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June & July's Beauty & Clothes Haul Post *image heavy*

Hi lovely people! Today I'm going to do a big beauty and fashion haul post for June and July~

Anyway, I won't be going into too much detail for the following beauty products (I've yet to use some of them!) - you'll just have to wait for the product reviews :)

Etude House - Aloha V-line Slim Maker 01

Etude's v-line highlighter and contour came onto my radar shortly after I dropped my old highlighter :( 

I was attracted by the 2 in 1 product - a lovely pale gold highlighter, plus a contour. Since getting into make-up I've yet to tackle the skill of face contouring, so I'm looking forward to learning!

Baviphat - Sugar girl all skin collagen primer

This is me trying to branch away from my fave beauty brand (Etude House) to discover new brands. I came across this Baviphat primer while I was browsing on eBay. I was quite smitten by the packaging and its claims of effectively covering pores and blemishes, so I decided to give it a go. 

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner

A new gel eye liner since my old one dried up. I just started wearing eye liner more often when I discovered it can help make my smallish eyes look bigger, even without circle lenses or dramatic falsies. I've recently reviewed this here

Charming Cat waterproof mascara 
Chinese Medicine Sleeping Packs

Sleeping packs! These are super affordable - around the $1 mark on Sasa. They smell strongly of Chinese medicine! Hehe, but I don't really mind since I'm familiar with the scent. I didn't really see a difference after using it - but my skin usually feels a little softer and smoother the next day.

SKIN79 - White Reviving Skin Radiance Emulsion

From Cosmetic Love - an emulsion is just a moisturiser, but  a little runnier and lighter. So far, I ADORE this! You should probably expect a babbling review on how much I like this, in the future.

SKIN79 - Crystal Peeling Gel

Another exciting buy. Being used to grainy face scrubs, the ideal of a gel peel to exfoliate my face was intriguing~ Can't wait to try this one!

Etude House - Shini Star lipbalm (Taemin's Guava), Skin [mal:gem] Fresh

This is actually my sister's purchase. I've mentioned before she is quite a SHINee fan, and since they became the faces of Etude House she was lured into buying these ^^

The toner has a gorgeous citrus scent and feels gentle on the skin. The Fresh variant is for those with oily skin. 

MISSHA signature real bb cream #21

I was impressed by this bb cream after I tried some samples, so I decided to buy the full sized tube. I bought my sis this one in #23, but in the smaller tube, and she's really loving it! 

Covergirl mineral blush in Pure Romance

It was in the clearance section at Kmart, and only $5 so I decided to get it as I don't own many cheek colours. This photo is not quite accurate, it's a really sweet, light pink that I hope will look natural on me. The amount of shimmer in this kind of worries me though >_<

Baviphat Sugar Girl Moist Collagen bb cream

Another Baviphat product - I'm really intrigued by this brand so I hope my decision to branch out and try a few of their products will be worth it!

Missha Perfect Cover bb cream #21

This bb cream will probably be familiar to many of you. I think Missha Perfect Cover has to be the most well known and highly reviewed bb cream out there. I bought the small sized tube to try first. 

Etude House Collagen Moistful essence primer

I'm obsessing over make-up primers lately! I have a whole list of primers I'd like to try, so it was really hard to narrow my choice down to this one. In the end I chose this Etude moistfull primer because a spray primer is a new concept for me. It's got a nice scent and feels soothing on the skin - and I haven't accidentally sprayed any in my eyes yet!

Now onto my clothing purchases 

I'm really smitten with burgundy right now. Not brave enough to wear the burgundy skinny jeans I've seen here and there, I opted for this super comfortable 'mullet' tee. It's also the first high-low piece in my wardrobe~

Always a fan of mustard yellow, this top caught my eye with it's pleather, side sleeve detail. 

Wowww, this is my first animal print piece! Having only indulged my new interest in animal prints with cute hair accessories, I'm kind of excited and freaked out at the same time at the thought of wearing this. 

I've been dressing like a grandpa lately - and loving it! This cardigan is perfect for casual wear.

A cute plaid knit top - it's really warm and cosy. Again it's got that daggy/preppy/geriatric vibe going on - or maybe it's just how I'm styling it?

Starting to integrate more and more leopard print accessories into my closet. Got these ballet flats from Jay Jays, and only $5! Yay!

