good for gyaru makeup!

  8. very dramatic lashes *o* sometimes they scare me :))

  9. Love how it looks on you. =)

  10. Haha, yep they are a bit over the top...
    I like both natural and dramatic types ^^

  11. Aren't they?! I was a bit scared of them at first ^^
    I wear falsies sparingly too, but when I do I like to go dramatic!

  12. Haha, aren't they! What is it with me and dramatic lashes >_<

  13. Ooh, I have the glam set too! I prefer the Angel ones though - the glam ones make my eyes look smaller T_T
    I didn't know that cutting them might make them weaker though - thanks for the tip!

  14. They sure are! Yeah - it needs more gyaru-like makeup to look good ^^

  15. Ahaha, they scared me when I first put only one on - they are so long!

  16. very nice!

    check out my latest post

  17. Ooo, these are dramatic looking. They look nice though!

  18. These lashes do look dramatic but I think it really gives the eyes a very enlarged dolly look!! I am obsessed with false lashes and I love everything from the barely there natural looking ones to the over the top dramatic lashes.

    Thank you for always visiting my blog and commenting ^-^ I always get very happy when I see a familiar name when I look at my blog's comments.

  19. Yep, that's what I really like about these ^^ Though more natural ones are probably more suited to me!
    You're welcome! I love visiting your blog since you often have such irresistible posts XD


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