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SKINCARE REVIEW - SKIN79 White Reviving Skin Radiance Emulsion

Description - click to enlarge

After my June/July haul post, this SKIN79 emulsion was the one most of you wanted to see a review on first, so here it is ^_^

There aren't many products which I love right away, but this emulsion was love at first sight, and at first use, for me. An emulsion is similar to a moisturiser, but generally is a bit thinner, runnier and lighter than typical creamy moisturisers. Normal, oily, or slightly dry skin types would be fine with just an emulsion in their skin regime, but for a very dry skin type a moisturiser may be needed, before following with an emulsion. 

I purchased this off Cosmetic Love, but it's no longer being sold there - I think I paid about $17AUD for it. It has 150ml worth of product.

The claims (as found on the SKIN79 American website, here)

  • "transparent whitening lotion helps skin be clear and transparent!"
  • easy on the skin (suitable for sensitive, dry and dull, blemished, or stressed skin)
  • free from mineral oil, parabens
  • controls the balance of oil and moisture of the skin
  • provides rich moisture, for smoother skin and a brighter complexion

The name of this emulsion is so long, that I'll just refer to it as the Radiance emulsion - because that's what it does. It makes skin look radiant. I tell you, if I didn't have acne scarring to worry about, I'd just slap on this emulsion and walk out the door with a bare face~

I always feel like my skin looks really healthy, and bright after the emulsion absorbs. That's probably due to all the 'naturally derived' ingredients in this thing, that specifically work to give a brightening effect. 

Ingredients - Click to enlarge

The directions says to spread the emulsion on the face, and allow it to absorb. Big focus on the allowing to absorb part. 

Do not do what I did, and massage the emulsion into my skin (I misunderstood the directions). If you have sensitive skin, are prone to redness, or have a predisposition to not liking products with natural/essential oils - the emulsion could possibly cause skin redness and breakouts, if you over-enthusiastically rub the emulsion into your face. I did get some tiny bumps on my skin after a week of vigorous rubbing (doh!), but after I started using it correctly I've had no problems~

Okay, back to the good points. Although this is my first emulsion, I think I'm pretty much hooked! I love the runny texture of this, and how lightweight, yet moisturising it feels on my skin. I hope this is how all emulsions feel like, because I don't really feel like going back to the conventional moisturisers any more. It's fast absorbing (a big plus for me), gentle (providing I'm not massaging it in), and cooling on the skin. 

I don't have oily skin, so I can't say anything about the supposed oil control, but I think it seems like a nice, light emulsion that at least shouldn't make oily skin feel oilier. 

It's very lightweight, and absorbs clear

Since using it, there hasn't been any dramatic change to my skin, though I'd like to think it is a little less dryer, and a little bit brighter. Maybe there would be a better result if I used all the products in the Radiance Line, but in my defence there's like, 6 products you have to use, to get the best results. 

And the final point - the packaging. For someone who generally loves cutesy and flashy packaging, the simplicity of this bottle really impressed me. As with most of SKIN79's products, the packaging is good quality, and always look more high-end than it costs. It's clean, sleek, and trés elegant. The bottle is heavy, I don't know what its made out of, but it feels like ceramic. So the thickness of this keeps the emulsion nice and cool! 

The only downside to this is that it's a bit difficult to get the appropriate amount of emulsion out. It's non squeezable, you have to tip it upside down and shake it a bit. It'll probably be quite troublesome to get the last remaining emulsion out when it's nearly finished.  


  • lightweight on the skin - not greasy, not tight
  • makes skin feel soft, and look bright (almost radiant, I'd say)
  • suitable for many skin types 
  • 150 ml will last a long time, as a little goes a long way
  • gorgeous, quality packaging


  • very dry skin types might need to still use a moisturiser beforehand
  • can be difficult to shake out the appropriate amount 
  • it has whitening properties (could be a pro or a con depending on personal preference)

This Radiance emulsion is my current beauty love at the moment ^^ You probably won't see any other emulsion reviews for awhile, because I'm definitely sticking with this till it's finished. 

That's the end of the review - thanks for reading! 

Have you used emulsions before? And what do you think of them?

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  1. I didn't know skin 79 had skin care as well! haha Looks pretty impressive except that ease of application is a bit on the downside.

