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FACE PRIMER REVIEW: Etude House Moistfull Collagen Essence-In Primer

Hi there! Welcome to today's review post~

I'm pretty excited about this review, because it's on a product I haven't tried before - a spray on primer! Being a rather lazy person I'm all about make-up that not only works well, but which is also hassle-free to use ^_^

I'm on a face primer kick lately - bb cream works wonders for my skin, but it tends to look about twice as good if I've got a good primer underneath. Since it's wintertime, my skin is in dire need of more hydration than usual, which is where this spritz primer comes in. 

Infused with Baobab Tree extract and Collagen, the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Essence-in primer works to moisten complexion, improve foundation adherence, and prevent fading of make-up.

It looks half empty, but the top layer is clear


  • mist spray function
  • 100ml
  • Price - varies. I purchased mine off eBay for $14.40, but it was on sale. Ranges from $14-$25. 
  • It has a fresh citrus-like scent, which will disappear shortly after application

Ingredients & directions - click to enlarge

How to use

To be used on a cleansed, toned, and moisturised face. Hold it 15-20cm away from your face, close your eyes and mouth, and gently press down on the pump. I like to do a section at a time, ie, cheek, forehead, chin, cheek. It may take a bit of practice to get it right! I haven't accidentally sprayed any into my eyes yet, but I did get my ear once, lol. 

It will feel wet on the skin, so what I like to do is gently press on my skin with my palms, patting until the essence absorbs. I think this step is really important, and is what makes this primer work so well for me. If you don't, it's going to end up feeling oily on the skin, because the essence is just sitting on top of your face. Patting is also good, because you can spread the essence to areas the spritz has missed - you don't need to over spray to get your whole face.  

After patting, skin is left feeling moist, but not sticky. This primer will probably work well on dry skin types, or skin with dry patches. As the primer's main function is to provide moisture for dryer skin, it may mean oily skin types will not benefit from this primer. 

Alternatively, another way to apply this primer is to spray onto a cotton pad, and apply that way. I would think that uses up more essence than spraying directly, though. 

You can also give your face a quick spritz after bb application, for a more dewy look. I did try this a few times, and the result is really nice. It's good for if you overpowder your face, or want to sheer out the foundation/bb cream application. 

It looks like this, after shaking


I really enjoy using this primer because it's fun, convenient, and easy and quick to use. Application goes a lot faster than the creamier primers I've used in the past. It's non-fussy - simply spray, pat, then apply make-up. 

The final result is moist-feeling skin, prepped and ready for base make-up or bb cream/foundation application. On me, the primer does give a bit of a moist and dewy looking effect. It shouldn't be a problem if your bb cream has more of a matte look to balance it out, but if you really don't like a dewy finish, then be sure to use some finishing powder. 

Check out the dewy effect it gives~

Now for the main skin doesn't tolerate well with any product with essential oils in them (e.g lavender oil), so because of the baobab tree oil in this primer I found it did give me some zits. I'm actually really sad, because I really, really liked this primer! It's definitely the best one I've used, to date - if only not for the breakouts :(

But I don't think that will be a problem for many people. Only a small majority of people tend to have sensitivity towards essential oils - for most people, essential oils are actually good for the skin! Baobab oil has been known to be used to treat acne and acne scars~ skin's such a freak. And I definitely need to start learning to check product ingredients before buying. 


  • provides that extra shot of hydration my skin needs this winter
  • fun to use <- heh, I can be amused by the littlest things
  • application is super easy, and faster than using creamier primers
  • makes skin seem moist and dewy 
  • smooths out dry patches so bb cream applies more evenly/smoother
  • 100ml should last awhile
  • decent staying power - but no worse or better than previous primers I've tried


  • will have to track it down online
  • probably wouldn't benefit oilier skin types
  • contains essential oils (boabab extract), which my skin absolutely hates

Okay, to finish - I recommend this primer to anyone who does not have any sensitivity towards essential oils, who loves a dewy finish, and who has normal or slightly dry skin. 

Ooh, only 7 days until my giveaway ends! Time flies ^^ 

Have you tried a spritz primer before? What do you think about them?  
And thanks for reading!


  1. You always post about
    new and neverseenbefore
    products c:
    Such a shame that it
    gave breakouts ;c
    Thanks for the review!


  2. I have never tried a spritz primer before. thanks for the review! The product looks great :) I'll put it on my must buy list haha :p

  3. staringatpaperfaces30 August 2012 at 03:18

    This sounds really good. Would love to try it but I have oily skin and am thinking it might make me break out too : (

  4. thanks for the review! im really excited because i have dry skin so i want to try this too ><
    but i dont know if i have any sensitivity towards essential oils =/

  5. thanks for the review! :D
    i wanted to try this, but now i know it probs wont suit me cos i have oily skin :(

  6. This toner looks interesting and the packaging reminds me of my make up remover!
    I've never used a toner before, or a moisturiser! So left out (* . *)

  7. I never tried this kind of primer before~ sounds interesting!
    thanks for the review~

  8. Wahh, how sad it made you break out a bit. Was it bad though?
    That sounds amazing! I think I'll try getting a face primer spritz. It really does give a nice dewy look~

  9. haha, I can't resist shiny new things! thanks for reading :)

  10. Hehe, spritz products are my new current obsession - they're pretty fun to use :)
    Thanks for reading!

  11. Yeah, it's probably too moisturising for oilier skin. It's a good primer, but at least there's plenty more products out there for us to try ^_^

  12. Thanks for reading!
    Hmm, I didn't know I had sensitivity from essential oils, until I tried a cleanser from Lush, which had lavender oil in it. When I returned it, the salesgirl said that some people do react to natural oils :(

  13. It feels pretty light on the skin, but I guess those with oilier skin would not appreciate the dewiness it gives? Thanks for reading!

  14. You're right, it does resemble those two layer make up removers :)
    Aww, you have great skin to not need toner/moisturiser - lucky!

  15. It's pretty cool! Thanks for reading ^^

  16. Yeah, I was so disappointed! It was mostly random bumps on my nose bridge, and cheek area - not the worst breakouts I've ever had, but still enough that I only use this primer sparingly now~

  17. Never tried a spray primer before! Now i really want this...Though I wonder if I should since my skin gets kind of oily/combo during winter...Too bad it made you break out. :< But your skin looks so pretty and dewy in the picture! I see no zits! =)

  18. I think that is a great idea! I haven't tried anything like that.
    Could I make a suggestion? I'd love if you did a how-to put on contact lenses.
    (if you have already tell me, i just subscribed to your blog)

  19. This has made me discover a love of all things with sprays, lol.
    Yeah, at first it was just a few skin coloured bumps, but then after using it several days in a row I started to get pink bumps - but luckily they never came to a head!
    I really do like the dewy effect, haven't come across another primer that can do that for me...yet~

  20. Ooh, thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely consider it~
    Thanks for reading :)


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