That's it for now. Hope you don't think I'm a raging shopaholic. Remember this is stuff I bought over 2 months...

If there's a particular product you really, really want to see a review on first, let me know and I'll try to do the most requested ones soonest!

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Thanks for reading ^^


  1. This haul is awweeesome~ :DDD Ahh! There's so many products here! I reeeally want to see a review on the skin79 emulsion and the Etude primer! 8D

  2. so many goodies :D! the etude house contour powder looks nice.
    korean/jp brands always design cute packaging <3 adorable

  3. i like the long burgandy top you got! i've been loving the high low trend

  4. Wow, what a nice haul! The leopard print accessories are perfect for cold seasons. :)

  5. such a good review *_* find this product very good and your blog is interesting

  6. Nice haul! Congrats to your first piece of high-lo and animal print pieces! haha

  7. amazing haul! I am excited and curious for upcoming reviews! :D hope you'll like Missha perfect cover, it's my favorite :D

  8. OH! You're so lucky to have all these stuffs! @0@
    Haha, when I saw the Shini lip balm, I just stared in awe! >3<
    Love all the products and clothing! ^u^

  9. So many goodies!! Like your taste :)

  10. Wow! you got a lot of goodies! I love etude house since they are fairy inexpensive.

  11. Nice!!!
    I loveee burgandy too! I haven't tried te high-low trend either yet. I'd really love to see a review for the Baviphat - sugargirl primer!

  12. Oh, you got a lot of goodies. I like the plaid top. I'm always drawn to winter attire, yet it's a scorching 95+ degrees here, haha.

    The Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner sounds like great eyeliner after reading your review on it. I'd like to try it out sometime. :)

  13. The contour powder almost looks too pretty to use :)
    Yep - totally agreed!

  14. Thanks! The high low trends taken awhile to get through to me, but I'm really liking it now~

  15. Thanks ^^
    Yep, I think so too~!

  16. Thanks! Haha, yep - this winter has had me branching out into a few trends I wouldn't have considered before ^^

  17. Thanks Pam :)
    Hehe, I can't even decided what to review first...I can't wait to try the Missha bb cream!

  18. Hehe, I may have gone a little overboard...but, no regrets! The lipbalm is really darling!

  19. Hehe, maybe I'm spoiling myself too much! Thank you ^^

  20. Yeah, I'm gonna be satisfied for awhile with these to play with :)
    Me too! And their packaging is so adorable as well~

  21. great haul! i love the packaging of the make-ups, sooooo pretty :) wish they have those here,but i'll try my best to get them overseas, they sound great :) you got awesome clothes and shoes as well :) shoes are so cute!

    your blog is so amazing, i followed! :)i really enjoy reading your posts, so excited to read more posts from you <3
    hope you have a fab day hun! ~ xxChriissydollxo's Blog

  22. I am in love with your haul and am super excited for your reviews on: Missha BB cream, Skin79 Whitening emulsion, and the Skin mal:gem! I can't wait!
    Amazing choices by the way, I see that you've prepared your closet with fall fashions. :) The cardigan and sweater<3

  23. great haul you have!!
    hi i like your blog so much!!!if you don't mind check out my blog and follow me if you likei'll follow you

  24. Lovely haul dear ^^
    I am really curious
    about the Chinese
    sleeping mask! Is
    it like a masksheet
    where you have to
    sleep on it..?
    Anyway, review it
    please c:

    Love the knitwear
    cardigan, my favorite
    piece of the winter!


  25. Nice haul! I have heard good things about the Moistfull skincare line. I have the Missha Signature BB Cream - it has great coverage. I really like your clothing haul too - especially the mustard top.

  26. Thanks ^^
    Actually I really want to try the emulsion from the Moistfull line, but I had to hold myself back from going over my budget, lol.

  27. Thank you~
    Actually, it's more like a rich night cream - it's an interesting product! Will review it soon :)

  28. Thanks! Hopefully I can get reviewing soon :)

  29. Yep, Korean cosmetics really have such cute packaging ^^
    Thank you~!

  30. great mascara and wonderful clothes

  31. lovely !

  32. ooo, I hope that soon you will write reviews on these products too! might be very interesting, especially etude house products!


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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