  2. looks really nice it's only a pitty that it isn't a
    moisturiser , my skin will be very dry otherwise T_T
    thankyou for the review! ^^

  3. I also have a bad habit of excitedly rubbing emulsion on my face... Hmm... So maybe that's why I have these little bumps on my forehead. Using the Skin Malgem Emulsion from Etude House at the moment. It kind of makes my face feel warm and slightly reddish. IDK why. And then there's the bit about the breakout and also the non-squeeze container problem. I haven't found the right one yet, I suppose. Would love to try this one out cept I have another 2 unopened bottles of emulsion lying around my room. Haha! Thank you for this review, though. :D

  4. Ahh! I'm scared of anything that could possibly break me out. :'D but it seems to be okay if you do it correctly you say?
    It's good to hear it made your skin radiant...Sounds tempting to me!

  5. Yes, the review I've been waiting for! Thank you!
    I'm so set on buying it because of the whitening properties, but then again I'm afraid it may break me out. I'm just getting back on to the path of getting clear skin, can't screw it up xD

  6. I've not tried emulsions but this sounds like it would be great for those with oilier skin for oil control. I've found runnier lotions to be good for that purpose, like this Neutrogena Daily Defence moisturiser that I use in summer.

  7. Do you think one could skip moisturizer if using this + a serum? :o lovely review~

  8. staringatpaperfaces21 August 2012 at 18:51

    This sounds amazing, would love to try this but it doesn't seem to be available in the UK : (

  9. Looks like a great product ^^
    I haven't tried any emulsions before will look for the product :)

    Btw I linked ur giveaway on my Blog's sidebar =D

  10. love products that make your face a bit brighter! :) it's great that you found the correct way to use it. would be such a shame to throw it away not realising you're not supposed to massage it in haha :)

  11. I'd love to try it! However, my skin is really light but in general it should make it look nicer anyway? Radiant etc. as you said :D

  12. Yeah! I only came across it while browsing~ They seem to be doing a good job though :)

  13. Uh huh, it's working on my sort of dry skin right now, but I imagine very dry skin types need more hydration~ Thanks for reading!

  14. Hehe, yeah, I thought it would make my skin softer if I rubbed more T_T
    At first I thought it was something in the ingredients, but after I googled the important ones I couldn't find any that were known to be irritants to the skin. So then I knew I was probably using it wrong.
    Thanks for reading! Hope you find the right emulsion soon ^^

  15. Yeah, me too! But then I guess I got sucked in by the glamour of Korean cosmetics *bad me*
    But yes, I stopped using it for about 4-5 days, the breakouts went away, and then I started again but letting the emulsion absorb on its own, and now my skin hasn't gone crazy yet~

  16. Thanks for reading!
    I haven't really noticed any whitening results, though I would say there's some brightening :) But yeah, it's probably a good idea to avoid new products after a bad skin breakout! I'm going to be avoiding trying new skincare products for awhile too, now~

  17. Ooh, that's good to know! I wasn't too sure - I don't have oily skin but I really like the runny formula of this emulsion because it feels so light~

  18. Hmm, probably depends on the skin type, plus how softening/hydrating the serum is. I think normal skin or oily skin could skip the moisturiser, since this emulsion is lightweight but does provide some good moisture. Really dry skin types might need the extra moisture.
    Thanks for reading!

  19. It's not available locally here either T_T
    Online's probably the only way to go for now~
    Thanks for reading though!

  20. Thanks for reading!
    And good luck with the giveaway <3

  21. Yeah, I was so annoyed when I thought I'd have to stop using it! Luckily I reread the instructions, and gave it another go~

  22. I personally haven't seen much whitening, but the whitening ingredient in this (niacinamide) is the 6th one in the ingredient list, so it's somewhat high up in the list. In general I think it does make skin tone seem brighter ^^

  23. Ohh this looks promising!
    Thank you for reviewing :) I might use this for whitening

  24. this product sounds amazing! i really want to try it! thanks alot for sharing, such an amazing review :)

    hope you have a fab day hun! ~ XOChriissydollxo's Blog

  25. This product sounds really good. Some moisturizers overpromise but this doesn't sound like one of them.

    Joyce @

  26. I'm really loving it at the moment ^^
    Thanks, and you too~

  27. uuu certainly be seduced

  28. Thanks for review my sister problme skin radiance you are so helpfull:)

  29. I've been using it: It makes my skin oily since I use the White Reviving Skin Softner first (which is gradually being used up) before this Emulsion, but I really like the feel of it. Thanks for the tip about not messaging into my face--that's what I've been doing. Haven't broken me out yet but I'll try to pad it and allow it to absorb and less messaging :)


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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