Friday, 24 August 2012

Random Filler Post 07 *image heavy*

There's something really satisfying about cleaning and re-organising one's dressing table, don't you think? Everything looks so neat and clean...but I wonder how long that'll last >_<

One of my favourite breakfasts' to have (or any other meal really!), is Vegemite on toast. I'm the only one in my whole family who likes Vegemite though! But that means I get the whole jar to myself, lol. And yes, that is a pig dish - that's how classy I am.

Keeping warm this winter with these - so warm and comfy!
Mickey looks so woeful here, because I wouldn't share my snack
Mmm, lemon icing donut - again Mickey wants a little taste ^^
Sleeping on my brother's Pikachu slippers!
New Humbug fish - yep, they have the same name as the minty lollies! 
There's actually 4 in the tank
Someone's 'decorated' Eliza the sculpture, on the Swan River
Cute little blue boathouse

Still wearing (and loving) these geek glasses. They really remind me of the pair my Grandpa used to have ^^

For some reason, wearing fashion glasses make my face feel less bare, since I usually just wear bb cream and some eyeliner. You don't have to worry about make-up when half your face is covered by glasses!

Hehe, my sister's bunny making an escape from its hutch
Candyyyyyyy! - I have a really sweet tooth, but for sour candies~
Chinese steamed cake - very pretty, but not to my taste
The restaurant we went to after Grandpa's funeral
They serve the beansprouts, mint leaves, and lemon on the side
Dad's beef Pho
 I tried some of this, it was good, but Grandma's is better ^^
I had this one~ Bun Bo Hue
Beef was quite pink, but if you push it to the bottom, it'll cook
It was a challenge not to mess up my white blouse, but I did it!
Mum's egg noodles with seafood
Bouquet from Grandpa's funeral - gifted from the temple
This one was my favourite arrangement
Chrysanthemum and pink roses
Cute daisy in the garden
Cheerful yellow flower
About to make a coffee run 
I don't drink coffee - it was for my sis ^^

I adore this leopard print fur trapper hat! But I'd only worn it in the privacy of my home until I decided "I don't care what other people think of me," and then I went shopping with it on. Actually, no one stared at me weirdly! Though it was a big hit with little kids, lol. They all stared at it in awe - maybe jealousy. Haha.

That's it for now!

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  1. Great photos. I love that kind of hat. =)

  2. your makeup storage looks so neat! and your sister's bunny is so adorable :p

  3. You're the first asian i know who likes vegemite lol

  4. Ooh, so many products *_*
    Your puppy is freaking adorable and fluffy! Haha, and I love that grandpa look. I agree with the whole less makeup when wearing glasses thing. I think that's a good time to let your skin breathe.

  5. I hope it stays neat! Thanks ^^

  6. No way, really?! Haha, I love vegemite!

  7. Yeah, probably too many, lol. He is a total fluff ball :)
    Haha, it's probably more my laziness, than letting my skin breathe - but that's a good point!

  8. mmm the food looks good. It's lovely to discover your blog. You're on my blogroll now. :3

  9. I agree with you about organizing, and now I want to clean up my place too. and the food... looks so yum! (love pho so much) xo akiko
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  10. ah I need to clean and reorganize my dressing table >_<
    I love geek glasses too :)

  11. wow your makeup storage looks so neat i love that:)


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